Life Coaching for Weight Loss
Posted by: Stephen Rigby at 15:49, August 26 2016.

I have been a full time Hypnotherapist and Life Coach in Guildford since 2002 in that period, I have helped many people address weight problems but always using hypnotherapy and not specifically as a Life Coach.

Why is Life Coaching an Inappropriate Intervention?

The basis of Life Coaching is establishing where one wants to be and devising a plan to get there, so one would think that losing weight would fit nicely into that format.  I have seen many Life Coaches advertising weight loss as one of their offerings but one must consider the tools that a Life Coach has to work with to understand why it is not an appropriate thing to address for a Life Coach.

I Have Tried That Already!

Someone who seeks help for weight loss will already have tried diets and exercise but this will be the main focus of a Life Coach.  The person may be encouraged to set a goal for weight loss and a goal for exercise but these are not only what that person had tried and failed at but they are also things that are questionable when it comes to ongoing weight management.

What Does, “I want to lose weight” Mean?

When someone says they want to lose weight, what they usually mean is that they want their weight to be stable at a lower weight than they are currently.  Most dieters will tell you that diets do not work in achieving long term weight control and one might argue that dieting makes you fat. Exercise generally increases ones appetite and makes one eat more – consuming more Calories than the exercise burns off.

You are Overweight because You Eat and/or Drink Too Much! 

There are medical conditions that make one put on weight but generally, a person is overweight because they consume more than their body requires.  It seems logical to say that the solution is to either eat less or burn more off in exercise but achieving that is not as easy as it sounds.  When applied to a living being one has to account for physiological and psychological factors – things that diets rarely account for.  The physiological and psychological factors are (if your diet actually achieves weight loss) what cause one to put on weight as soon as one stops the diet.

How Does One Learn to Control Ones Eating?

The body has a mechanism that naturally controls one’s weight and I teach people how to access that control mechanism.  Once one has accessed this control mechanism (I call it stomach awareness), one eats less even though one enjoys food more (this is what my clients tell me).  Stomach awareness can be taught using life coaching but the clue to learning to control ones eating in the long term is to understand that the reason why someone over eats is frequently tied up in their emotions.  It is easy for a person to relate to this concept when they are able to trace their weight problem back to a single comment made about their weight (not an uncommon experience).  It is somewhat harder to understand that being overweight may provide (for example) feelings of protection, safety, being a good parent or faithful spouse.  Hypnotherapy for weight control addresses the emotions that get in the way of ongoing weight management.

The Subconscious Will Always Win

Being overweight does not make one safer, a better parent or a more faithful spouse but if subconsciously one believes it does, then it does not matter what one does to lose weight, one will fail!  It does not matter how much encouragement a Life Coach may give to help one achieve one’s weight loss goals, if the goal is for long term weight control and underlying emotions are not addressed, their client will ultimately fail.  Sadly, if weight loss is achieved during coaching, the client will blame the weight gain experienced after coaching as their own fault and not the fault of the Life Coach not doing an effective job!