2011 Malmö World Handigolf Conference
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Malmö August - Representatives of 15 nations attended the Malmö World Handigolf Conference, among them were delegates from Japan and Australia, experiencing the presentations of International Golf Federation, PGAs of Europe, PGA European Tour and EGA Handicapping and Course Rating.

Representatives of 15 nations attended the Malmö World Handigolf Conference, among them were delegates from Japan and Australia, experiencing the presentations of International Golf Federation, PGAs of Europe, PGA European Tour and EGA Handicapping and Course Rating. The presentations were very well received, giving a complete picture of their field of work. The Medical Part of the Conference was presented by Prof. Wim Eisma, MD, Prof. Dr. Hans Arendzen, MD, PhD and Jan Esser, PT.

The existing EDGA Definitions of impairments needed to be revised after discussing in Sotogrande, Spain in 2007. All participants took part in discussing the various items and demonstrations. Two candidate-members for the Medical Committee were welcomed: Birgit Pedersen, PT of Norway and Karin Aul, MD of Austria. Within the next few weeks the final version of these Definitions of Impairments are composed by the Medical Committee and presented to the General Assembly later on this year.

Clearness was provided as to the present situation of golf and the paralympic programme in general and to the new IPC classification system in particular. The next steps forward lie in the hands of the Medical Committee to find parameters to fulfil the new IPC classification criteria and to the role of International Golf Federation in developing handigolf worldwide and its assessment on reapplying for admission to the paralympic programme. 

Photos by Seijoe Satoh, Japan.


Roberto Caja
President of EDGA.             
Tony Bennett, Director of
Education PGAs of Europe. 
Pieter van Duijn, 
Secretary of EDGA. 


Fredrik Lindgren, Marketing Executive                          
of PGA European Tour.

The panelists Roberto Caja, Hans Arendzen, 
Tony Bennett, Jan Esser, Wim Eisma and 
Jan-Francois Claisse.

2011 Winners of Swedish Invitational
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Johan Kammerstad, Stefan Mörkholt and Duncan Hamilton Martin

Malmö, 12-13 August - After a solid round of golf at 73 strokes (+1) the Danish international Stefan Mörkholt won the third edition of the Swedish Invitational. A week consisting of fantastic golf and sportsmanship. Johan Kammerstad was second and Duncan Hamilton Martin became third.

After the opening round yesterday it was clear that Stefan Mörkholt and Johan Kammerstad would fight for the victory. They were both 5 strokes ahead of the nearest competitors.

Stefan Mörkholt made a nice birdie on the last hole and won the Swedish Invitational 2 strokes ahead of Johan Kammerstad. The third player to watch out for was Manuel De Los Santos he was 2 strokes behind Stefan Mrkholt and Johan Kammerstad after 9 holes. When Manuel De Los made a tripplebogey on the 10th hole he lost his game completely. At the 12th hole Stefan Mrkholt was in charge again after a new birdie, and then he made another birdie two holes later and suddenly he was leading by 2 stokes ahead of Johan Kammerstad, and he manage keep the lead all the way.

Caroline Larsson from Karlstad opened the round very well and was at +3 after 9 holes, she lost little bit of the fighting spirit during the last 9 holes even though she had a better score today compared to yesterday.

It has been a long week for many of the players competing 6 days in a row. Mrholt said after the Team World Championship where he won the silver that he was not mentally ready for playing the Swedish Invitational, but when he saw the main competitor Johan Kammerstad the fighting spirit returned. When he received the gold medal Johan Kammerstad said that this was the first time you beat me!

It has been a great week at Bokskogen Golf Club where its 70 voulonteers have handling everything very well! Many of the players were relieved when the tournament was over. Thierry Godineau explained Now I want to go home to France to warmth and sunshine!

Hopefully the 4th edition of the Swedish Invitation will take place at Bokskogen in 2 years, and we hope all the players will return together with some sunshine! 

2011 The Swedish winning team: World Champion
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Malmö, 8-10 August - When the Swedish team received gold medals at Bokskogens GC a historic moment was made. Sweden's name will always be the first on the giant trophy. - Sure, it feels a bit special to win the first Mens Team World Handigolf Championship ever, said the Swedish coach Daniel Stark.

But truth to be told, it was not much of a fight the final day. The Swedish team, which consisted of Bjorn Ljunggren, Joakim Bjrkman , Johan Kammerstad and Jrgen Tjelander, was never threatened. They more or less crushed the other nations. The margin ended up 14 strokes before the silver team from Denmark.Best in the gold team was, as usual, Johan Kammerstad. Despite strong winds - gusts up to 20 meters per second and rain, scored 73, +1.- I'm very pleased considering how difficult the game really was today, said Johan Kammerstad happily.

The Danish team kept their second place and did a good performance the last day. And the team that was really happy and pleased with their game was Japan.- It was really unexpected and I am so happy to get a bronze medal. We have all enjoyed Sweden and the tournament very much, said an excited Ryotaro Koike.

The price giving ceremony was magnificent with all teams in front of the club house and the trophy was giant. - We all hope this Championship will continue. It will develop the golf and show that the game of golf is for everybody, said The President of The Swedish Golf Federation, Gunnar Hkansson.