2013 Disabled Golfer Of The Year: Van Elven
Posted by: John Bird at 05:02, February 3 2013.

Noordwijk, December 19 - During a celebratory evening on Thursday December 19 in “Huis ter Duin”, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, the “Golf Awards 2013” were presented. The presentation of the Dutch Golf Awards is an initiative of the stakeholders of Golf in this country, under the inspiring leadership of the Netherlands Golf Federation (NGF). The 56-year-old Van Elven has two artificial knees and an unstable left leg. Hans is a great example for the accessibility of the game of golf as a Sport, also for people with a disability. With an EGA Exact Handicap of 6.4, he clearly demonstrates  that Golf can be practised as a (integrated) Sport and on a high level!

Hans van Elven        Hans van Elven 

1. Hans van Elven. 2. The Golf Award made by Tosca van Oorschot. 3. Fltr: Frédéric Cupillard (Coach of the French team), Manon Eggermont (EDGA Secretary), Marc Kalkman (Wheelchair Tennis in the Netherlands), Hans van Elven, Monique Kalkman-van den Bosch (Golfer), Pieter van Duijn (EDGA Vice-President) and Marianne van Duijn