EDGA meeting at Margara Golf Club
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 EDGA meeting at Margara Golf Club in Fubine, Piemonte, Italy

During the Italian Open from 22-25th September 2009 at Margara Golf Club in Fubine, Piemonte, Italy, EDGA met with Mrs. Titiana Nasi, Presidente of the Italian Paralympic Committee in Piemonte, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhary, Sr. Vice President and Mr. Jasjit Singh (not on the picture), national coach of the Paralympic Golf Association of India (PGAI), and Mr. Roberto Lauro, President of Margara Golf Club.

The keynote of their visit was to learn all about the organisation of a tournament for disabled golf, to collect information/material and gather advice for starting activities for disabled golf in India. We also discussed the activities of EDGA towards the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to try and get Golf as a Sport in the 2016 Paralympics.

Roberto Caja, Pres. EDGA, Sanjeev Chaudhary, Vice Pres. Paralympic Golf Association of India, Pieter van Duijn, Secr. EDGA, Mrs. Tiziana Nasi, res. Italian Paralympic Committee of Piemonte, Roberto Lauro, Pres. Margara Golf Club.

Italian Open
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During the Italian (Disabled) Open the EDGA Executive Board met with PGAI officials who aim to have golf in their sports programme; during this tournament they had successful meetings with players and officials on and off the golf course and to learn more about the activities of the Italian Paralympic organisation and activities. EDGA promised help in further developments of the game of golf for people with physical limitations in India.