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Come and Sing! New Group
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Come and Sing! New Group
Posted by: AMSAdmin; 16/01/2018, 09:59:23 AM.

Just a note to say THANKS!! to all that come to the “Come and Sing” group at Barlaston Village Hall on Monday evenings. The first meeting of the new year was held last evening in the Ruth Dickson Room at Barlaston Village Hall. 

PLEASE NOTE: the start time of the group is now 7:00pm. 

New members are invited to join; to find out more: -

Contact details: landline: 01630672546, mobile/text: 07971552274 email: - our website is

PLEASE NOTE also: we have DRUM KIT tuition available and some vacancies for possible WOODWIND, VOICE or KEYBOARD on enquiry - please contact through our online form 

Thanks Matthew


2) Newsletter
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AMS wishes all it's members a happy and prosperous new year
filled with the enjoyment of music making in the many different
which characterise our music school's activities








Term dates
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 Updated: 09:30:42 AM, 27/12/2017

  • Last day of Christmas term: December 19th
  • First day of New year term: 3rd January 2018



Christmas concerts
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Update: 10:04:50 AM - 15:30:31 PM 23/12/2017


REVISED DATE (due to heavy snow on the original date of 10th December) 

A Picture from Whitmore All Saints Facebook Page:

All Saints Whitmore



Scrapbook (miscellaneous posts from the general web)
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Updated: 11/11/2017 11:36:04 AM

Wassail (archive recording)

Performed by Ashley Voices and Music Consort,
directed by EMHawley

or visit soundcloud


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AMS Rock - contemporary music at AMS
Posted by: AMSAdmin at 10:41, November 2 2017.






5) Ashley Voices & Music Consort
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Ashley Voices & Music Consort

  • This update published:09:35:02 AM, 17/10/2017


A sample track of V&M choir singing The Te Deum by Thomas Tallis (Archive extract only)

V&M Choir practise at 6:45pm till 9:00pm in the Weslyan Chapel in Ashley, near Market Drayton, Shropshire :


To listen to sample tracks performed by this choir see: AMSProjects Podcast
Enquiries from potential new members are invited - to discuss please contact us 


11) AMS Subjects and Groups
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Piano Demo
Posted by: AMSAdmin at 08:22, August 21 2017.

Moonlight Sonata - Piano Demo from AMS

9) Mixed Bag Community Group
Posted by: AMSAdmin at 09:30, August 8 2017.

Contact us for more info


3) Instruments at AMS
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Latest update:08:41:56 AM  27/07/2017


At AMS we provide tuition in many instruments both classical and contemporary
(all styles)

A full list of instruments is to be found below

For anyone who may be interested to see (for free) what a clarinet, a flute or a saxophone feels like to hold and blow through then we have several instruments available at AMS for this.

To request an interview and try out one of these instruments and also to see if lessons might be for you contact us through our online contact form  

15) Woodwind Demos
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Updated: 26/07/2017  09:59:14 AM

2 woodwind demos



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AMS Podcast
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Updated: 23/07/2017 10:42:17 AM 

podcast To listen to tracks and to stay up to date with updates to our podcast follow this link:

To view in itunes click here:


14) Events
Posted by: AMSAdmin at 10:49, June 23 2017.

4) AMS Band
Posted by: AMSAdmin at 08:45, May 6 2017.


AMS Band is a music ensemble consisting of woodwind and strings, we meet on Friday evenings at 7:00pm - 8:00pm and enquiries from interested musicians wishing to discuss joining the group are welcome and invited; currently we have flutes, violin, clarinet, alto clarinet, tenor saxophone and cello in the band. 


  • This update published: 14:39:50 PM, 06/05/2017
  • We are currently practising music for a concert at Swynnerton RC Church on June 10th '17 
  • Contact AMS Band if you would like to enquire about joining or for more about our concert schedule etc.
  • Listen to a track of AMS Band live in performance at Cheadle Church in a few years ago
    playing some renaissance music.


13) Contact us
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Contact us

tel: 01630672546 * 07971552274





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12) All AMS Studios
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Images (below) of our 3 main studios: 
Whitmore, Nantwich & Barlaston

Whitmore Studios (ST5 5HX)
WhitmoreNantwich Studios (CW5 5RP)Nantwich

AMS is also at Barlaston Village Hall ST12 9AA (enquire for full details)

10) Language skills
Posted by: AMSAdmin at 09:00, March 10 2017.


AMS can offer tuition in and help with language skills including English for speakers of other languages and also extra coaching in French and English for those studying at school etc.



Whitmore, Music Room
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Music Room Whitmore

Our new music room at Whitmore showing our new posters and the wonderful lettering spelling out: "Ashley Music School" on the wall over one of the pianos which was expertly and artistically created by Rosie (one of our AMS teachers teacher's biographies) - in addition to this special studio we also have use of other rooms at Whitmore including the new "Conference Room" which is capacious enough for us to hold our weekly band practices (Fridays at 7:00pm) and is also the studio dedicated to the drum kit tuition sessions and is also used in addition for the woodwind students as well. (See image below)

8) Guitar Demo Videos (John Dobson)
Posted by: AMSAdmin at 09:24, February 22 2017.


John Dobson, Loopington Guitar Demos

AMS Podcast tracks
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AMSProjects Tracks

Some sample tracks:

26/12/2015 16:52:14
Ding Dong
Ashley Voices & Music Choir at Holy Michael's RC Church December 2015

26/12/2015 16:49:58
Good King Wenceslas
AMS Band at Holy Michael's RC Church December 2015

16/08/2015 16:38:41
O lord increase my faith (Anthem)
Ashley V&M Choir at Cheadle RC Church in 2010

16/08/2015 16:31:46
Renaissance Music
AMS Band playing renaissance music at Cheadle RC Church in 2010 (recorded live in performance)

26/12/2014 20:26:26 PM
Once as I remember
Recorded live during the "Carols and Readings" concert at Holy Michael's RC Church, Aston-by-Stone 14th Dec. 2014 

08/16/2014 12:00 AM
Listen to the waves
Ashley Voices & Music Consort (female voices) 2011 at Holy Michael's RC Church Aston-by-Stone

08/14/2014 12:00 AM
Who shall have my lady fair
Ashley Voices & Music Consort directed by Elizabeth Hawley - at an AMS "Summer Sunday Recital" in Ashley (archive recording)

08/11/2014 10:01 AM
O had I wings
Archive recording of a live performance (at AMS' old Studios in Ashley)

08/10/2014 12:00 AM
Lord Lord (a spiritual)
Ashley Voices & Music Consort, live performance. (Please note: badly positioned microphones causes muffled quality)

08/09/2014 09:41 AM
My lovely wanton jewel (Morley)
Archive recording (1999) of "Ashley Voices & Music Consort" Directed by Elizabeth Hawley in live performance at AMS' Maer Studios

07/23/2014 09:31 AM
Pavane - Warlock
AMS Band at St Peter's Church, Norbury 13th July 2014

05/11/2014 09:11 AM
Slow Down Moses
The combined Ashley choral and instrumental groups at Blithfield Church May 2009

01/08/2014 10:27 AM
Palestrina Anthem
AMS Band Christmas 2013 (live performance)

07/20/2013 08:01 AM
Gabrieli: Angelus ad Pastores
Ashley Voices & Music Consort choir - recorded live, St. Giles' RC Church, Cheadle, 5/7/2000

07/18/2013 06:38 PM
Wassail performed by Ashley Voices & Music Consort (archive extract, original album name: "Wassail") - Recorded in AMS' old Ashley Studios

07/18/2013 04:48 PM
Warlock (AMS Band)
AMS Band at Holy Michael's RC Church Aston-by-Stone (archive recording)

07/18/2013 08:59 AM
The Cuckoo Song (Stephani)
The Cuckoo has fallen to her death..... (arranged for 2 flutes, clarinet, tenor sax & alto clarinet with accompaniment from keyboard) performed by AMS Band at AMS' old Maer Studios

07/18/2013 08:49 AM
Byrd's Ave Verum
Ave Verum, WByrd sung by Ashley Voices & Music Consort (Market Drayton "Town Centre" theatre)

07/18/2013 08:44 AM
Daniel, a spiritual
Live performance, Holy Michael's RC Church 16/12/11 Ashley V&M

07/18/2013 08:19 AM
Sweet Honey
Ashley Voices & Music Consort at Ashley parish Church (archive extract, orignal album name: "Delights & Devotions", available by request through website)

1) Selected posts of interest from the internet (regular updates)
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A post from our web site

AMS Posts:-


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Musical slideshows
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