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Been cruising through the site and verifying grave info for the Virtual Cemetery. I did notice something about the children of Uncle Bert on pg. 81. Trent is listed in Jones County - it's actually in Taylor County. Just wanted to be sure I have the right city listed. The site is flippin' awesome - you have put countless hours into this project and it shows! Thanks for keeping the books on our family to make it easy for people like me to look around!
Thanks Marty for bringing to my attention the corrections needed on page 81!
I have left a few mesages, as I have some updates that were incorrect. I am formally Janet Ellen James.. Elizabeth James gave some incorrect information I would like to clear up..Thank YOu or call 740-348-5575
Check out history/people from the past. Here you will find some information on
William James who came from Wales to Ireland. His son emigrated to America and his decedents became quite famous!
William e. James
my Pa Clarence Stanley James Jr. is the son of C.S.James Sr. & Mary mclone James
William e. James
my grandpa Clarence Stanley James Sr. lived &died in nelsonville, Ohio my and Florence lived with my grandpa. i believe the James family is my family .my mother is DarleneFrancis James (Collins
Larry J.
William, can you send us your e-mail with a family tree? Perhaps we can help you find where your family fits in...
Shirley Obney Nix
Sarah Ann James Md or VA, m: James Obney, 1836, Brilliant, Jefferson, Ohio:had Alfred, James, Amy...looking for years for her people...can you help? thank you...