IPC Meeting Bonn
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, May 17 2011.



Jürgen Padberg, Paralympic Games Sport Manager International Paralympic Committee; Antony Scanlon, Executive Director of International Golf Federation; Pieter van Duijn, EDGA Secretary and Peter van de Vliet, IPC’s Medical & Scientific Director.


Bonn, 16 May 2011 - EDGA Secretary Pieter van Duijn and IGF Executive Director Anthony Scanlon travelled to the IPC Headquarters in Bonn and met with Jürgen Padberg, IPC Sports Manager, and Dr. Peter Van de Vliet, IPC Medical & Scientific Director for a debriefing from IPC concerning IGF’s unsuccessful submission for inclusion to the Paralympics.

It is recommended that a report be developed by the IGF Executive Director, with the assistance of the Secretary of the European Disabled Golf Association and presented to the IGF Administrative Committee for review and approval with the following terms of reference:

- Assessment on reapplying for admission to the Paralympic programme.
- Affiliation of disabled golf organisations with IGF national members.
- Strategies for the development of disabled golf.
- IGF role in development of disabled golf.