Workshop at MIT
Posted by: Louise Speck at 14:01, April 6 2016.

Workshop at MIT

Sunday, March 6th, was our second workshop to make MY HANDI-CAP©s for survivors of brain injury.  MIT student buddies with Braintrust helped each survivor decide on the attributes to display on foam hands which attach to each cap.

One survivor who could not stay to participate took a cap and materials including instruction sheet with her.  Another survivor was eager to make one but could not attend, so her student buddy collected her cap and materials.

Buddies helped with tracing hands and cutting them out, sometimes providing a steady hand to print traits legibly.  Others were good listeners, learning more about each situation and the consequences of living with brain injury.  Survivors could write obstacles they face on the hands in order to communicate these truths to others, or some prefer to list their strengths or blessings!

Many jokes and puns were made about ‘shaking hands’, etc..  “They really like to make these,” commented one Braintrust officer.  “We’ll do it again!”

Currently MY HANDI-CAP© is in a prototype form to show proof of concept.  A source of hand cutouts using crushable foam is being sought for the mail-order kits Braintrust will make available.  Shipped in an envelope at minimal cost, kits will provide funding of activities for Braintrust buddies and survivors. A video will be created to raise start-up funds on!