2012 IPC Brainstorm Paralympic Task Force
Posted by: scoringzone at 18:00, October 14 2012.

12th en 13th October 2012 - The Paralympic Task Force (PTF) initiated a brainstorm session at the venues of NOC*NSF, the Olympic and Paralympic Committees of the Netherlands. 


This session was a continuation of the report “How to develop a fair and evidence-based classification system for golfers with a motor impairment”, developed and composed as an assignment of International Golf Federation (IGF). The aim of this project was to set up a System of Sport Classes for Disabled Golfers based on the IPC Classification Code. 

Ms Caroline Larsson, (disabled) professional golfer, Sweden
Mr Daniel Stark, golf coach, Swedish Golf Federation
Mr Tony Bennett(PGAs of Europe), UK
Mrs Viola Altmann, MD / IPC classifier, The Netherlands 
Pieter van Duijn, The Netherlands 

Human Movement Sciences, University of Groningen, The Netherlands:
Floor Hetttinga, PhD
Inge Stoter, MSc 

IGF Taskforce (The Netherlands)
Prof. Willem Eisma, MD
Prof. Luc van de Woude, PhD
Rienk Dekker, MD PhD
Prof. Hans Arendzen, MD PhD. 

These two days of intensive sessions were experienced as inspiring, constructive and fruitfull towards the required next steps in this complex classification process. The combination of scientists in Human Movement Sciences, Rehabilitation Medicine and Sports Medicine of the University of Groningen and Leiden University medical Center, the Netherlands and experts in IPC Classification and in Golf Education and Coaching, was well balanced and complementing. The report of this meeting, expected in the next few weeks, will reveal the required next steps and funding.