New RTM Chat Box!
Posted by: Marcos, Teresa or Leo at 19:17, December 15 2014.

Hey! Come Chat with us!

Check out our NEW Chat Box for the RTM website! This brilliant tool has resulted in one of our most valuable tools here at RTM. Prospective Clients NOW become Actual Clients with this little gadget!

There is now way of knowing how many Tentative Clients we lost before employing this tool.

Clients shopping around the site and not having a way to address their questions or concerns at that very moment, would probably simply go on their way, or worse yet, to a competitors site! An ENORMOUS LOSS no one can afford.

Again, we can't stress enough as to how important it is to be accessible to your shoppers. Utilizing this easy to use feature on your own website, will increase your income. We are in no way or form  partners or affiliates to this Chat Box Developer. We simply want to pass the information on the beneficial tool.

Start A Chat With Us, We'd Love To Hear From You... Give it a go!