Beckenbauer Foundation Austria
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Foundation, Fontana GC, Vienna April - Golf Invitational and Charity Gala benefiting the Franz Beckenbauer Foundation, Fontana GC (Golf Invitational and Charity Gala benefiting the Franz Beckenbauer Foundation, Fontana GC (
EDGA was invited to take part in this event; EDGA President Roberto Caja and Secretary Pieter van Duijn were present to meet the organiser of this event and the Austrian Open, E |motion management GmbH, represented by Mr. Ali a. al-Khaffaf; Mr. Georg Kronberger represented Behinderten Golf Club Austria (BGCA). We discussed the possibility to support BGCA and EDGA in fundraising and organisation of championships. Nino Ourabah from Handigolf, France was invited to play this Invitational, however due to heavy rainfall and thunderstorm just before starting time, the play of 18 holes had to be cancelled. We met also with Sport celebrities as Franz Beckenbauer, Sepp Maier, Franz Klammer and Professionals as Darren Clark, Constantino Rocca, Michael Campbell.


Handialps Trophy / Ryder Cup Italy
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Italy, 29-31 Marth - The idea of playing a competition with the Ryder Cup formula was already 2 or 3 years old when Vincenzo Curtoni (Italy) and Thierry Godineau (France) were drinking a beer during the Austrian Open in 2007 and decided that this idea should be done in 2008.

Their starting points were: 

  • To play on a golf course not too far from the border between Italy and France;
  • A tournament of 3 days including the practise round, during the weekend;
  • Nearly all the costs to be covered by sponsoring;
  • 8 players with different disabilities + 1 substitute and 1 Captain from each country; 
  • The Trophy will be played in match play with handicap difference;
  • Each match gives 1 point; ½ point each team in case of a square;
  • The team with 6,5 points or more is the winner of the Handialps Trophy;

In case of a draw at 6 points, this first tournament is won by the hosting country; in later years the country who won the last edition is the winner and keeps the Trophy.
1st Round: 4 flights to play the foursomes
2nd Round: 8 flights singles.