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Posted by Tim Beach at 6:13 pm, November 1st 2008.

I hope that you find the content and photos within this site useful and interesting. Any comments or feedback is very welcome.

November 2008

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Timothy Earl Beach II @ Mon, 01 Dec 08 12:22:44 +0000:

Dear Tim, this is Tim Beach from the Northwest Oregon area. I saw your web sit and was interested in a Job oppurtunity with your company. My email is Beachweiler@hotmail.com, i would love to chat with ya. Thank You Timothy Earl Beach II

Holger Müller,Germany @ Wed, 19 Nov 08 11:46:46 +0000:

Your photographs are super fantastic.I have no words about this action in the photos.I think I was in the aircrafts.I taste and smell the JP8.THAT IS THE SOUND OF THUNDER! Thank you very much for beeing a pilot or a maintainer for only a moment! You did a great job and thank you for all! Sincerely Holger Müller HoglerMueller@aol.com