Posted by: Su Cowell at 00:00, April 23 2011.

Shaun and I are celebrating news that CobWebKnits has won an award for their website.  

The event was organised by Serif who have been developing and publishing award-winning software themselves for nearly 25 years.  With over 2,600 entries received from all over the world, competition was tough so we are thrilled to hear news that we'd fought off tough competition to be voted one of the six winners. 


This is fantastic news for us.  Obviously the website is our shop window and it's important that it's easy for you to negotiate, find what you want and pay for it easily.  If it's not inviting,  you won’t want to shop with us. 


The entries were judged by a panel of experts who commented that 'With unique fashions for babies and toddlers, this photo-rich site has stylish images  that really show off the company's products.  Viewing items using a big gallery of thumbnails that show a larger image and price when rolled over image is neat, quick and effective.  The site and store are made using WebPlus x4 and it works really well.'


But I'd like to think our website is more than just a shopping catalogue.  I have great fun blogging about things related (and occasionally unrelated) to babies, hats, products and all things cute and cuddly.  I had the best fun ever with Archie and his mates last year when they went AWOL and such was its success that Archie has continued his travels and was last seen in Hong Kong, hopefully before heading off to Malaysia. He'll be hitting the road again this summer for a new campaign  - more of which to follow soon. 


I really need to thank the photographers and shoppers who have supplied us with such adorable photos of cute babies which help to make the site even more appealing.   In particular I want to mention Alan Wright who is responsible for  pumpkin wearing tot on the home page, in more ways than one, since the little tot is his own son! 


Christina Lauder took the fantastic little elf on the home page that Claire Lines sent in of her son. 




Kerry Morgan has provided lots of gorgeous photos, but I particularly want to mention the ones she took for my Christmas campaign that featured everywhere including my advent calendar. 


And last, but by no means least, Jackie Webster, who has yet to take up a photographic career professionally (but who definitely should in my opinion) who has taken various shots including lots of Barnaby with various hats on.  I love the cheeky tomato shot and the one of him snuggled up in a basket.