Posted by Jehriko at 10:36 am, May 12th 2009.

An activist is an advocate of the active, conscious thinker, not merely someone who is active. Many of us do things that might be considered activism, and we all have our reasons for doing these things. But the action itself does not make one an activist. Activism is a philosophy that cannot be watered down by circumstance in the way that actions often are. You know the phrase, “there is a time and a place for everything.” This is accurate, on the surface. But the way that an activist thinks should never be affected by the potential of consequence. Yes, progress has been made, but not nearly enough.

I am an activist because I support those of you who think and believe that there is still work to be done. This generation must WAKE UP and realize that it is not enough to simply do a few good deeds here and there. The power to make a lasting difference resides within you and everyone who read these words before you, and those who will read these words after you, but not each of us as individuals—as a collective, conscious thought. We have inherited a great legacy of opportunity, delivered upon the broken backs of our forbearers. But while we celebrate the individuals, we must remember that they would have had no strength without the many.

Do not let the world steal your rebel spirit from you. Hold your tongue when you know that your words might be too incendiary for the moment. But remember that moment. Remember the fire that you stifled. Allow it to grow within you and when your opportunity comes do not hesitate to unleash that heat. Find others who think the way that you do and let your fires join together to form one, insurmountable blaze, and with it, clear a path for others to follow so that the fire never dies.

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