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Story courtesy of The PGAs of Europe  

The Robert Kalkman Foundation has received the 2015 President’s Award for Golf Development from the PGAs of Europe at the Association’s Gala Awards ceremony at Gloria Hotels & Resorts in Turkey.

The Robert Kalkman Foundation supports children with cancer and/or a physical limitation and encourages them to find a new passion in life by playing golf.  Through a series of clinics run across the country each year, both outdoors at golf courses and indoors on simulators, the children are given unforgettable golfing experiences by a team of PGA Professionals and volunteers.

The Foundation was formed by PGA of Holland Professional, Robert Kalkman, himself a cancer survivor, who used golf as part of his rehabilitation giving him a new sporting challenge after his illness left him unable to continue his first passion as a Dutch international footballer.  Kalkman collected the award from PGAs of Europe Honorary President, Pierre Bechmann, on behalf of his Foundation at the Association’s Annual Gala Awards Dinner at Gloria Hotels & Resorts.

After a Q&A with PGA of Holland Chief Executive and friend, Frank Kirsten, along with a video showing the Foundation in action, it was clear to see what an inspiration Kalkman is as an individual and how his Foundation has enhanced so many people’s lives; and he subsequently received a standing ovation from the dinner’s guests.

“Well I must say it’s a great feeling and nice to receive the award but my special thanks go out to my team – the volunteers, the PGA Professionals, the people from the committee, and the sponsors who have made this a success now and hopefully in the same way in the future.

“I also want to thank the PGAs of Europe and the Ryder Cup European Development Trust for supporting us in the beginning – we started in 2009 and the backup we had in support from the Trust was very important in getting to where we are and continuing.”

Each of the Foundation’s clinics has the goal of giving the children a totally unforgettable day with children transported to and from hospital in order to attend where necessary.  A typical day includes learning about putting, chipping, bunker shots and practice on the driving range, with the chance to play a few holes on the course. Feedback from those who take part is very positive, which in turn helps the children to stay positive despite their illnesses.

 But Kalkman doesn’t plan to stop the momentum he is gaining:

“The next step will be to continue the clinics that we do now, keeping the quality and continuity, and from there on the next step will be the ‘golf bungalow’ for the children and their parents where with 12 persons they can stay there for three or four days.  We will have our own tournaments with the children a few times a year and give clinics…they can walk along the beach and breathe the air, do what they want, and have fun.”

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European Individual Championship 2016 - Save the Date
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The European Individual Championship is headed to the Czech Republic for the first time, with the Barbora Golf Resort close to the town of Teplice chosen to host EDGAs premier event of 2016. The date will be from the 18th - 21st of June 2016.

The course, which since 2001 has been developing a special character, boasts a landscape of meadows, groves, reservoirs, streams and mountain views on the gently undulating terrain.

EDGA President Tony Bennett, visited the area and course earlier in the year to meet with representatives of The Czech Golf Federation, Czech Disabled Golf Association and officials from the club, said, “the passion shown by Barbora Golf Resort to host the European Individual Championship is very clear, all at the club are committed to making this event a great experience for all the players”. 

The course and several local hotels are separated by a short 15-20 minutes drive, which will be fully serviced by a constant shuttle service. With a maximum of 90 players possible it is expected that the event will have a strong field, which will include up to 15 wheelchair players. 

A further announcement which will include, the entry criteria, how to enter, along with confirmation of the official hotel and other accommodation options will be made in January. 


The EDGA European Team Championships on Sky Sports 4 Digital
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Today (UK time), a 30 minutes programme on the European Disabled Golf Association’s, European Team Championships, will be aired on Sky Sports 4 Digital. 

The programme airs at the following times. 

Today 15th December at 18.00, at 23.00 and again at 24.00hrs. 

Tomorrow 16th December at 08.30 and again at 13.00 hrs.

The show will also be shown by broadcasters in following territories over the coming days, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, South Africa and South Korea. Additionally there are ongoing discussions with France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Germany. 

We would be very grateful to receive your comments about the film and any interest that you may have to be able to see the film in your country. 

Enjoy the programme. 


EDGA European Team Championships beamed around the world
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The EDGA European Team Championships from the Parador de Malaga are being beamed around the world, in The European Tours weekly TV programme. A 3.5 minutes taster has been included in this weeks edition of, "European Tour Weekly", which reaches millions of households around the globe.

Mike Birch of European Tour Productions was one of the driving forces behind making a full 30 minutes highlights programme which will air on Sky Sports 4 in the UK on the 15th and 16th of December. The unfinished master film was shown to the delegates at the recent General Assembly and several countries have shown an interest to have the film broadcast in their own nation. Viasat are broadcasting the programme in Scandinavia and we are wasting to hear the schedules. 

Omar Malik joins the Executive Committee of EDGA
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