BurgGolf Dutch Disabled Open
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, July 17 2008.

Mick Horsley 2nd time winner of Burggolf. Tineke Loogman seized the Ladies title

Netherlands, Purmerend, 14-16 July 2008 - Mick Horsley, theU.K. based greenkeeper and defending champion of 2007 made his coup in the 2nd round of the championship. After the first round with a lot of wind and rain showers he came in with 82 strokes, 4 strokes more than overnight winner Reinhard Friske, Germany (78) and 3 strokes more than Kim Holm, Sweden (79).

But the 2nd Round turned out to be the day of Mick Horsley; in sunny conditions and strong wind Mick completed his round in 76 strokes. He found himself back at the top of the leader board with a total of 158 strokes Gross. With mighty drives and a superb short game he became the true 2008 Champion with a 7 strokes lead.

The Championship for the Ladies was a battle between Tineke Loogman and Cynthia van der Zwet, both from the Netherlands. With a 2 stroke lead on Cynthia, Tineke succeeded to stay out of the hazards in the 2nd round to win the title with solid play.



Left: Mick Horsley and right: Tineke Loogman