IPC Golf accepted in the 2016 Olympic Sports Programme
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Golf is accepted in the 2016 Olympic Sports Programme in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 

The Executive Board of EDGA sees this as a start to follow our dreams as well and to see that Golf is recognised as a Paralympic Sport. In April 2009 we had our first meeting with the International Paralympic Committee in Bonn, Germany, to have a clear view on the requirements for the formal Application Process. It is a widespread misunderstanding that the approval by the International Olympic Committee also means that Golf is automatically accepted as a Paralympic Sport. On the contrary, this requires going through a completely new application procedure with strict timelines:

September 2009 The IPC distributes to the IFs the “Declaration of Intent to Apply for the Inclusion of a New Sport 
6th November 2009 Deadline for Ifs to submit completed “Declaration of Intent to Apply for the Inclusion of a New Sport
November 2009 The IPC Governing Board approves and closes list of eligible IFs intending to apply for inclusion of a Sport on the 2016 Paralympic Sports Programme 
16th April 2010 The IPC distributes to eligible IFs the 2016 Paralympic Sports Programme Application Package 
16th July 2010 IFs submit complete 2016 Paralympic Sports Programme Application package to the IPC
July-September 2010 The IPC conducts review and audit of the 2016 Paralympic Sports Programme IF Application
July-September 2010 IPC Governing Board establishes 2016 Sports Programme 

IFs are International Federations and the only body for IPC to do business with; as an example for Golf, IPC addresses the International Golf Federation (IGF) as the required “IF” in the formal IPC Application Procedure. 

On 26 November 2009 EDGA received a letter from the International Paralympic Committee stating, quote: On behalf of the IPC Governing Board, we would like to thank you for submitting the Declaration of Intent to Apply for Inclusion of New Sport to the Paralympic Sports Programme. We would like to also formally inform you that the expression of interest for inclusion of Golf to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Sports Programme has been accepted subject to EDGA’s understanding that one of the requirements for the final process is being a legitimate International Federation. unquote.

As to this we decided to try to keep in line to what was done in the I.O.C. application process, where a separate Committee was created under the International Golf Federation. It was approved that the IGF/IGF Paralympic Golf Committee is the formal “International Federation” as required by the International Paralympic Committee.

In conformity with the above mentioned timelines EDGA received the 2016 formal IPC 2016 Paralympic Sports Programme Application Package. The main documents are:
* Minimum Eligibility Requirements Application
* Organizational Infrastructure Application
* Competition Proposal.

We currently are in the middle of collecting data from around the world to complete the 2016 Paralympic Sports Programme Application Package. The required and completed documents will be assembled in a bid book and presented to the International Paralympic Committee before 16th July 2010. 

The IPC Governing Board will determine the Paralympic Sports Programme in November 2010 following a comprehensive review of the submissions conducted by the Paralympic Games Committee and the IPC Management Team. After this time, those sports included on the new Programme will be further reviewed and evaluated throughout 2011 in order to position them appropriately for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. 

All for Sport for All: Perspectives of Sport for People with a Disability in Europe.
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All for Sport for All: Perspectives of Sport for People with a Disability in Europe.

This conjoint project is led by the European Observatoire of Sport & Employment (EOSE) and the European Paralympic Committee (EPC), funded by the Preparatory Action on Sport of the European Commission. EDGA is partner in this project for Golf, together with the PGAs of Europe. The All for Sport for All project has the objective to contribute to better access to a wide network of opportunities in sport for people with a disability by mapping the status quo. The Project is conducted from 1st March 2010 till 28 February 2011 by 17 organisations from 12 European countries. In this period an Action Plan for Future Challenges will be developed; as a result EU citizens and young people with disabilities shall be able to build self-confidence, motivation and learning skills through sport and to lead more independent lives.

The Kick-off meeting of the Strategic Working Group for Sport for Persons with a Disability in Europe was on 29-30 April 2010 at the headquarters of the European Paralympic Committee in Vienna.



Photo left: Vilma Cingiene, Lithuanian Academy of Sports & Physical Education; Simone Digennaro, Italian Olympic Committee; Ben O’Rourke, SkillsActive, UK; Auvelien Favre,EOSE; Matthias Guett, EOSE; Nectaria Kontaxaki, Greece; Pieter van Duijn, EDGA; Jean Camy, University of Lyon; Cristina Almeida, Portugese Sport Institute, Spela Rozman, Slovenian Paralympic Committee; Margarita Karadimitropoulou, Hellenic Paralympic Committee; Jim van Heuven van Staereling, PGA’s of Europe.

Photo right: Aurelien Favre, EOSE; Saskia Kanfer, EPCommittee; John Petersson, President EPC; Craig Carcadden, EPC; Matthias Guett, EOSE.