Future of Paralympic Classification Discussed in Bonn
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, February 21 2010.


Prof. Wim Eisma, IPC’s Medical & Scientific Director Peter Van de Vliet, 
Pieter van Duijn, Jan Esser and IPC’s CEO Xavier Gonzalez.

On 19-20 February, representatives from a total of 21 different Paralympic sports attended the up-dating Classification meeting in Bonn, Germany. In addition to the 21 representatives, participants from seven sports, including Golf, with an intention of interest in becoming IPC Members or plans to become Paralympic sports in the future were in attendance; on behalf of the EDGA Medical Committee Prof. Wim Eisma, medical specialist and Jan Esser, physiotherapist and expierenced IPC Classifier in 4 paralympic sports participated. Pieter van Duijn attended on behalf of the EDGA Board. Important for EDGA was not only to learn more about IPC Classification, but also to compare notes with the members of the IPC Classification Committee and IPC Management about EDGA’s definitions of impairments.


IPC Classification Committee Member Dr. Sean Tweedy gave an overview of the concepts on evidence-based classification, while IPC Sports Science Committee Chairperson Prof. Yves Vanlandewijck and IPC Medical & Scientific Director Dr. Peter Van de Vliet presented examples on implementing this model into different sports. Important for EDGA was to see that the IPC Classification Code is the leading thread running through the IPC organization. The purpose of classification is to minimize the impact that eligible imairment types have on the outcome of competition. The system of classification aims to place athletes into classes according to how much their impairment impacts on the core determinants of success in a paralympic sport and to ensure that a clear reference is made to “International Classification”. Golf is the only sport in IPC with a handicap system in itself as part of the game; it is deemed necessary to demonstrate at a later date the EDGA Definitions of impairments to the IPC Classification Committee and to compare these with the IPC Classification Code. Therefore, members of the EDGA Medical Committee will meet on March 13 and 14.