DGA meets NAGA in Boston, USA and CAGA in Calgary, Canada
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, March 19 2010.

EDGA meets NAGA in Boston, USA and CAGA in Calgary, Canada

On November 26, 2009 EDGA received the confirmation of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) that EDGA’s Declaration of Intent to Apply for Inclusion of Golf to the Paralympic Sports Programme has been accepted, subject to EDGA’s understanding that one of the requirements for the final process is being a legitimate International Federation. Such Federation worldwide does not exist for Disabled Golf and establishing a new worldwide federation was not an option due to the tight timelines of the IPC application process.

The best solution of the IPC requirement for an International Federation as the governing body in the Application Process, would be to follow the line taken by the International Golf Federation (IGF); they created the IGF Olympic Golf Committee with the only goal to include Golf in the 2016 Olympic Games. As you know, they succeeded. Golf is an Olympic Sport in 2016! For a number of reasons we decided to seek confirmation to follow this line, however, for a successful Application for inclusion of Golf also in the Paralympic Sports Programme, it appeared to be essential to prove that this is not only an European desire. We therefore informed the organisations working for disabled golf worldwide about the IPC Application process and asked them to support EDGA in our efforts to convince the International Golf Federation that the inclusion of disabled Golf in the 2016 Paralympics is a worldwide affair! For the next steps in the IPC Application Process it is vital to have a “Paralympic Golf Committee”, under the wings of the International Golf Federation, acting as the governing body in this process.

On the 16th and 18th March 2010 EDGA’s Roberto Caja and Pieter van Duijn had the privilege to meet with Bob Wilson, Executive Director of the National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA) in Boston, USA and with Mrs. Gwen Davies, President of the Canadian Amputee Golf Association (CAGA) in Calgary, Canada. We discussed the major items of the IPC Application process, including the way of future communication with the organisations worldwide and to see that representatives of 5 continents are consulted before major decisions are taken. This, to ensure that there is wide and collective consensus on future decisions in the IPC Application Process and beyond. Both, NAGA and CAGA appeared to be strong supporters in our efforts to include Disabled Golf in the 2016 Paralympic Games!


Photo left. Boston f.l.t.r: Haden Edwards, Roberto Caja, Bob Wilson, Pieter van Duijn.
Photo right. Calgary f.l.t.r.: Roberto Caja, Gwen Davies and Pieter van Duijn.