IPC meeting Bonn
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, April 10 2009.

In April (2009) we initiated a meeting with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in Bonn to talk about golf for people with physical limitations in relation to the possibility that golf may be Olympic in 2016. The decision will be taken by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in October 2009. If that is the case, the IPC has their own criteria to accept golf also as a paralympic sport. EDGA intends to promote golf as a Paralympic Sport and intends to act as the international association for golf in the Paralympic Games. 



Roberto Caja, President of EDGA, Xavier Gonzalez, CEO of IPC, Pieter van Duijn,

Secretary-treasurer of EDGA and David Grevemberg, Executive Director Sport & IF Relations.  

2009 General Assembly
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General Assembly

The Netherland, Amsterdam 4 april - Ratification Norway and Turkey as full Members of EDGA; general report 2008; EDGA Finances; Rules & Disciplinary Committee; Sports Committee issues; European Championship 2010; experiment Sweden new playing hcp. System evaluation at the end of this year’s competitions; registration of EDGA in the Netherlands/Dutch law applies; new medical passes as from 2009; amendment to the Constitution: Art. 5.1.2 The EDGA General Assembly has full power of attorney to take decisions about issues of Committee(s) in case such a Committee cannot be represented because of vacancies or otherwise; from 2010 Mr. Jan Esser, Switzerland, will be the Chairman of the Rules & Disciplinary Committee; EDGA will take her own responsibility towards players in cases of misconduct and is not bound to follow decisions of member organisations; players are personally responsible for no-shows and payments of entry fees and names of trespassers will be placed on the EDGA website; presentation 2008-2011 Operational proposal Development; fundraising, EDGA relations, EDGA website, EDGA financial package for fees and contributions.Assembly in Amsterdam; ratification Austria as full Member of EDGA; general report 2007;EDGA Finances; Rules & Disciplinary Committee; EDGA disclaimer in relation to applying a medical pass; Sports Committee issues; European Championship 2008/limited entries/wild cards; experiment Sweden new playing hcp.system; European Championship 2010 granted to Austria; new elections and appointments EDGA Executive Board.