EDGA Results and Ranking
Posted by: scoringzone at 08:48, March 26 2016.

On the 16th of March EDGA officially announced the second stage of the EDGA Ranking System. The process started in 2014, when discussions with the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) started, and in 2015 we implemented the Ranking for all EDGA events. 

An email letter went to the members, the National Governing Bodies (NGB), which explained the adjustments. The contents of that letter which also included a request to the NGBs to adopt the, 'Modifications of the Rules for Golfers with Disability' at all their events, can be summarised as follows. 

"Since the beginning of 2014, EDGA has been in the process of developing a ranking that will allow the best players in disability golf to be recognised for their playing ability. To make this a reality we have worked very closely with the World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR) to construct a ranking that can be used not only for EDGA events, but which can also accept scores from non EDGA events. 

In 2015 we implemented the ranking and it was a great success. Obviously there were a few small issues, not so much with the system, but more to do with the reporting of scores and on one occasion a less than reliable internet connection. 

EDGA is now able to report that we are now able to accept scores from all players who have an EDGA pass or equivalent, is affiliated to their National Governing Body (Golf Federation, Golf Association, Golf Union), and that meet the EDGA Definitions of Impairment. Any such player who is playing in an event approved/recognised by the NGB will be able to submit their scores for inclusion on the ranking".