EDGA European Team Championships beamed around the world
Posted by: scoringzone at 21:44, December 2 2015.

The EDGA European Team Championships from the Parador de Malaga are being beamed around the world, in The European Tours weekly TV programme. A 3.5 minutes taster has been included in this weeks edition of, "European Tour Weekly", which reaches millions of households around the globe.

Mike Birch of European Tour Productions was one of the driving forces behind making a full 30 minutes highlights programme which will air on Sky Sports 4 in the UK on the 15th and 16th of December. The unfinished master film was shown to the delegates at the recent General Assembly and several countries have shown an interest to have the film broadcast in their own nation. Viasat are broadcasting the programme in Scandinavia and we are wasting to hear the schedules.