2011 Norwegian Open
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4-6 September - The second edition of Norwegian Open was again played at Larvik Golf Course, 2011. A total of 28 players from seven countries competed in this EDGA tournament, counting for the Order of Merits. With ten players representing Norway, Norwegian Open also plays an important role in growing golf for disabled in Norway. We plan to increase this number in the future!

Summer of 2011 has been abnormally wet in southern parts of Norway, and many golf courses have experienced that they have had to close the course. Also the days of Norwegian Open where “blessed” with heavy rain, and a wet course. Fortunately, Larvik Golf Course, which is designed by the Swedish course architect Jan Sederholm, absorbs water very well and the weather did not interfere with the play. However, with the aftermath of Irene hitting the Norwegian coast about the same time as the last player put his ball, we ended just in time. The next day the course was closed, and the streets of Larvik flooded. Despite difficult weather conditions, the players complimented the course and the greenkeepers.

It was three great days at Larvik Golf Club, and the local organizer with Stian Halvorsen in the lead, did a great job in planning and organizing the tournament. Without a good local organizer it is not possible to organize a tournament, and the Norwegian Golf Federation is grateful for the commitment of Larvik Golf Club.

The Norwegian Golf Federation hope to welcome you all to Norwegian Open also in the future!

Winners net    Winners gross   
Category A   1. Trygve Toskedal Larsen, Norway  1. Manuel de los Santos, Dominican Republic   
  2. Manuel de los Santos, Dominican Republic 2. Trygve Toskedal Larsen, Norway  
  3. Hans van Elven, Holland  3. Hans van Elven, Holland   
 Category B 1. Miroslav Lidinsky, Czech Republic 1. Andy Gardiner, UK  
  2. Andy Gardiner, UK  2. Mike Lincoln, UK  
  3. Mike Lincoln, UK  3. Nino Ourabah, France  
Category C 1. Marko Georg Lund, Norway     
  2. Ben van der Burg, Holland     
  3. Nicolas Grossia, France      
Category D  1. Michael Hosna, Czech Republic      
  2. Richard Schultz, Czech Republic      
  3. Arne Hugo Berg, Norway