Heavy oilspill following the
Posted by: Lars-Fredrik at 00:00, June 3 2010.

31.July 2009

On July 30 2009 the freight vessel "Full City", lost control in a terrible storm outside Langesund on the south coast of Norway. The ship slammed into a rocky shoreline and was severely damaged.

Shortly after an oilspill was a tragic fact. The ship carried approximately som 100.000 liters of crude oil, all in danger of leaking into the water.

Even with quick response, the weather was far to bad for ordinary equipment to be launched and almost 2 days went by before the operation to sustain and limit the spread of oil was underway.

As a result some 150 km of beautiful shoreline was heavily contaminated with heavy black crude oil. Recreational spots and breading ground for both fish and birds was heavily contaminated.