Verizon Samsung Fascinate Review
Posted by at 4:05 pm, December 26th 2010.

Ah the final chapter of the Galaxy S lineup, the Verizon Fascinate. Verizon was a little late to the party with their version, but better late than never, right?

Anyway, the Fascinate is your typical Galaxy S phone, featuring that beautiful 4in 800×480px, Super AMOLED display, blazing 1GHz Hummingbird processor and roomy 16GB of internal storage. Another nice feature of the Fascinate that two out of the four Galaxy S phones don’t have (Captivate and Vibrant are missing this) is an LED flash for the 5MP camera.

That’s really the only thing different about the Fascinate when compared to the other Galaxy S phones (hardware wise) so let’s unbox the Fascinate and get this review started.
The Fascinate box differs from all of the other Galaxy S phones. The white portion of the packaging you’re seeing is actually a sleeve that goes over a rather attractive looking, Samsung-branded box.
Opening up the box, you’ll be greeted by Verizon’s newest Android phone.
I find it odd that Verizon chose to not include the nice headphones that ship with the other Galaxy S phones or a microSD to SD card adapter (that doesn’t really bother me). Maybe they dropped those in favor of the 16GB microSD card that’s included with the phone? Most people will probably be ok with trading headphones for a 16GB microSD.So now that we know what comes in the box (and what doesn’t) let’s take a spin around the phone and see how it compares to the other Galaxy S devices. The top and bottom of the phone are the same as the other Galaxy S phones, with the miniUSB port & 3.5mm headphone jack up top.And microphone at the bottom.Onto the sides of the device, you again have the typical, Galaxy S setup with the volume rocker on one side and power button on the other.Onto the back of the phone you will find the 5MP camera with LED flash.The Fascinate (like the Vibrant) has a plastic, glossy back-plate that is an absolute magnet for fingerprints. You can’t pick this thing up without leaving the back covered in prints. That being said, it does look good when it’s clean, with the pattern looking similar to the Vibrants.Once you pop off the back cover of the Fascinate, you’ll find Samsung’s 1500 mAh battery.As well as a location to attach a lanyard: (Something that every Galaxy S phone has, except the AT&T Captivate).

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New XPERIA phones at MWC 2011, possibly the XPERIA Play too
Posted by at 4:01 pm, December 26th 2010.

Sony Ericsson has sent out the invites for ther Mobile World Congress event and they promise to introduce us to new members of the XPERIA family. While they don’t mention any names, the rumored PS Phone is a likely attendee.

The Mobile World Congress 2011 starts on 14 February but Sony Ericsson as usual will hold their event a day earlier to steal the spotlight.
The talk around town is that the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, the long-awaited PlayStation phone, will be announced during the MWC.

It’s likely we’ll see other phones announced too - looking back through recent Sony Ericsson rumors, the Sony Ericsson X12 (‘Anzu’) seems like a possibility. Unlike the XPERIA Play however, we haven’t heard any reliable rumors about when it will be announced.

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