Meeting Istanbul
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, February 5 2009.

Istanbul, 5th February - President Roberto Caja and Secretary Pieter van Duijn visited the Turkish Golf Federation (TGF) in Istanbul to discuss future developments of golf for people with disabilities in Turkey.

Two years ago TGF President Mr. Ahmet took the initiative to support and develop the game of golf also for people with disabilities; this was done in close cooperation with President Yavuz Kocaomer of the Turkish National Paralympic Committee. They now have 5 wheelchair players who follow a training programme twice a week in their Paragolfers. TGF wants to organise an EDGA tournament in Istanbul, most likely in April 2010 to promote golf for people with disabilities. EDGA will support their initiatives wherever we can.

Nasut Akosman, Board Member, Mrs. Burcu Olgun of Turkish Golf Federation,
Roberto Caja, President of EDGA, Pieter van Duijn, Secretary/treasurer of EDGA.
At he rightside: Mr. Yavuz Kocaomer, President of the Turkish National Paralympic Committee.