4) AMS Band
Posted by: AMSAdmin at 08:45, May 6 2017.


AMS Band is a music ensemble consisting of woodwind and strings, we meet on Friday evenings at 7:00pm - 8:00pm and enquiries from interested musicians wishing to discuss joining the group are welcome and invited; currently we have flutes, violin, clarinet, alto clarinet, tenor saxophone and cello in the band. 


  • This update published: 14:39:50 PM, 06/05/2017
  • We are currently practising music for a concert at Swynnerton RC Church on June 10th '17 
  • Contact AMS Band if you would like to enquire about joining or for more about our concert schedule etc.
  • Listen to a track of AMS Band live in performance at Cheadle Church in a few years ago
    playing some renaissance music.