Results Medical Seminair
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, February 11 2007.

This medical seminar was also attended by two new members of the Medical Committee; the Committee welcomed Dr. J.M. Osuna Chambon from Spain and Prof. Dr. M. Benazzi from Italy. 

The aim of the Medical Committee is to have members in nearly all participating countries where the EDGA Member Organisations are founded. Due to the fact that EDGA has accepted all disabilities in her Constitution, it became necessary to relocate and divide the definitions of impairments of physical, blind, mental and hearing disabilities in different sections.  

The definitions for physical disabled golfers are now located in Section A1 under the heading of locomotor disabilities.Vision is described in Section A 2. The other sections are reserved for hearing and mental disabilities (in progress). 

The existing definitions of impairment for locomotor disabilities were intensively discussed and demonstrated during this seminar, first of all to refine the definitions from both medical and practical points of view and secondly explaining explicitly what the definitions are meant for. 

In the chapters of Leg Length and Arm Length, the definitions for “both short legs” and “both short arms” were adjusted. The length of the legs and arms have to be measured, as well as the length of the person (in cm). After receipt of the “Report for evaluation”, the Medical Committee then decides if the person will qualify. Once again it was emphasized that the strength of the muscles has to be written down in the report for evaluation following the scale of the Medical Research Council ( MRC ) from 0-5. Also the “use of a buggy” was discussed; it was decided that, at this moment, there is no need to adjust the contents of this chapter.