JR Vezain joins a list of World Champions who won in Guymon
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GUYMON, Okla. – To say bareback rider J.R. Vezain was excited about his match-up with MGM Deuces Night might be a great understatement.  

“When I heard callbacks for this rodeo, I was screaming out loud and running around like a little girl,” Vezain said of the great Carr Pro Rodeo horse, which was one of the featured animal athletes at the 80th Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo at Henry C. Hitch Pioneer Arena. “I had my highest marked ride on that horse last year with an 87 at San Antonio, and I was going for the record this year. 

“I was going for 90; I knew it was going to be good. I was really stoked to be here.” 

Vezain, of Cowley, Wyo., didn’t reach his goal, but he wasn’t far off, matching moves with the 7-year-old mare for 89 points to win the rodeo and $4,019. It was the first time in five years that a bareback rider had earned the Guymon victory on a horse other than MGM Deuces Night’s half brother, Dirty Jacket.  

“She’s super electric,” said Vezain, who finished 20th in the world standings last season. “She bucks hard like that every time you see her out. She’s one of the superstars of bareback horses going down the road.” 

Vezain beat out a trio of world champions to win the Guymon title – 2011 winner Kaycee Feild and 2008 champ Justin McDaniel finished in a tie for second place with 86s, while three-time titlist Will Lowe placed fourth with an 84. The young Wyoming cowboy would like to add his name to that elite list very soon. 

“If your goal isn’t to win and to be the best, then you shouldn’t be doing this,” Vezain said. “I think every cowboy wants to break every world record there is, and that’s my goal.” 

Many of the greatest athletes in ProRodeo hope to leave the Oklahoma Panhandle with the custom-made belt that is awarded to the winners of Pioneer Days Rodeo every year. Sometimes the greatest names in the sport are the ones who wear the distinguished hardware, and the 2012 event was no different.  

In fact, five world champions left Oklahoma’s Richest Rodeo with the titles – team ropers Jake Barnes and Jhett Johnson, steer wrestler Dean Gorsuch, barrel racer Sherry Cervi and saddle bronc rider Chad Ferley, who shared the bronc riding title with young gun Cole Elshere. Barnes and Johnson, roping together for the first time, caught three steers in 21.8 seconds, while Gorsuch downed three steers in 13.5 seconds. Cervi rounded the cloverleaf pattern twice in a cumulative time of 34.55 seconds, and Ferley and Elshere posted 87s – Ferley matched moves with Frontier Rodeo’s Griz, while Elshere rode Powder River Rodeo’s Lipstick & Whiskey.  

Other Guymon titlists include all-around champion Chase Williams, who pocketed $6,106 in team roping and tie-down roping; steer roper Shay Good, the only cowboy to rope and tie down all five steers, doing so in 90.8 seconds; bull rider Tim Bingham, who scored 86 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Comanche; and tie-down roper Hunter Herrin, who posted a three-run aggregate of 23.6 seconds.  

“I drew really good calves,” said Herrin, a five-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier who posted an 8.4-second run on Sunday afternoon. “This afternoon’s calf ran really hard, but my horse was really good today and ran down there to get the calf, and then she was a really good calf when you catch here. Today, though, horsepower was the key.” 

The week-long competition featured the top names going down the ProRodeo trail today, and that was one of the many incentives for nearly 20,000 fans to be part of the action.  

“We had great crowds all weekend, and I think they were very happy with the performances they got to see,” said Earl Helm, chairman of the volunteer rodeo company that produces the annual event.  

Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo[Soft Break]Saturday, May 5, 2012[Soft Break]All Around: Chase Williams, team roping and tie-down roping, $6,106.[Soft Break]Bareback riding: 1. J.R. Vezain, 89 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s MGM Deuces Night, $4,019; 2. Kaycee Field and Justin McDaniel, 86, $2,679 each; 4. Will Lowe, 84, $1,473; 5. Steven Peebles, 82, $938; 6. Richie Champion and Ryan Gray, 81, $603; 8. Jessy Davis, Tyler Scales and Ty Fast Taypotat, 80, $134 each.[Soft Break]Team roping: Third-round: 1. Charles Pogue/Jett Hillman, 6.2 seconds, $1,974; 2. Kaleb Driggers/Paul Eaves, 6.7, $1,716; 3. Bobby Joe Hill/Mickey Gomez and Clay Tryan/Travis Graves, 7.1, $1,330 each; 5. Erich Rogers/Kory Koontz, 7.2, $944; 6. Ty Blasingame/Rich Skelton and Chad Masters/Clay O’Brien Cooper, 7.6, $558 each; 1. Miles Williams/Justen Johnson, 7.7, $172. Average: 1. Jake Barnes/Jhett Johnson, 21.8 on three runs, $2,960; 2. Kaleb Driggers/Paul Eaves, 23.2, $2,574; 3. Chase Williams/Chad Williams, 23.4, $2,188; 4. Chad Masters/Clay O’Brien Cooper, 23.8, $1,802; 5. Brian Dunning/Jesse Jolly, 24.0, $1,416; 6. Charles Pogue/Jett Hillman, 24.9, $1,030; 7. Ryan VonAhn/Nick Rowland, 25.0, $644; 8. David Key/Travis Woodard and Cody Lee/Cole Keith Jackson, 25.1, $129 each. [Soft Break]Steer roping: Fifth-round: 1. Cody Scheck, 12.1 seconds, $1,885; 2. Buster Record Jr., 12.3, $1,639; 3. Cody Lee, 12.4, $1,393; 4. J.B. Whatley, 12.6, $1,147; 5. Rocky Patterson and JoJo LeMond, 13.0, $778 each; 7. Chet Herren, 13.5, $13.5; 8. Shay Good, 13.6, 13.6, $164. Average: 1. Shay Good, 90.8 on five runs, $5,654; 2. Brad Mohon, 70.3 on four runs, $4,916; 3. Cody Scheck, 70.5, $4,179; 4. Jarrett Blessing, 71.9, $3,441; 5. Will Gasperson, 73.2, $2,704; 6. J.R. Olson, 83.8, $1,967; 7. Mark Milner, 86.4, $1,229; 8. Brent Lewis, 39.7, $492. [Soft Break]Saddle bronc riding: 1. Chad Ferley on Frontier Rodeo’s Griz and Cole Elshere on Powder River Rodeo’s Lipstick & Whiskey, 87 points, $3,066 each; 3. Jesse Kruse and Cort Scheer, 85, $1,620; 5. Jesse Bail, 83, $810; 6. Jeff Willert, 82, $579; 7. Cody Martin, Louie Brunson and Chet Johnson, 81, $270. [Soft Break]Steer wrestling: Third-round: 1. Tommy Cook, 3.8 seconds, $1,903; 2. Sean Mulligan, 4.1, $1,659; 3. Casey Martin and Shayde Etherton, 4.3, $1,286 each; 5. Royce Johnson, 4.5, $913; 6. Kyle Whitaker, 4.6 $664; 7. Hunter Cure, Ryan Swayze, Trell Etbauer and Dean Gorsuch, 4.7, $145 each. Average: 1. Dean Gorsuch, 13.5 seconds on three runs, $2,862; 2. Todd Suhn, 13.9, $2,489; 3. K.C. Jones, 14.3, $2,116; 4. Kyle Whitaker, 14.4, $1,742; 5. Tommy Cook, 14.6, $1,369; 6. Mitchell Gardner, 14.7, $996; 7. Ricky Riley, 14.9, $622; 8. Jule Hazen, 15.1, $249. 

Tie-down roping: Third-round: 1. Dane Kissack and Fred Whitfield, 7.6 seconds, $1,893 each; 3. Chase Williams, 7.7, $1,497; 4. Cody McCartney, 7.9, $1,232; 5. Ace Slone, 8.1, $968; 6. Scott Kormos, 8.2, $704; 7. Hunter Herrin, 8.4, $440; 8. Blair Burk, 8.5, $176. Average: 1. Hunter Herrin, 23.6 seconds on three runs, $3,037; 2. Blair Burk, 24.2, $2,641; 3. Cody McCartney, 24.4, $2,245; 4. Chase Williams, 26.7, $1,849; 5. Jeremiah Peek, 27.4, $1,453; 6. Cody Prescott, 28.3, $1,056; 7. Fred Whitfield, 28.8, $660; 6. Dane Kissack, 29.3, $264. 

Barrel racing: Second round: 1. Mary Walker, 17.14 seconds, $2,025; 2. Stevi Hillman and Sabrina Ketcham, 17.19, $1,591 each; 4. Kaley Bass, 17.24, $1,354; 5. Sherry Cervi, 17.25, $964; 6. Britany Fleck, 17.29, $771; 7. Carlee Pierce, 17.32, $579; 8. Karen Little, 17.35, $386; 9. Fallon Taylor, 17.36, $289; 10. Liz Combs, 17.37, $193. Average: 1. Sherry Cervi, 34.55 seconds on two, $2,025; 2. Mary Walker, 34.61, $1,736; 3. Britany Fleck, 34.68, $1,446; 4. Kaley Bass, 34.80, $1,254; 5. Karen Little, 34.86, $964; 6. Liz Combs and  Brittany Grant, 34.90, $675 each; 8. Carlee Pierce, 34.93, $386; 9. Kenna Squire, 34.95, $289; 10. Meagan Reichert, 34.99, $193. 

Bull riding leaders: 1. Tim Bingham, 86 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Comanche, $3,819; 2. Josh Koschel, 84, $2,928; 3. Dustin Elliott, 82, $2,164; 4. Tag Elliott, 81, $1,400; 5. Wesley Silcox, 80, $891; 6. Ty Hamaker, 79, $637; 7. Jimmy Anderson, 77, $509; 8. Clayton Savage, 74, $382. 

Results from the first round in Guymon
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Thanks to our friend Ted Harbin and TwistedRodeo.com...

Here's what happened during timed event slack on Wednesday at the Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo


Steer wrestling
First round:
 1. (tie) Tooter Silver and Jacob Shofner, 4.1 seconds, $1,784 each; 3. K.C. Jones, 4.2, $1,410; 4. (tie) Kyle Callaway, Dean Gorsuch, Ben Goodman, Ryan Mims and Clayton Moore, 4.3, $664 each.

Team roping
First round: 
1. Brock Hanson/Ryan Motes, 5.0 seconds, $1,974 each; 2. Clay Tryan/Travis Graves, 6.0, $1,716; 3. Chase Boekhaus/Dawson McMaster, 6.6, $1,459; 4. (tie) Cody Lee/Cole Jackson and Erich Rogers/Kory Koontz, 6.7, $1,073 each; 6. (tie) Jake Barnes/Jhett Johnson and Garrett Tonozzi/Kinney Harrell, 6.8, $558 each; 8. (tie) Keven Daniel/Chase Tryan, Jule Hazen/Tyler Garten and Jess Tierney/Jace Crabb, 6.9, $57 each.

Tie-down roping
First round:
 1. Hunter Herrin, 7.4 seconds, $2,025; 2. (tie) Fred Whitfield, Cody McCartney and Trent Creager, 7.8, $1,497 each; 5. Blair Burk, 8.0, $968; 6. (tie) Jeremiah Peek and Shane Hanchey, 8.2, $572 each; 8. Stran Smith, 8.4, $176.

My thanks to the Auburn Wild West Stampede Rodeo...
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I spent the weekend in Auburn, CA announcing the Auburn Wild West Stampede Rodeo...


Fallon Taylor from Texas won the barrel race.  She's riding a mare that is the daughter of the great horse Flo she rode to her four trips to the Wrangler NFR two decades ago.  Now 22nd in the WPRA's World Standings, Taylor is headed off to the rodeo in Guymon after a great trip to California.  She won Auburn, she won Lakeside setting an arena record, she won the second round in Red Bluff and finished second in the average, setting an arena record.  

Auburn's other champions...

AA - Rob Webb, ID.

Bulls, Sammy Matthews, CA.

SB - Levi Berry, UT.

BB - (tie) Tyler Scales/Tyson Thompson.

TDR - Dan Williams, CA.

TR - (tie) Levi Lewis/Clint Harry and Colby Siddoway/Justin Davis.

SW - Timothy Hayes, CA. 

Logandale- Pocatello
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Two Time Brittany Pozzi had a huge weekend April 11-15, she won both Pocatello and Logandale over the weekend. Logandale's other winners, Josh Peek won the all-around and the Tie Down Roping, Will Lowe the Bareback Riding. SW - Beau Clark. TR - Clay Tryan/Travis Graves. SB - (Tie) Jeff Willert/Curtis Garton. Bulls - Wes Silcox.


The Champions of the Wrangler Million Dollar Tour Silver Tour Stop in Pocatello...Trevor Brazile won the all-around. BB - Steven Peebles, 88. SW - Ryan Jarrett, 8.3 on two. TR, a three way tie - Keven Daniel/Chase Tryan, Arky Rogers/Clint Summers and Brady Tryan/York Gill, 9.0 on two. SB - Wade Sundell, 88. TDR - Hunter Herrin - 14.7 on two. Barrels - Brittany Pozzi. Bulls - Kanin Asay/Chris Roundy, 89 each. Complete results are at www.prorodeo.com.

The Pocatello Xtreme - Tag Elliott wins first
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PRCA Xtreme Bulls in Pocatello tonight. Tag Elliott won first, 167.5 on two. Trey Benton was second, the only other man to ride two bulls, 167 on two.

Cody Teel won the long round, Benton made a 91 point ride in the short round.

Here are the results, courtesy of www.prorodeo.com...

First round: 1. Cody Teel, 86.5 points on D&H Cattle’s No. 813, $1,184; 2. Nevada Newman, 86, $908; 3. Sonny Murphy, 84, $671; 4. (tie) D.J. Domangue and Tyler Willis, 82, $355 each; 6. (tie) Ty Pozzobon and Tag Elliott, 81, $178 each; 8. Clayton Savage, 79, $118.Finals: 1. Trey Benton III, 91 points on D&H Cattle’s The Prodigy, $1,421; 2. Tag Elliott, 86.5, $1,211; no other qualified rides. Average:1. Tag Elliott, 167.5 points on two head, $1,974; 2. Trey Benton, 167, $1,513; 3. Cody Teel, 86.5 on one head, $1,119; 4. Nevada Newman, 86, $724; 5. Sonny Murphy, 84, $461; 6. (tie) D.J. Domangue and Tyler Willis, 82, $296; 8. Ty Pozzobon, 81, $197.

The RNCFR's 2012 Champions...
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Courtesy of www.rncfr.com


OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s a cliché, but it’s true in ProRodeo: The cream rises to the top.

No statement was more obvious than the final day of the 2012 Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo, which crowned eight national champions on Sunday afternoon, seven of whom were part of the 2011 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Two-time barrel racing world champion Brittany Pozzi led the contingent of rodeo’s elite to the big-money rodeo, which offered a $20,000 voucher for a Ram truck as a prize for the winners. Steer wrestler Clay Cowan is the only non-NFR qualifier to take home the biggest prize in his event. Other winners were bareback rider Brian Bain of Culver, Ore.; tie-down roper Matt Shiozawa of Chubbuck, Idaho; saddle bronc rider Sam Spreadborough of Snyder, Texas; team ropers Spencer Mitchell of Colusa, Calif., and Brady Minor of Ellensburg, Wash.; and bull rider Bobby Welsh of Gillette, Wyo. The championship featured a who’s who of ProRodeo’s top contenders as well as a mix of part-time cowboys and cowgirls and others who are just beginning their careers in the sport. They qualify by being one of the top two contestants in each event in their regions, so the top players from all across the United States converge on Oklahoma City each spring to try to get their hands on the $525,000 purse.

“It’s pretty exciting,” said Pozzi of Victoria, Texas. “This is my first time to compete at the event, and I’m pretty excited to win a voucher for a truck. It was a tough barrel race, tough competition. I am very honored to be here.”

The RNCFR’s format calls for all contestants to compete in two go-rounds. Money is paid out in each round and the two-run aggregate, and the top eight cumulative times and scores returned Sunday for a clean-slate semifinals – the scores from the previous rounds were thrown out, and only the top four advanced to the finals later in the performance.

Pozzi was the No. 2 semifinal qualifier behind Carlee Pierce, but Pozzi blistered a 15.05-second run to win the semifinals. After Pierce posted a 15.08-second run in the final round, Pozzi and her great palomino, Duke, sprinted to a 15.07 to claim the top prize.

“That’s just a testament to how tough these horses are,” Pozzi said. “You’re not just going to luck your way into winning something.” That may not be the case in barrel racing, but it was sort of that way for Mitchell, a header who qualified for the NFR for the first time this past December. Brady Minor usually ropes with his brother, Riley, who wasn’t able to compete because of an injury.

“I got to come in here because Riley Minor had a broken leg,” Mitchell said. “You can turn down an opportunity to try to rope with a partner like that.”

Although roping with his brother would’ve been nice – the Minors have roped at the NFR together three times – Brady Minor knew he had something special in Mitchell.

“He ropes great, and I knew he was going to do good over here,” said Brady Minor, who also qualified for the NFR with B.J. Campbell in 2006. “It’s a fast setup here, and he’s known to get on them fast. I was just going with the flow, and he turned them.”

Bain qualified for Sunday’s competition by the skin of his teeth. He finished in a tie for eighth place in the bareback riding aggregate with Casey Colletti of Pueblo, Colo., but Bain advanced because of a tie-breaker. He placed in a tie for third place in the semifinals, then rode Andrews Rodeo’s Power Play for 86 points to win the championship round.

“This is a dream come true,” said Bain, who qualified for his first NFR in 2011. “Last year I come really close; I ended up third, so I kind of knew what it was all about.”

Cowan, who held his newborn baby while being honored in the arena after the rodeo, celebrated the win in an understated fashion. A five-time qualifier to the RNCFR, he is the epitome of the circuit cowboy, taking care of his family in South Dakota and competing in multiple events.

“I’ve won second twice in the finals round for the pickup,” Cowan said. “It’s good to finally win first and finally win the pickup.”

Spreadborough is a two-time NFR qualifier originally from New South Wales, Australia. While the RNCFR is considered ProRodeo’s national championship, he’s quite proud to give it some international flair. Of course, he was pretty excited to match moves with Classic Pro Rodeo’s Big Tex, the 2010 bareback riding horse of the year that has been switched over to saddle bronc riding.

“He’s an awesome bronc, and I think he’s one of the best,” Spreadborough said of the horse. “He’s definitely one of the best I’ve ever been on.” Shiozawa won the tie-down roping average title at the NFR this past December. His hot streak continued in Oklahoma City over the weekend.

“I’ve gotten to where I just love the competition,” said Shiozawa, a five-time NFR qualifier. “I’ve learned that the outcome is less important than the competition. It’s about enjoying the moment.”

Welsh took advantage of the format the most of any contestant. After bucking off his first bull, Welsh came back with an 82-point ride in the second round. Since only seven cowboys rode in the opening two rounds – only Minnesotan Sunshine Schwartz rode two in the first two rounds – Welsh advanced to Sunday. He bucked off his first bull, but he advanced because of a tie-breaker. He was the only cowboy to score a qualified ride in the finals, matching moves with Rafter H Rodeo’s Best Yet for 83 points.

“This rodeo is one of the most historic rodeos we’ve got in the PRCA,” said Welsh, a seven-time NFR qualifier. “To win a rodeo this prestigious is a very big blessing.”


Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo
Final results

Sunday, April 1


Bareback riding:

Final results
1. Brian Bain, Culver, Ore., 86.0 points on Andrews Rodeo's PTSD Power Play, $5,484
2. Cody DeMers, Kimberly, Idaho, 85.0, $4,113
3. Kaycee Feild, Payson, Utah, 83.0, $2,742
4. Tanner Aus, Granite Falls, Minn., 81.0, $1,371

Semifinal results
1. (tie) Tanner Aus, Granite Falls, Minn., 84.0 points on Beutler & Son Rodeo's Stardust, $4,799
Kaycee Feild, Payson, Utah, 84.0 points on Rafter G Rodeo's Assault, $4,799
3. (tie) Brian Bain, Culver, Ore., 81.0, $2,057
Cody DeMers, Kimberly, Idaho, 81.0, $2,057
5. Will Lowe, Canyon, Texas, 78.0
6. Luke Creasy, Brownfield, Alberta, 76.0
7. (tie) Seth Hardwick, Laramie, Wyo., 0.0
Tyson Thompson, Bradley, Calif., 0.0

Total event earnings
1. Tanner Aus, Granite Falls, Minn., $13,094
2. Kaycee Feild, Payson, Utah, $12,477
3. Brian Bain, Culver, Ore., $11,517
4. Cody DeMers, Kimberly, Idaho, $7,609
5. Luke Creasy, Brownfield, Alberta, $7,609
6. Tyson Thompson, Bradley, Calif., $5,621
7. Seth Hardwick, Laramie, Wyo., $4,799
8. Mac Erickson, Sundance, Wyo., $2,468
9. Will Lowe, Canyon, Texas, $2,262
10. (tie) Joe Gunderson, Agar, S.D., $548



Steer wrestling:

Final results
1. Clay Cowan, Highmore, S.D., 3.6 seconds, $5,484
2. Tom Lewis, Lehi, Utah, 4.1, $4,113
3. Luke Branquinho, Los Alamos, Calif., 4.4, $2,742
4. Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, Neb., 14.0, $1,371

Semifinal results
1. Clay Cowan, Highmore, S.D., 3.5 seconds, $5,484
2. Luke Branquinho, Los Alamos, Calif., 4.3, $4,113
3. (tie) Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, Neb., 4.4, $2,057
Tom Lewis, Lehi, Utah, 4.4, $2,057
5. Tom Farrelly, Cayuga, N.Y., 4.9
6. Juan Alcazar Jr, Kissimmee, Fla., 9.1
7. Riley Duvall, Checotah, Okla., 13.6
8. Shane Henderson, Winfield, Kan., NT

Total event earnings
1. Clay Cowan, Highmore, S.D., $16,864
2. Tom Lewis, Lehi, Utah, $12,614
3. Luke Branquinho, Los Alamos, Calif., $12,477
4. Riley Duvall, Checotah, Okla., $10,420
5. Jason Thomas, Benton, Ark., $4,525
6. Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, Neb., $3,428
7. Logan Gledhill, Huntsville, Texas, $2,468
8. Shane Henderson, Winfield, Kan., $1,645
9. Ty Erickson, Helena, Mont., $1,645
10. Tom Farrelly, Cayuga, N.Y., $1,303
11. Wyatt Smith, Rexburg, Idaho, $823
12. Ethen Thouvenell, Napa, Calif., $343



Tie-down roping:

Final results
1. Matt Shiozawa, Chubbuck, Idaho, 7.7 seconds, $5,484
2. Blair Burk, Durant, Okla., 8.3, $4,113
3. Ryle Smith, Oakdale, Calif., 8.4, $2,742
4. E.J. Roberts, Stephenville, Texas, 9.2, $1,371

Semifinal results
1. Blair Burk, Durant, Okla., 7.7 seconds, $5,484
2. E.J. Roberts, Stephenville, Texas, 7.8, $4,113
3. Matt Shiozawa, Chubbuck, Idaho, 7.9, $2,742
4. Ryle Smith, Oakdale, Calif., 8.1, $1,371
5. Bill Huber, Albia, Iowa, 8.4
6. Roger Nonella, Klamath Falls, Ore., 9.3
7. (tie) Joseph Parsons, Marana, Ariz., NT
Nate Baldwin, Blackfoot, Idaho, NT

Total event earnings
1. Blair Burk, Durant, Okla., $12,957
2. Matt Shiozawa, Chubbuck, Idaho, $12,545
3. E.J. Roberts, Stephenville, Texas, $10,009
4. Joseph Parsons, Marana, Ariz., $6,170
5. Ryle Smith, Oakdale, Calif., $4,936
6. Seth Hall, Albuquerque, N.M., $4,525
7. Nate Baldwin, Blackfoot, Idaho, $4,250
8. Shane Hanchey, Sulphur, La., $3,976
9. Tuf Cooper, Decatur, Texas, $3,428
10. Brad Hartt, Sebring, Fla., $2,468
11. Jerome Schneeberger, Ponca City, Okla., $1,645
12. Bill Huber, Albia, Iowa, $1,303
13. Roger Nonella, Klamath Falls, Ore., $343



Saddle bronc riding:

Final results
1. Sam Spreadborough, Snyder, Texas, 86.0 points on Classic ProRodeo's Big Tex, $5,484
2. Taos Muncy, Corona, N.M., 84.0, $4,113
3. Cody Wright, Milford, Utah, 82.0, $2,742
4. Cody Taton, Mud Butte, S.D., 79.0, $1,371

Semifinal results
1. Cody Wright, Milford, Utah, 84.0 points on Beutler & Son Rodeo's Cimmaron Jack, $5,484
2. Cody Taton, Mud Butte, S.D., 73.0, $4,113
3. Sam Spreadborough, Snyder, Texas, 71.0, $2,742
4. Taos Muncy, Corona, N.M., 69.0, $1,371
5. Jake Costello, Newell, S.D., 62.0
6. (tie) Justin Browning, Sulphur, La., 0.0
Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah, 0.0
Ryan Elshere, Elm Springs, S.D., 0.0

Total event earnings
1. Taos Muncy, Corona, N.M., $13,437
2. Cody Wright, Milford, Utah, $13,299
3. Sam Spreadborough, Snyder, Texas, $10,215
4. Cody Taton, Mud Butte, S.D., $9,150
5. Josh Reynolds, Ekalaka, Mont., $4,525
6. Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah, $3,953
7. Jake Costello, Newell, S.D., $3,665
8. Travis Sheets, Hyannis, Neb., $3,428
9. Ryan Elshere, Elm Springs, S.D., $1,988
10. Jacobs Crawley, College Station, Texas, $1,440
11. (tie) Ben Londo, Pendleton, Ore., $1,152
Doug Aldridge, Carthage, Mo., $1,152
Ryan MacKenzie, Jordan Valley, Ore., $1,152



Team roping:

Final results
1. Spencer Mitchell, Colusa, Calif./Brady Minor, Ellensburg, Wash., 3.7 seconds, $5,484 
2. Manny Egusquiza Jr., Madison, Ga./Clint Summers, Lake City, Fla., 5.4, $4,113
3. (tie) Clay White, Shandon, Calif./John Chaves, Los Alamos, Calif., NT
Blaine Linaweaver, Leavenworth, Kan./Jake Twisselman, Santa Margarita, Calif., NT

Semifinal results
1. Blaine Linaweaver, Leavenworth, Kan./Jake Twisselman, Santa Margarita, Calif., 5.3 seconds, $5,484
2. Spencer Mitchell, Colusa, Calif./Brady Minor, Ellensburg, Wash., 5.4, $4,113
3. Clay White, Shandon, Calif./John Chaves, Los Alamos, Calif., 5.7, $2,742
4. Manny Egusquiza Jr., Madison, Ga./Clint Summers, Lake City, Fla., 10.7, $1,371
5. Tyler Schnaufer, Pueblo, Colo./Cole Cooper, Grand Junction, Colo., 11.0
6. Adam Newcomb, Benton, Ark./Gabe Gwaltney, Carthage, Mo., 11.1
7. (tie) Travis Dorman, Dade City, Fla./Brad Culpepper, Poulan, Ga., NT
Kaden Richard, Roosevelt, Utah/Rhen Richard, Roosevelt, Utah, NT

Total event earnings
1. Spencer Mitchell, Colusa, Calif./Brady Minor, Ellensburg, Wash., $10,283
2. Blaine Linaweaver, Leavenworth, Kan./Jake Twisselman, Santa Margarita, Calif., $8,775
3. (tie) Manny Egusquiza Jr., Madison, Ga./Clint Summers, Lake City, Fla., $7,952
Tyler Schnaufer, Pueblo, Colo./Cole Cooper, Grand Junction, Colo., $7,952
5. Clay White, Shandon, Calif./John Chaves, Los Alamos, Calif., $6,855
6. Travis Dorman, Dade City, Fla./Brad Culpepper, Poulan, Ga., $5,347
7. Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Ariz./Cory Petska, Marana, Ariz., $4,525
8. Preston Billadeau, Parshall, N.D./Jared Bilby, Bridgeport, Neb., $3,428
9. (tie) Jason Handy, Scobey, Mont./John Robertson, Polson, Mont., $2,948
Cody Graham, Everton, Mo./Jason Thompson, Ozark, Mo., $2,948
11. Kaden Richard, Roosevelt, Utah/Rhen Richard, Roosevelt, Utah, $1,782
12. (tie) Charles Pogue, Ringling, Okla./Jett Hillman, Purcell, Okla., $823
Miles Kobold, Shepherd, Mont./Matt Robertson, Augusta, Mont., $823



Barrel racing:

Final results
1. Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, Texas, 15.07 seconds, $5,484
2. Carlee Pierce, Stephenville, Texas, 15.08, $4,113
3. Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, S.D., 15.20, $2,742
4. Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., 15.32, $1,371

Semifinal results
1. Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, Texas, 15.05 seconds, $5,484
2. Carlee Pierce, Stephenville, Texas, 15.19, $4,113
3. Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, S.D., 15.35, $2,742
4. Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., 15.36, $1,371
5. Christina Richman, Glendora, Calif., 15.41
6. Linda Vick, Hesperia, Calif., 15.45
7. Nikki Steffes, Vale, S.D., 15.49
8. Sabra O'Quinn, Ocala, Fla., 15.63

Total event earnings
1. Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, Texas, $19,881
2. Carlee Pierce, Stephenville, Texas, $18,578
3. Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, S.D., $10,969
4. Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., $5,896
5. Nikki Steffes, Vale, S.D., $5,484
6. Sabra O'Quinn, Ocala, Fla., $4,342
7. Nancy Hunter, Neola, Utah, $1,303
8. Christina Richman, Glendora, Calif., $960
9. Theresa Walter, Billings, Mont., $686
10. (tie) Sammi Bessert, Loma, Colo., $229
Linda Vick, Hesperia, Calif., $229



Bull riding:

Final results
1. Bobby Welsh, Gillette, Wyo., 83.0 points on Rafter H Rodeo's Best Yet, $5,484
2. (tie) Paul Coppini, Kuna, Idaho, 0.0
Travis Atkinson, Lehi, Utah, 0.0
Sunshine Schwartz, Anoka, Minn., 0.0

Semifinal results
1. Paul Coppini, Kuna, Idaho, 84.0 points on Four L & Diamond S's Foolish Pride, $5,484
2. (tie) Travis Atkinson, Lehi, Utah, 0.0
Tyler Willis, Wheatland, Wyo., 0.0
Sunshine Schwartz, Anoka, Minn., 0.0
A.J. Hamre, Chico, Calif., 0.0
Bobby Welsh, Gillette, Wyo., 0.0
Dustin Hall, Republic, Mo., 0.0

Total event earnings
1. Bobby Welsh, Gillette, Wyo., $11,380
2. Sunshine Schwartz, Anoka, Minn., $10,009
3. Paul Coppini, Kuna, Idaho, $8,912
4. Travis Atkinson, Lehi, Utah, $7,952
5. Tyler Willis, Wheatland, Wyo., $4,113
6. Dustin Hall, Republic, Mo., $2,605
7. A.J. Hamre, Chico, Calif., $1,371

Winners from Austin - Courtesy of the PRCA and www.prorodeo.com
Posted by: ProRodeoLive at 17:36, March 25 2012.

AUSTIN, Texas – It may be time for Bruce Ford and Joe Alexander to start expecting some company.

With Bobby Mote healthy and competing like he did in winning Rodeo Austin on March 24, he has a very real shot at joining Ford and Alexander as the only bareback riders ever to claim five gold buckles.

Mote placed in all three rounds of this Wrangler Million Dollar Gold Tour event, wrapping up his win in the three-head average by sharing first place in the finals with Tanner Aus.

Both men had 87-point rides at the Travis County Expo Center, Mote on Molly Brown of the Beutler & Son Rodeo Company string and Aus on Andrews Rodeo’s Roly Poly.

Mote’s total score of 252 points was one better than Aus and his performance paid $8,379, moving him from ninth in the world standings to fifth with season earnings of $22,870.

It was just the sort of technically sound, consistent performance a generation of rodeo fans has come to expect from Mote, the world champion in 2002, 2007, 2009 and 2010.

The Culver, Ore., resident tied for second place in the first round with an 82-point ride and tied for fourth in the second round with an 83, before sharing the win in a pressure-packed final on the night of March 24.

Mote was not the only cowboy to parlay a win in the finals into the big money of a three-head average title.

• Team ropers Kaleb Driggers and Jade Corkill won the short go with a 5.4-second run and that allowed them to hold off ProRodeo Hall of Fame inductee Joe Beaver and partner Casey Chamberlain for the title by one second.

• Two-time Wrangler NFR qualifier Isaac Diaz’s 88-point ride on Andrews Rodeo’s Lock & Load won the saddle bronc riding final and allowed him to tie J.J. Elshere for the average title; each man had 244 points on three head.

• Shane Slack had his biggest win in several years in the tie-down roping and he did it in impressive style. He led the average after two rounds and closed it out by winning the finals with a 9.8-second run; he finished a full two seconds ahead of second-place finisher Ross Beasley.

The other Rodeo Austin winners were steer wrestler Shawn Greenfield (11.8 seconds on three head), 2007 bull rider Wesley Silcox (245 points on three head) and barrel racer Lisa Lockhart (45.31 seconds on three runs)

The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame's 2012 Class of Inductee's...
Posted by: ProRodeoLive at 12:00, March 22 2012.

Courtesy of the PRCA and the ProRodeo Hall of Fame...


Etbauer brothers head 2012 induction class for ProRodeo Hall of Fame
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Etbauer name, legend in the cowboy sport for a generation, will be stamped in bronze this July when five-time World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider Billy Etbauer and two-time World Champion Robert Etbauer are inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame, heading a class of seven.
The Etbauers are joined by the late three-time world champion roughstock cowboy Frank Schneider, three-time PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year Khadafy Skoal, five-time NFR barrelman Jon Taylor, longtime rodeo administrator Hal Littrell and the Dodge City (Kan.) Roundup, which has nine times been named the PRCA Rodeo Committee of the Year.
Billy Etbauer, of Edmond, Okla., is the only man in ProRodeo history to surpass $3 million in career earnings in a single event – one of only three men to reach that milestone, period – and he holds the record for most Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifications by a roughstock cowboy (21) and most overall round wins at the NFR (51).
His five gold buckles came over a span of a dozen years (1992, 1996, 1999, 2000 and 2004), with the last of them coming at the age of 41, making him the oldest world champion saddle bronc rider on record.
Elder brother Robert, of Goodwell, Okla., won his saddle bronc riding world championships in 1990 and 1991 and qualified for the NFR 12 times (1988-92, 1994-2000). For eight of those years the youngest Etbauer brother, Dan, qualified for the NFR with Billy and Robert.
“What an honor,” Billy Etbauer said. “And for Robert and I to go in together is just another blessing. Being done (retired) wakes you up to how much fun you were having and getting to do what you absolutely love to do.
“To be fortunate enough for us to be able to do what we loved that much for a living, and to be able to do it together, you can’t say enough about that. Being able to rodeo with Robert and Danny and Craig (Latham, whom the Etbauers consider an honorary fourth brother), and having so much time together, it’s hard to explain how much that means as we look back on it. You couldn’t really ask for anything more.”
“What’s a big honor to me,” said Robert Etbauer, “is all the people who are there before me – Casey Tibbs and all the guys who cut a trail for us. It’s hard to believe. It seems to me I ought to still be riding and going. We had a lot of fun and met a lot of good people. That’s the best part of it.”
Schneider has this in common with the Etbauers: He too was part of a famous brother act in his era. Elder brother Johnie won two bull riding gold buckles outright (1929-30), shared a third with Smokey Snyder (1932) and captured the 1931 all-around world championship while Frank won back-to-back bull riding world titles (1933-34) and then a bareback riding title in 1935 for good measure.
Traveling to Sydney, Australia, in 1936, Frank Schneider won an international bulldogging competition against a field of top American, Canadian and Australian competitors. He also set a world record for steer decorating at the Los Angeles Rodeo in 1932 and won numerous saddle bronc riding titles, including San Francisco – establishing himself as a true all-around hand.
Frank said in an interview before his death in 1983 that his decision to rodeo was “probably environment,” because Johnie was a top rodeo cowboy and he started working for stock contractor Cliff Burrell at 13 years old. Now the former Caliente, Calif., resident has followed Johnie all the way to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame; Johnie was inducted in 1992.
“I'll tell you what, it knocked my socks off when we heard,” said Nancy Moore, Schneider’s eldest daughter. “We were just back there in Colorado Springs last year for Burel Mulkey’s induction, and we’re so happy to know that we’ll be coming back this year. I just can’t explain what a thrill this is.
“My dad would be thrilled, and my mom, too. We’ve been hoping that he would get in at some point, but we just didn’t know. We’re so happy that he’ll get to join his brother and brother-in-law (Mulkey) in the Hall of Fame.”
For all of its 35 years, the Dodge City Roundup has been one of the elite rodeos of the PRCA. Eight of its nine Rodeo Committee of the Year awards came in the days when there was only one category covering all 600-plus PRCA-sanctioned rodeos.
Dodge City shared the award in 1985 with Phoenix and Santa Maria, Calif., and shared it again with Reno, Nev., in 1987, but claimed the award outright in 1986 and from 1988-92. Its ninth PRCA award came in 2001 when it was voted the Large Outdoor Rodeo Committee of the Year.
The rodeo is annually the centerpiece of the Dodge City Days Festival which is the second largest community event in the state of Kansas with a huge economic impact.
“There was always an amateur rodeo in Dodge City,” said Roundup President Dr. R.C. Trotter, “but in 1977 a group of local bankers and cattlemen decided to create a professional rodeo. From the start, they made a huge commitment to make it a very professional show with not only the best cowboys, but the best contract personnel, the best announcers and the best stock.
“The whole community comes together to make this rodeo what it has become. We have a core group of 50-60 and we have 400-500 volunteers the week of the rodeo. Something like this (the rodeo’s induction) will serve to reenergize us all. We are all so excited to be honored this way.”
Khadafy Skoal became the first Wyoming born-and-raised horse to be voted PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year in 1990 and went on to win the award twice more for Powder River Rodeo in 1995 and ’96. Starting in 1989, the blue roan gelding went to 16 consecutive NFRs and was voted Horse of the NFR in 1994, 1996 and 1999.
He also competed in 15 Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeos (being named top bareback horse at the DNCFR a record five times) and 12 Mountain States Circuit Finals Rodeos before being retired with his friend Skoal’s Frontier at the 2004 Wrangler NFR to the grassy fields of Riverton, Wyo., where he lives today at the age of 29.
“He means so much to us,” said Lori Franzen of Powder River Rodeo. “The horse put us on the map. We were a young company, and when you’re a young company in the PRCA, it takes a long time. You do a lot of struggling. You have to have a product, and you have to have something the people want to see, and Khadafy was that. He was electric, he was different, he was amazing, and people wanted to see him. He really helped us in the beginning, and (husband) Hank and I still say we owe an enormous amount of our success to him.”
The Franzens bought Khadafy from Ray Sanborn of Big Piney, Wyo., but insisted on bucking him before writing the check.
“It was Lori and me and the hired man,” Hank Franzen said. “We put (Khadafy) in the bucking chute; Lori flanked him, I opened the bucking chute and picked him up. Lori, she had all whites in her eyes when them feet came up. He kicked up straight out of the chute right toward her. It was spectacular. We thought we had something special.”
Taylor, 70, was selected to be the NFR barrelman in 1974, 1979 and 1983 and served as the alternate in 1980-81. He was the PRCA Clown of the Year in 1979 and developed a reputation as one of the sport’s best-loved entertainers working major rodeo venues in Reno, Nev.; Fort Worth, Texas; Pendleton, Ore.; Ellensburg, Wash., and Prescott, Ariz.
He served on the PRCA Board of Directors from 1982-85 and has worked as the NFR saddle horse boss for 28 years.
“In the rodeo field, being a rodeo clown and doing all the things I’ve done with the Finals in the U.S. and Canada, I’ve made my goal,” said Taylor, who lives in Filer, Idaho. “This was always my goal.
“It was great to hear the news; I was flabbergasted really. I was nominated last year, but you just have to kind of wait and see what happens. This is a great honor that is put onto you as someone in rodeo.”
Littrell, who turns 80 on March 31, is known as “Mister Rodeo” in Colorado Springs with more than 50 years of service to the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo and a long record of support for the PRCA and the ProRodeo Hall of Fame.
A member of the Hall’s Board of Trustees from the beginning in 1979 to the present day, Littrell has been instrumental in helping secure monetary support for various projects and improvements for the Hall, most recently to update the museum’s lighting. He was selected in the Notables category.
“I was very surprised by the call (from PRCA Commissioner Karl Stressman) and very honored to be considered in this group of outstanding people in rodeo,” Littrell said. “It’s a bit overwhelming. I guess you could call it the thrill of a lifetime.”
ProRodeo Hall of Fame inductees are selected by a committee of former contestants and rodeo experts. More than 150 individuals are nominated each year, and selection is based on contributions to the sport of professional rodeo in any of seven categories: contestant, contract personnel, stock contractors, rodeo committees, livestock, media and notables/lifetime achievement.
Including this year’s inductees, 226 people, 27 animals and 18 rodeo committees have been selected for enshrinement in Colorado Springs since the Hall opened in 1979

Houston's champions...courtesy of www.hlsr.com.
Posted by: ProRodeoLive at 00:00, March 18 2012.


RodeoHouston® BP SUPER SERIES CHAMPIONS EARN TITLE AND $50,000 PRIZE — MARCH 18, 2012 — HOUSTON — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Champions in the RodeoHouston BP Super Series were honored by receiving $50,000, plus a buckle and a custom saddle and in Reliant Stadium, Saturday, March 17.

Adam Gray of Seymour, Texas, roped and tied his way to become the 2012 RodeoHouston BP Super Series Tie-Down Champion and accumulated $56,300.

“Winning this rodeo is absolutely surreal,” he said. “Getting to ride in my home state and having my family here to support me means a lot.”

Rounding out the top four in the shootout:
Matt Shiozawa — Chubbuck, Idaho – $25,000
Hunter Herrin — Apache, Okla. – $11,500
Cory Solomon —Prairie View, Texas   $ 7,000

Kaycee Feild of Payson, Texas, held on through the RodeoHouston BP Super Series to accumulate winnings of $53,650. He said when he was behind the chutes before the championship round, he tried to not think about the upcoming ride any differently than his previous rides.

“Houston has been an awesome experience,” Feild said. “I love the big arena and when I hear the crowd roar, it gets my motor pumping.”

He said he would advise anyone pursuing a career in rodeo to stay tough and set high goals.

Rounding out the top four in the shootout:
Bobby Mote— Culver, Ore. – $27,350
Will Lowe — Canyon, Texas – $12,200
Dusty LaValley — Bezanson, Alberta, Canada – $8,700


Cody Graham of Everton, Mo., and Monty Joe Petska of Turlock, Calif., earned the Champion Team Roping title and a total of $110,400 in winnings at the 2012 RodeoHouston BP Super Series. The BP Super Series was the first appearance as a team for the ropers. Graham said he is thankful for the last minute partnership with veteran roper, Petska.

“All you have to do is spin the calf for Petska and he can make the rest happen,” Graham said.

Petska said he left his home to come to Houston without knowing what Graham actually looked like.

Graham said winning RodeoHouston is a surreal experience and is the biggest win of his career. He plans to put the money toward the new home he and his wife are building.

Rounding out the top four in the shootout:
Matt Sherwood and Cory Petska — Pima, Ariz./Lexington, Okla. – $55,000
Quincy Kueckelhan and Richard Durham — Bonham, Texas/Lipan, Texas – $18,000
Erich Rogers and Kory Koontz — Round Rock, Ariz./Sudan, Texas – $22,000


Cody Wright, of Milford, Utah, held on long enough to grab the RodeoHouston BP Super Series Championship title and took home a total of $56,700.

“This whole experience, from the hospitality to the committees, has been great,” he said.  “Getting to be around good people and compete is a good opportunity.”

Wright said he has qualified for the Championship Round in the past but never won, so adding this championship to his résumé is a dream.

Rounding out the top four in the shootout:
Cody DeMoss — Heflin, La. – $28,050
Rusty Allen — Eagle Mountain, Utah – $7,200
Brad Rudolf — Winnemucca, Nev. – $6,500


Wade Sumpter of Fowler, Colo., wrestled his way to the Championship Round, earning the RodeoHouston BP Super Series Steer Wrestling Championship title and $53,700 in winnings. Sumpter is a repeat champion, earning the title in 2008. He is riding a different horse and has recruited a new hazer since his previous RodeoHouston title.

“Winning is just as exciting the first time,” Sumpter said. “I consider myself very fortunate to win this much money doing something I love.”

He said he has a different approach each time he rides, because every rodeo is different in at least one aspect.

“I really enjoy coming to RodeoHouston because they not only take really good care of you,” Sumpter said, “but they give you the facilities needed to take really good care of your horse.”

Round out the top four in the shootout:
Jake Rinehart — Highmore, S.D. – $27,000
Olin Hannum — Malad, Idaho – $10,300
Shawn Greenfield — Lakeview, Ore. – $6,450


Beau Schroeder of China, Texas, earned the title of RodeoHouston BP Super Series Bull Riding Champion and total winnings of $56,200. He said he is still trying to process the success he has had at RodeoHouston.  Schroeder said while preparing for the semifinals he told a friend he was going to win the $50,000, and is excited his prediction came true.

“This is the best rodeo in the state of Texas,” he said. “I can’t wait to come back next year and do it again.”

Rounding out the top four in the shootout:
Cody Teel — Kountze, Texas – $18,533.33
Cody Rostockyj — Hillsboro, Texas – $14,333.33

Trey Benton — Rock Island, Texas – $12,933.33


Lindsay Sears, of Ropesville, Texas, won the RodeoHouston BP Super Series Barrel Racing Championship on her horse Martha, with a run time of 14.13 seconds.

“This was a make-or-break rodeo for me,” she said. “It was a risk to put all my eggs in one basket, but it paid off in the end.”

Sears said she really enjoyed riding in RodeoHouston because she had time to stay and enjoy herself, yet compete at the same time.

Sears, a repeat winner at RodeoHouston, took home total winnings of $59,900.

Rounding out the top four in the shootout:
Carlee Pierce — Stephenville, Texas – $27,200
Trula Churchill — Valentine, Neb. – $11,950
Sherry Cervi — Marana, Ariz. – $10,800



CINCH RodeoHoustonSUPER SHOOTOUT®: NORTH AMERICA’S CHAMPIONS PRESENTED BY CROWN ROYAL ENDS 2012 HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW AND RODEO WITH A BANG — MARCH 19, 2012 — HOUSTON — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — The 2012 Cinch RodeoHouston Super Shootout: North America’s Champions presented by Crown Royal ended with four champions each earning $25,000, plus a buckle, in Reliant Stadium, Sunday,
March 18.


Will Lowe, of Canyon, Texas, rode for eight seconds to walk away with the Cinch RodeoHouston Super Shootout Bareback Riding Champion title and $25,000, for the second year in a row.


“I got third in the [RodeoHouston BP] Super Series,” he said. “So being able to also walk away with the $25,000 just makes the experience that much better.”


Lowe said it is a great honor to compete against the level of competition that is present at RodeoHouston. “I’m only as good as the guys I compete against, which is what makes it fun,” he said. “I get to look fear in the eye and conquer it every time I sit on a bronc, and that’s why I love to rodeo.”

Lindsay Sears, of Ropesville, Texas, earned the Cinch RodeoHouston Super Shootout Champion Barrel Racing title and $25,000, making it her second RodeoHouston title this year. Sears took first in barrel racing at the RodeoHouston BP Super Series on March 17, bring her total 2012 winnings in Houston to $84,901.


“There is no better feeling than accomplishing my goals,” she said. “Luck was on my side this week.”


Sears said she ran her own race and did the best she could, and it turned out well in the end.



Taos Muncy, reigning world bull riding champion, of Corona, N.M., rode his way to the Cinch RodeoHouston Super Series Saddle Bronc Riding Champion title and $25,000. Muncy said he has competed in RodeoHouston ever since he was a rookie.


“I’ve always wanted to win the [Super Series] $50,000,” he said, “So winning this title just brings me one step closer to accomplishing that goal.”


Muncy said it is a privilege to qualify and then be invited to compete in the Super Shootout.



Bobby Welsh, 2011 RodeoHouston BP Super Series Bull Riding Champion, of Gillette, Wyo., held on long enough to grab the Cinch RodeoHouston Super Shootout Bull Riding Champion title and took home $25,000. Welsh said everything clicked into place this week, which helped him gain momentum.


“As a bull rider, I’ve been trained to [put] 100 percent mentally into the ride as soon as that chute opens,” he said. “I’m very glad I have been safe and protected.”


Welsh said being able to raise a family of six by living his passion is a dream come true.

The 2012 Cinch RodeoHouston Super Shootout Champions also were awarded a $1,500 voucher from Mattress Firm.


New to the Super Shootout in 2012, whichever team of athletes from one qualifying rodeo earned the most points throughout the night won the title of Super ShootoutRodeo Team Champions, along with a golden boot trophy and an extra $2,500. The team representing RodeoHouston — Will Lowe, Cort Scheer, Bobby Welsh and Jody Sheffield — took the 2012 title.

Clay Tryan/Patrick Smith with the George Strait...
Posted by: ProRodeoLive at 15:41, March 11 2012.

courtesy of www.gstrc.com


San Antonio, TX (March 10, 2012) -- The finals for the 30th Annual George Strait Team Roping Classic were held today at the Rose Palace in San Antonio. Thirty-two year olds Patrick Smith (Heeler) from Lipan, TX and Clay Tryan (Header) from Billings, Montana are the new Grand Champions. Clay Tryan follows in his big brother’s footsteps who had won the Championship in 2008.

“I just won the biggest team roping there is!” said Clay Tryan, who had his wife and children on hand for awards photos. “It is unbelievable.”

“The way the competition is here today, I am so very grateful for the win,” said Smith, who also had his young family in tow, “May God be the Glory!”

With today’s winnings, they ride away with custom painted GSTRC Championship Chevy Silverado Duallies from Cavendar Chevrolet (Boerne, TX), Strait X-treme horse trailers from Bruton Trailers, Twister saddles from Tractor Supply, Resitol roping bags, jackets from Wrangler and Justin and half of the $203,800 cash payoff.



1st 16.67 Clay Tryan/Patrick Smith $203,800
2nd 18.79 Casey Hicks/Jake Pianalto $ 81,520 
3rd 20.74 Casey Mahoney/Joe Espy $ 56,046
4th 20.81 Kaston Peavy/T Luttrell $ 50,950
5th 20.99 Cooper Wimberly/Bode Baize $ 40,760
6th 21.37 Derrick Begay/Cory Petska $ 30,570
7th 22.55 Garrett Tonozzi/Dugan Kelly $ 25,474
8th 23.62 Cody McMinn/JC Williams $ 20,380


1st Go 4.87 Matt Sherwood/Cory Petska $ 1500
4.87 Clay Tryan/Jade Corkil $ 1500
2nd Go 4.31 Luke Brown/Martin Lucero $ 3000
3rd Go 3.83 Colby Siddoway/Caleb Twisselman $ 3000

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