European Tour Meeting Wentworth
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, October 8 2010.

Björn Håkansson (repr. Swedish Golf Federation), Pieter van Duijn (EDGA Secretary), Fredrik Lindgren (Marketing Executive European Tour), Dirk Ulmcke(Chairman EDGA Marketing Committee), Roberto Caja (EDGA President), Mats Linde (Director FIFH, Malmö), Peter Nilsson (Controller FIFH, Malmö).


On Friday 8th October 2010 we had a memorable meeting with Fredrik Lindgren, Marketing Executive of European Tour at their headquarters next to Wentworth Golf Club. As a result of a number of meetings in the past with European Tour representatives, we were able to present ourselves further and to discuss the EDGA Business Plan 2014. Mr. Lindgren confirmed the European Tour is supporting us to help to promote and grow disabled golf! Moreover, important areas of cooperation were identified; it was agreed to get back together by the end of October 2010 to put further details to the items concerned. 

A comparable outcome could be noted towards the second important point on the Agenda: to discuss the support of European Tour for the three major events in Malmö, Sweden from 4-10 August 2011 (Men’s Team World Championship, Swedish Invitational and the Malmö World Handigolf Conference). Those present felt that the initiatives taken at this meeting with regard of cooperation and support will have a strong influence on the development of disabled golf in Europe and beyond.