Fishing and Hypnotherapy
Posted by: Stephen Rigby at 09:55, February 20 2015.

One evening, a short while ago, I found myself in a hotel bar. I overheard a young lady extolling the virtues of counselling. I knew her to be a counsellor and she was enthusiastically talking about her work to another guest. I could not help but overhear her “presentation” and it brought to mind the saying “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”.

The first thing that struck me, however, was her candidness about how much her service cost. Now normally I find counsellors become very evasive about how long therapy will last or how much it will cost. “On average” she said “people spend about £1,000”. “£1,000, does that fix them?” was the question from the man to whom she was speaking. “Oh, you are never fixed!” she replied.

She then said something that really shocked me. She said “when I wanted to go on holiday I phoned up a few of my clients who hadn’t been for a while and got them in for a few more sessions”.

I have heard the phrase “you are never fixed” from counsellors and psychotherapists and also the phrase “how long is a piece of string”. These seem to be typical phrases that are used to evade actually telling people how long therapy will take and how much it will cost. From what I heard in that bar, maybe it also ensures that this counsellor will never be short of some extra cash to go on holiday.

A while ago I carried out a survey, "Does Hypnotherapy Work" and it revealed 100% of my clients experienced an improvement in the issue they came to address with 84% saying that hypnotherapy had mostly or completely resolved their issue – all this with an average of 3.4 sessions. That is just four weeks (four sessions) at a total cost of just £280.

Having problems is a consequence of being alive. Occasionally, we find it difficult to address something and we seek help. We can find help in many places – seeing a professional therapist is just one of those places. As a hypnotherapist I help people learn solutions to the problem they come to address – they are then “fixed”.  On the other hand, the counsellor I overheard never “fixes” anything. She may make her clients feel better but that only lasts for the 25 to 30 sessions/weeks they are seeing her. Another way of putting it is that “she gives her clients fish” whereas “I teach my clients to how fish”.

If you ever need a therapist which philosophy would you prefer them to have?