Recovering From Google's Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update
Posted by: Computerz101 at 07:19, October 12 2012.

Recovering From Google's Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update

So after a lot of reading I have found that the EMD filter is periodic. The EMD filter isn't constantly running. Google will be using the EMD Filter from time to time in order to ensure that what was filtered out before should continue to be filtered. Now it's also going to be catching EMD's that it missed previously.

If you were hit by the EMD update I honestly would rethink your SEO strategy. The advice of recovering seems to be similar to that of Google's Panda update. But if your stuck in the filter already and they are doing there best to keep you in there filter how realistic is that it can recover?

Anyway I still recommend removing low quality content and wait and see what happens.  Me personally I am investing more time in my primary site and dropping all EMD's unless they have a good PR in which case I will use them as a backlink source. You will only see a change if any the next time the EMD filter is run.

So when does Google plan to run the EMD Filter. They aren't telling anybody at this point, but I would venture to say within 3-6 months.

Now if you had an exact match domain name and you got hit then you were probably hit the the Exact Match Domain Filter instead of the Panda 20 Update.

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