EDGA Board Mid-summer talks
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, July 19 2009.


Castelconturbia, Italy, 18th July - As EDGA is in the process of carrying out a number of important initiatives, we feel that an up-date to you of what has been said about these projects in our General Assembly in April 2009 and to inform you about new activities in which EDGA plays an important and active role, is of the essence to prove that the EDGA aims and objectives are recognized also in the international golf environment.

Our Agenda for the next few months:

* In August 2009 we speak to officers of the PGA European Tour to look for cooperative efforts for developing the game of golf for people with physical limitations.
* Also in August we will visit the British Open at Old Thorns Golf & Country Club Estate, Liphook, Hampshire to strengthen relations and support mutual interests.
* We reported on the EDGA website about our visit to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in Bonn, Germany last April. Although the International Golf Federation (IGF) bid fair in June 2009 before the IOC to try and get golf as an Olypmpic sport in 2016 (a decision is taken not until 2nd October 2009), the EDGA Board is of the opinion that organisations world-wide working for golf for people with physical limitations must organize themselves to join forces world-wide. This is a vital step in our approach towards the IPC. We therefore communicate with IGF/R&A/IPC about this item also in relation to world-wide golf events being on the stocks already.
* Together with the Sports Committee we pay a visit to the Turkish Golf Federation in August to help them organize their first championship in 2010 near Istanbul.
* Early September 2009 we have a meeting with the Swedish Golf Federation and organizers of the World Team Championship in Malmö 2011 to work together also in relation to what has been said above about the Olympic/Paralympic movement and the necessity of having a world-wide interlocked cooperation between the associations on different continents.
* Brief contacts in the past with the European Golf Association learned that EGA as an organisation is merely an administrative identity in which 37 European Golf Federations are united; however, we approached EGA with the question to have “golf for people with physical limitations” on their Agenda for the next General Assembly this autumn. We are supported in this by the Dutch Golf Federation in various ways. We come back to you with more details as soon possible.
* Mid May it was announced that the first ever EU funding specially targeting sport is open for applications also for transnational projects promoting health-enhancing physical activity, education and training in sport, sport for persons with disabilities and gender equality in sport. The deadline for submission of applications to the European Commission is 31-08-2009. As the representative of organisations in 15 countries we try to send in applications for the items mentioned above in close cooperation with our consultants and our member organisations.
* In October this year the EDGA Board will meet with officers of SADGA, our member organisation in South Africa, during their charity tournament in the U.K. to further eliminate the geographical distance in our cooperation.
* To be complete, we inform you that the (advanced) course for golf professionals to teach people with physical limitations is now in the process of actual writing the program. With the generous support of the Dutch Golf Federation, PGA Holland, the Van Swinderen College (Dutch institute for golf education in the Netherlands) and officers and players of our Dutch member organisation NGG we were able to secure this project. In October 2009 this module will be implemented in the regular educational programme for golf professionals. Besides this, also 47 highly motivated teaching golf professionals in the Netherlands voluntered to take this course as well. The PGAs of Europe closely follow these developments for possible international applications.

In case you have questions or remarks about the above mentioned activities, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also any kind of help will always be appreciated as joined forces are much stronger than individual actions. In fact, this is one of the reasons why EDGA was founded.