`        Mixed olives marinated in coriander and thyme £3.00
          Vegetable crisps                                                £2.50


Black pudding, bacon and potato salad, topped
 with poached egg and caramelised
balsamic vinegar £6.80

Monkfish ceviche marinated in citrus juice finished
 with fresh coriander
£8.50 (GF)

Wild mushroom tartlet with rocket salad and crispy
 black forest ham tuile
£7.00 (V available)

Roasted asparagus strudel served with orange butter
sauce and orange segments
£6.95 (V)

Warm black tiger prawns with pomegranate salad
and sweet chilli sauce
£9.50 (GF)

Cold cucumber soup garnished with quail eggs and
smoked salmon julienne
£6.50 (GF)   (V available)


We will make every effort to ensure that your meal
   reaches you as quickly as possible. However,
   all the items on our menu are prepared
   from fresh and may take a while

Please note that some of our dishes may contain
 nuts, please ask for allergen information

Main courses  

 Pan fried Derbyshire beef fillet Rossini topped with goose
liver finished with white truffle sauce £28.00

Pan fried corn-fed chicken breast glazed with honey and
 garlic served with potato gratin
£16.95 (GF)

½ Lobsters and salmon thermidor cooked in white wine
and mustard fish sauce with new potatoes topped
with parmesan cheese

Spinach and caramelised onion gateau served with
leek and potato butter
£14.95 (V)

Pan fried lamb cutlets with basil couscous, tomato confit
and sesame tuile served with lamb sauce

Baked stone bass filet served with crushed baked new potatoes
and sizzled ginger, chilli & spring onions finished
with soy sauce
£17.95 (GF)


Side dishes £3.00

Pomme frites

Buttered green beans

Roasted parsnips

Buttered new potatoes

Mixed vegetables

Mixed leaf salad

(Please note that Piedaniel`s will not take responsibility
Booking your taxi: Telephone and taxi list at the bar)



Cheese platter served with biscuits walnut & date
 bread, grapes and celery £8.00

Crêpes Suzette cooked in fresh orange sauce
flamed with brandy liqueur £7.00                                                                                          

Selection of locally made Daltons Dairy ice cream served
 in a filigree basket with fruit coulis £6.95

 Trio of  sweets: Rice pudding crème brulee, iced tiramisu
            and raspberry short bread £7.50

Mixed berries fruit salad in a vanilla bean syrup
 topped with raspberry sorbet £6.80

Caramelised passion fruit and lime tart
served with exotic fruits

Compliment your sweet
with a glass of sweet wine:

Château les tuileries 50ml (sauterne) £4.00
Beaumes de venise 50ml (Muscat) £4.10

Fresh ground coffee with chocolates

Regular    £3.00
Small £2.50 Large £3.00
Café Latte £3.00
Cappuccino £3.00
Liqueur coffee £6.00

All prices include VAT at the current rate