Malmö Meeting
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, April 30 2011.

29 April 2011 - President Roberto Caja and Secretary Pieter van Duijn visited the Malmö organisers FIFH, the Swedish Golf Federation, the management of Bokskogen Golf Club Roberto Caja and Secretary Pieter van Duijn and the Mayor of the City of Malmö to discuss further details regarding the programme of the Malmö World Handigolf Conference. There will be presentations of the governing bodies in golf as well as a medical workshop to discuss and sharpen the EDGA Definitions of Impairments in relation to the Classification Code of the International Paralympic Committee. 

Malmö World Handigolf Conference , 5-6 August 2011, Malmö, Sweden 

One of the goals for this Conference is to introduce the International Golf Federation (IGF) / IGF Paralympic Golf Committee as the governing body for the inclusion of Golf as a New Sport in the Paralympic Sports Pro¬gramme, including the Classification Code for Golf as required under the International Paralympic Committee regulations. All the 185 nations that are members in the IPC will be invited together in the (disabled) world of Golf.