Air Travel: Environmental Implications
Posted by: Rakil at 04:06, July 6 2015.

If you read this link, Manchester Airport, UK, uses 3,000,000 litres of fuel a day!!! Yes, a day. Multiply that by the number of large airports in this country, add a large number for the armed services (helicopters, planes etc), police helicopters, more for the small airports, a bit more for private plane owners – you’ll come up with an amazing DAILY figure. And that figure is just for the UK, a small country: now start to think how much America would use per day... how long can we support such waste when few planes are 100% full?

passenger plane on landing approach

In principle, I disagree with the ‘flying tax’ but increasing this tax may make people think about the flights they make, and they might reduce this somewhat - though it’s a knee-jerk action which will not provide a long term solution. Increasing taxation on flights would only benefit the rich and make flying an activity of the ‘elite’. The only equitable way of solving this would be to grant everyone an annual personal air-miles allowance. The rich would then have to buy extra miles off other people if they didn’t want to curb their flying, and the less wealthy would make personal gain...

Did you also know that aircraft affect daily temperatures? A study of data recorded during the 9/11 incident revealed an interesting observation, as you can read here.

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