Rhode Island Veterans Home
Posted by: Louise Speck at 15:35, May 19 2016.

          Since I would be in Rhode Island for the Brain Injury Conference, I asked if I could visit residents at

        the veterans home in Bristol.  I spoke to the Activities Director, explaining that I would like to visit

        and share some fun moments.  She was pleased to have me come.

            On March 17, 2016 I was welcomed to the Home.  To my surprise, residents had been gathered

        in a circle to "watch a show"!  I did not expect to be performing for an actual audience of more 

        than one or two people at a time, but managed to share some interesting props with the group.

        They were appreciative!

            Next I was ushered to another area where some residents watched TV, or snoozed in their

        chairs, and some were eager to visit with me.  I used some of the things I brought, chatted with

        each, and delighted some with a small bunny puppet.  This was more what I expected to do.

        The staff got some pictures, especially of one resident who smiled at the puppet -- "That is

        really big, that he smiled!" they told me.  I was glad I went.