Tigers4Ever has a New Trustee
Posted by: contactus@tigers4ever.org at 14:47, September 2 2017.

We are delighted to confirm the appointment of a New Trustee: Ben W Worth, with effect from 02 September 2017. Ben has joined the other Tigers4Ever Trustees: David, Naomi, Corinne, Jeremy and Shaer. Ben will bring a wealth of experience, marketing strategy, fundraising expertise and business acumen to the Tigers4Ever Board along with new ideas for achieving our objective to ensure that wild tigers will have a wild future.

Ben is passionate about using his marketing expertise to help good causes, he currently works for an outdoor education charity and has been involved in various volunteer activities. Ben has over 10 years of experience in marketing and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He will be involved with new Tigers4Ever fundraising initiatives in the Autumn of 2017; Ben will also be involved in refining our marketing strategy to help us meet the challenges we face in raising awareness about the plight of the wild tiger and the funds essential to giving wild tigers wild futures.

Ben has joined us initially for a period of three years and we hope that his skills and new initiatives will generate new support for Tigers4Ever and our efforts to save wild tigers. Ben's profile is now on the "About us" section of our website at: http://www.tigers4ever.org/moreaboutus.html.

Like the Tigers4Ever Trustees, I'm sure our followers will warmly welcome Ben and wish him every success in his new role at Tigers4Ever.

Dr. Corinne Taylor-Smith

Co-Founder Tigers4Ever

Tigers4Ever has a Third Patron
Posted by: contactus@tigers4ever.org at 17:11, August 20 2017.

We are delighted to announce that Susan Fisher Kaufman has agreed to become a Patron of Tigers4Ever with effect from 14 August 2017. Susan owns the copyright and is the Producer to a new film “A Tiger’s Cry” which documents the lives of a couple struggling to save wild tigers and their diminishing habitat spanning a period of over 70 years.

Susan is an entrepreneur who has results oriented experience in both corporate entities and film production in both the USA and globally. Susan is also a long time campaigner for animal and human welfare, and has promoted her interests in these areas through a series of campaigns and fundraising initiatives.

Susan, like Tigers4Ever, believes that wild tigers deserve to have a wild future and has been interested in our wild tiger conservation efforts for some time.

Susan will, through her role as Tigers4Ever Patron, promote the work being done by us to give wild tigers wild futures and raise awareness of the day to day threats facing wild tiger survival.

We would like to welcome Susan to this important role and thank her for her support.

Susan becomes Tigers4Ever’s third Patron alongside Martin Clowes who has been promoting our efforts for wild tigers since 2013; and Lauren Maddox who become our second Patron in February 2017.


Dr. Corinne Taylor-Smith

PhD. BSc (Hons). CMIIA.

Chair, Co-Founder and Conservationist


Global Tiger Day 2017 - 29 July
Posted by: contactus@tigers4ever.org at 17:13, July 23 2017.

Tigers4Ever will be at the Lush Spa Liverpool on Global Tiger Day 2017 (Saturday 29 July) and Sunday 30 July 2017 raising awareness of the wild tigers' plight, hopefully raising some much needed funds for our poaching patrols who protect wild tigers.


On the day there will be opportunities to meet Toby the Tiger and get a "Selfie" with our much loved mascot whilst learning about our work in India.

We hope to also have a "Face Painter" available on the day, if you can paint tiger faces and live in/near Liverpool why not volunteer to help (for just a couple of hours on the day). You can volunteer via our fundraising page at: https://www.wildcrowd.org/campaigns/detail/49/stop-tiger-poaching-in-bandhavgarh and help us to make a real difference for wild tigers.

Royal Bengal Tiger in India

Don't forget you can also help our cause by buying Lush Charity Pot hand creams on the day.

We hope to see you there.....


Giving wild Tigers a Wild Future
Posted by: contactus@tigers4ever.org at 18:15, July 12 2017.

Royal Bengal Tiger cooling in a shallow waterholeIn July 2015, Tigers4Ever launched a first of its kind Buffer Zone Anti-Poaching Patrol around Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, India. We were acting because 14 tigers had been snared or poisoned in the previous 2 years in the buffer forests where around 90-95% of all poaching or poisoning incidents occur. 14 tigers was almost 22% of the adult tiger population in Bandhavgarh so something had to be done.

Tigers4Ever poaching patroller checking the undergrowth for snares & traps

Our Patrollers don't just look for snares and traps, they educate the villagers and miscreants they encounter in the forests by telling them about the impact their activities will have, and by giving them key safety advice to protect themselves and their livestock from attacks by leopards and tigers.

Tiger numbers have stabilised and are now increasing again in Bandhavgarh with 20 new cubs of under 4 months old also in the population. The heavy monsoon rains came early again this year with the first thunderstorms at the end of May. Although this brings much needed water to a landscape which has been scorched by the blazing sun for almost 4 months, it also brings an unwanted increase in poaching activity. In fact the monsoon is peak Tiger poaching season in Bandhavgarh. Tigers4Ever has been asked to double its patrolling to address this increase but we cannot do so without some much needed funds.

Patrolling at the current level costs Tigers4Ever £720 per month but to double the patrols we need to raise a further £720 on top of this, meaning that £1440 per month will be required each month until October 2017. Tigers4Ever has joined forces with Wildcrowd, a UK based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping to fundraise for projects like ours. For the next 55 days we will be working together to try to raise sufficient funds to provide extra protection for the 20 tiny cubs and their adult counterparts. If you feel that you can help, please visit https://www.wildcrowd.org/campaigns/detail/49/stop-tiger-poaching-in-bandhavgarh and donate if you can. Every little helps. Thank you for your support.

Do you want to help us to save wild tigers?
Posted by: contactus@tigers4ever.org at 16:46, July 1 2017.

Tigers4Ever Board of Trustees – Recruitment

Are you passionate about wild tigers & protecting the environment in which they live?

Do you have the skills, knowledge, experience & time to help guide an established small tiger conservation charity through the next stage of its development?

Wild Tiger in India

About Tigers4Ever

Tigers4Ever is a Registered with the Charity Commission of England & Wales No. 1160528. Tigers4Ever initially established as a Charitable Trust in 2010 with the aim of preventing the extinction of wild tigers & protecting the environment in which they live. Our specific focus is in India, with current projects established in Madhya Pradesh.

Tigers4Ever has community focussed projects to encourage those who live with wild tigers to protect them and ensure they will have a wild future. Tigers4Ever achieves its objectives by the provision of Buffer Zone Poaching Patrols; Permanent wildlife waterholes to reduce man-animal conflict; Provision of critical equipment for Forest Department patrollers to enable them to give better protection to wild tigers; and the Provision of educational resources to enable young children from the poorest rural communities to gain education and improved future employment prospects.

Our first of its kind “Buffer Zone Poaching Patrol” established in July 2015, in the forests surrounding Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India has seen a 94% reduction in wild tiger deaths due to poaching or poisoning in the last two years. The Buffer Forests around India’s wild tiger reserves account for 90-95% of all wild tiger deaths due to poaching or poisoning incidents annually. Historically, these Buffer forests have not been patrolled due to staffing/training issues. Wire snares, jaw traps & tethered snares are the preferred tools of tiger poachers. Tigers4Ever Poaching Patrollers search the buffer forests for poacher’s traps, seeking to disarm them before tigers/leopards fall prey. Patrols in the buffer forest also act as a deterrent to would be poachers who fear capture if their traps are discovered. In 2015-16, Tigers4Ever Poaching Patrols also assisted with the early identification of/quenching forest fires which are common in the dry season. Such actions save the lives of many forest dwellers not just wild tigers.

Tigers4Ever has also raised funds to embark on another major environmentally focussed project: the development of permanent wildlife waterholes for year-round use in areas where water is scarce from February to July annually. These waterholes not only offer stability to the wildlife prey base, they help to reduce man-tiger conflict. The projects are also a source of employment for rural communities living with tigers during their development & afford them some much needed income.

Tigers4Ever has no paid employees in the UK. All connected persons are volunteers (including representatives in India) &/or trustees. The Board of Trustees for Tigers4Ever meets around 5 times per year for around 2.5 - 3 hours in Warrington, Liverpool or Manchester. Sub-committees may be established to meet separately for specific projects or fundraiser planning, at times & locations suited to participants, if the need arises. In addition, Trustees are expected to commit to involvement in the organisation of/participation in our annual fundraising events.

Our Charitable objectives are:

To promote the preservation of the tiger species in its natural habitat, its value to the forest & eco-systems, & its protection from extinction for the benefit of the environment & public; To assist in the relief of poverty, sickness & in the advancement of education in the Bandhavgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, & in other rural & forest communities in India.

About the Role

Tigers4Ever is looking to appoint up to 3 new trustees to enhance the skill profile of its current Board of Trustees and bring fresh perspectives to the future development of the Charity. This is an exciting opportunity to join a growing charity & contribute to its future success/strategic direction. As a Tigers4Ever Trustee you will be involved in ensuring that we comply with our legislative obligations & pursue our objectives, you will also play a key role in developing the future strategy of the charity, specifically helping to decide how best to allocate our resources to ensure the aims of the charity are achieved & a real public benefit is realised in wild tiger conservation.

This is a voluntary (unpaid) role. To find out more about the role of a trustee for a charity regulated by the Charities Commission of England & Wales please see the Charity Commission website for section: "Charity Trustee what's involved".

Tigers4Ever is a charitable trust, so you must be over 18 to be a trustee.

About the applicant(s)

We are looking for individuals to guide the charity through the next 3 years of growth & development. As we have more than 1 vacancy, it is not essential for applicants to have all the skills below. Most importantly, applicants should have the time & enthusiasm to help Tigers4Ever to achieve its charitable objectives. We are looking specifically for individuals with skills & expertise in the following areas:

Dealing with Donors or Fundraisers/People Skills

Enterprise/business development/commercial skills

Fundraising/Income Generation skills

Campaigning skills

Marketing/communications skills

We would particularly welcome applications from young people/mature students hoping to gain practical experience to support their university/college studies; and from people with a personal interest in wild tigers and their impact on people living in rural India. Tigers4Ever welcomes applications from individuals from all backgrounds who are passionate about tigers, wildlife and conservation.

Apply to be a Tigers4Ever Trustee

Applicants will need to provide a curriculum vitae together with a covering note on why they would like to become a trustee for Tigers4Ever & their experience to date to Contactus@Tigers4Ever.org.

Recruitment of the new trustees will continue throughout 2017 so applications are welcomed at your earliest convenience.

Shortlisted candidates will be notified & asked to complete a "skills audit assessment form"/attend interview. Interviews will be held in the North West on mutually convenient dates.

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