2014 Changing EDGA manual
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, February 15 2014.

During the General Assembly of EDGA in November 2013 there was a proposal to change the following line in the manual: "The Tournament Organiser will only accept applications for entry from players with an EDGA medical pass who are members of their national member organisation", by removing the part "who are members of their national member organisation".  

The General Assembly voted in favour of the removal of the statement and as such we will deliver on their wishes. Over the last two months the Executive Committee (EC) has been dealing with several areas which will be affected by the acceptance of the new trajectory for EDGA and have been working hard to prepare a strategy for implementation of a number of new initiatives. 

Specifically relating to the above matter the EC has had the opportunity to consult on this matter, have fully considered the effects of doing so and have agreed that, there will be a lead in period during the EDGA transition year to allow organisations and Federations to fully prepare for this change. Therefore the above statement will be adjusted before the end of 2014 but not before the end of the 2014 playing season.