The Poetry of Gene Faires
Posted by: jscheller at 02:21, July 18 2013.


Just One Drop


The Sins of men are beyond count


Too dark and soiled for any fount


Yet all it took to cleanse the flood


Was just one drop of Jesus’ blood


Our Father God sent us His Son


To live a life of a guiltless one


Then shed His blood upon the tree


The very first drop He shed for me


Scars Of Love


I love the scars in Jesus’ hands


And in His side and feet


For it shows how much He loved me


My sin to defeat


I wouldn’t take Him from the cross


Even if I could


For grace would not be mine


Without His precious blood


So join me and love those scars


In heaven on display


To prove that God so loved the world


He sent His Son to save




The Walk to Emmaus


The Walk to Emmaus we all must take


And it’s a lifelong journey make no mistake


It’s finding our Savior there by our side


Accepting Him as our leader and guide


It’s building our faith one step at a time


Relying on His spirit divine


And we like those two on the road long ago


Recognize Jesus our faith tells us so


Yes we all take this walk one step at a time


Accepting by faith He’s our savior devine



American Holacoust 9-11


A day that has no equal


A day when hate prevailed


A day when twisted loyalties


Our very souls assailed


We still are in stunned anger


Too shocked to verbalize


The awesome inner feeling


That deep within us lies


There is no earthly answer


That can free the heart


There’s only heavenly comfort


To make the healing start


This life is short but precious


We need to learn to love


For every day we live


Is a gift from above






He talked the talk


And walked the walk


That led to Calvary


He shed His blood


To cleanse the flood


Of human frailty


It’s through grace


We can erase


All our sinful ways


By confessing


Our transgressing


Giving Him our praise



The One


Standing on the crowded street


To see this strange man pass


The curious crowd was eager


To catch a glimpse at last


His helpers tried to shield him


But He showed no concern


He frequently stopped to touch them


As to and fro He turned


And as He passed so near to me


I looked into His eyes


And I know for certain


This surely is the Christ



Good News


The Father of all creation


Saw fit to promise me


An everlasting home


Beautiful beyond belief


He sent His only Son


To die upon a tree


Spilling His precious blood


For the likes of me


And when He rose triumphant


He conquered every sin


And washed me clean as snow


If I believe in Him



Job 9:10


He does great things without finding out

Yes wonders without number

He does wonders this God of ours

Freely using His awesome powers

Blesses us in many ways

So He’s deserving of our praise

Let our gladness have no end

And out praise to Him, Amen





Thanksgiving is a season


Unfortunately it is so


We set aside a Thursday


As we all surely know


But it shouldn’t be a season


But a daily affirmation


Of the countless blessings


Bestowed upon our nation


And we as individuals


Enjoy them just the same


So we should all be praying


In our Father’s name


Our thanks should be in actions


That benefit those with less


That’s how we give to Him


That’s how we serve Him best


So stop and count your Blessings


And in thanks send up a prayer


To the One who gives them


His cupboard is never bare


That’s Jesus


Concern expressed in word and deed


To a soul who is in need


That’s love


To do for others who would not ask


And seek no praise for the task


That’s love


To even die upon a tree


For a sinner just like me


That’s love


Yes, that’s love


That’s Jesus





Christmas comes with its giving spirit


A bell peals carols we love to hear it


Everyone in a festive mood


Exchanging gifts enjoying food


But there’s a serious reason for it


Sorely overshadowed, we almost ignore it


It celebrates a gift sublime


The greatest gift to all mankind


It came to the planet earth


In the form of a baby’s birth


A baby born in a manager stall


Who is the savior of us all


Lowly shepherds in the fields abiding


Were given these awesome holy tidings


And wise men from the far off lands


Worshipped Him with gifts so grand


The Christmas spirit with its mystery


Cannot be ignored by you and me


It will last till the earth is gone


But the gift of love still lives on



Christmas Story


My father said he needed me


To help him with the sheep


It wasn’t my idea


I just wanted to sleep


But I went out on the hill


Outside Bethlehem


Because I loved my father


And I wanted to please him


After the sheep were bedded down


We lay down on the ground


And soon fell fast asleep


Tell we heard a thunderous sound


We awoke to see the sky


Lit up in brilliant light


And hid our eyes in fear


At such an awesome sight


Then a strange thing happened


A figure did appear


And spoke in a voice


And told us not to fear


He said I bring good news


For all of mankind


For born is the Lord Messiah


And you will surely find


Him in a manger bed


In David’s royal town


Then the sky was filled with angels


Making angelic sounds


A few of us shepherd


Who were strong and able


Journeyed in to David’s town


And there we found the stable


As we quietly entered in


A reverence filled the air


There was saw a manger


And a baby of so fair


Then we saw His mother


Her face a brilliant light


                                               And we knew for certain       


This was a special night


As we journeyed back


I took my father’s hand


And in my heart I thanked him


For such a gift so grand


And though I can’t explain it


Somehow I new


This innocent babe I witnessed


Would please His Father too



The Day After Christmas


T’’was the day after Christmas


And all through the house


There were wrappings and ribbons


On the floor and the couch


The parents were sleeping


Exhausted and spent


But the children were playing


With the toys Santa sent


And the aroma of Christmas


Still filled the air


As love so abounding


Was seen everywhere


For the shepherds and wise men


Still worship the child


Born to a virgin


So meek and so mild


Yes Christmas is gone


For another long year


But the love it endows


Forever is near



The Woman


Down the hot and dusty street


The angry mob moved on


Dragging the hapless woman


Whose clothes were rent and torn


Their voices sharp and tart


Their cries of condemnation


Revealed their hardened hearts


At last they reached the place


They want most to be


And threw the helpless woman


At Jesus’ precious feet


In voice full of anger


They made their mission clear


Caught in the act of adultery


The woman’s fate was near


They asked the Master’s answer


For sucha sinful act


 Knowing the law required death


 A solemn fact


In their sweaty anxious hands


They had sharp jagged stones


 Ready to exact punishment


Her sin to atone


But Jesus knew their question


Was not a simple one


Their real ntent to embarrass Him


If the law He shunned


Jesu looked into their eyes


But saw into their souls


Then stooped and wrote in the sand


We know not what He wrote


Then He spoke to each one


Let him who is without sin


Be the first to cast a stone


And then He looked again


One by one they snuck away


Knowing they were condemned


Till at last all were gone


Leaving her and him


Then Jesus spoke to the lost


Where are they accusers child


Thru dusty tears she softly said


There are noneleft; He smiled


Then neither do I condemn thee


Go and sin no more


God’s law of love had triumphed


And will forevermore




Rest Stops


Life is not always a hilltop view


Nor always a valley of gloom


It’s usually shades of both


With rest stops before we resume


We can’t always decide our fate


We’re taken along with the tide


But one thing we can control


Is how we feel inside


Sometimes strength is hard to explain


When it’s simply taking each day


And Making of it our very best


By giving our love away




I Wasn’t There


I didn’t scourge that naked back


Or place that thorny crown


I didn’t make Him carry that beam


That nearly brought Him down


I didn’t drive those piercing nails


Or thrust that tearing spear


I didn’t deny Him three times


Out of personal fear


But I fall short in what I do


That those grievous wounds renew


And His heart is pierced


By my sinful ways


While He patiently waits


For my genuine praise


I wasn’t there when He suffered so


But He suffers now


When I wayward Go


I need to confess and accept His grace


Until in heaven I see His face





Im am Simon, I come from Cyrene


On the way to Jerusalem I saw a strange scene


Three men struggling to carry a beam


People and soldiers came in a stream


The mean were struggling with   their big load


And stumbled along on that rocky road


 The soldiers urged them to quicken the pace


That’s when I saw a look on one’s face


It was the one in the middle I recall


He had been scourged, Hi back was all raw


As He arose our eyes met


and what I saw I’ll never forget


No resentment or anger did I perceive


But a calmness and peace I couldn’t believe


At that moment a guard grabbed my hand


And told me to bear the beam for this man


Again our eyes met as His burden I took


So again at His eyes I again got a look


And in His look I felt a new strength


And knew that Beam I could tote any length


I stayed and watched Him nailed to that tree


And it most certainly did sorely affect me


I heard from some ladies He was the Christ


And knew it without thinking twice


What a blessing for me did attend


When I carried the cross for the savior of me 






I believe in miracles for God is the same


The same God in the bible Who healed the lame


I also believe He works through human hands


His wonders that are so grand


So you should not hope to see a miracle


But you should pray to be a miracle


Remember it’s your willing spirit He needs


To perform His wondrous deeds




The Little Ones


The little ones they are so sweet


They love to sit at Jesus’ feet


They love to hear His tender voice


It makes their innocent hearts rejoice


And His heart is so close to busting


Cause the children are so trusting


Lord help us older ones to be


More childlike, worry free


Knowing love without a doubt


Cause that’s what Jesus is all about

Life is Precious

Life is precious; there's no denying it

And we don't give up without a fight

There are things we can do, some hope, so we try it

Sometimes we win and make it right

But if that's not to be, there's living still to do

Time to plan for those left behind

And a time to appreciate what we had

and hopefully, a piece of mind

That we will meet again some day

Where no pain and only love will be

And with our loved ones each day

God and Jesus we will see

Much Better

It is more important to be a loving person

Than a movie star, of this I am certain

It is better to be a neighbotr with many, many friends

Than a powerful CEO who never knew his kin

It is better to be a Christian forgiven and restored

Than own 10,000 acres and not know the loving Lord


Joel couldn't make it

He had an important date

His son was getting married

Beut we couldn't wait

Se we got together

With Linda on the keys

And sang some gospel songs

Pretty as you please

It was a good time

Of  fellowship with friends

Bet we will be glad

When Joel is back again




What wonders our God hath made

The mind can’t comprehend

Only the eye can see a part

This creation made for men

But in our halting, human way

We feel the power from above

And know the greatest gift

Is our power to love

And it doesn’t take a brilliant mind

To see what love can do

It only takes a repentant heart

With Christ alive in you





 He Was a Stranger

He was a stranger

Even to His own

 And many rejected 

The Father’s only Son

He did His Father’s will

By meeting our needs

Teaching and healing

Sowing loving seeds

No longer a stranger

But our saving grace

For on the cruel cross

The Stranger took our place





He said this bread’s my body


This cup my shed blood


I gave them up for you


To cleanse the sinful flood


Do this and remember


What I have done


The sacrificial lamb


The Father’s only Son


Do this and remember


I did my Father’s will


Grace is your because


I died on Calvary’s hill













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