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Connections for using an LT as Slave Device!!!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:23 pm    Post subject: Connections for using an LT as Slave Device!!! Reply with quote

Aquaero 5 Pro or XT
with an
Aquaero 5 LT
as a
Slave Device

There are certain things that need to be remembered & done in a certain order when it comes to setting up an Aquaero 5 LT as a Slave Device.

The FIRST thing...& what is probably one of the most important things to remember is.........

NEVER Connect two Aquaero's together Via their Aquabus Connections....... Unless one of the Aquaero's has already been flashed to be used as a Slave Device!!!...

Connecting two Aquaero's without one first being Flashed as a Slave Device could result in you bricking one if not both Aquaero units...... You Have Been Warned!!!!...

A SECOND thing to remember is......

Under Normal circumstances a Main Aquaero 5 unit will allow you too connect upto 8 "Power Adjusts" at any one time (being numbered 50,51,52,53,54,55,56 & 57 in the Aquabus ID addresses).
After you have flashed your LT unit to be a Slave Device & now (& ONLY NOW) connect it to the Main Aquaero 5 Pro/XT unit Via their "HS" Aquabus connections, You will now only be able to connect another 4 "power adjusts" (as opposed to the eight you could connect before connecting up the Slave LT).
This is because the Slave Unit will take up the first 4 "Aquabus Address ID's.. #'s 50,51,52 & 53 & so any additional power adjusts you may want to connect will need their Aquabus ID Addresses numbered from # 54,55,56 & finally 57...

The THIRD thing to remember is...

A Maximum of 4 MPS Sensors only can be connected & controlled Via the Aquabus at any one time.... If you plan to have more than 4 MPS sensors or units connected in your PC then you can, but any extra MPS sensors connected will need to be connected Via their USB connection only.... The Aquabus Address numbers for the 4 MPS slots are # 12,13,14 & 15 & you'll find some are 3 pin Aquabus connections & some have a 4 pin Aquabus connection.
All mps sensors will run via the 3 pin Aquabus only, But IMO the ones that have a 4 pin connection have it for a reason & it's for a 5v constant feed from the main Aquaero 5 so you can still get readings even when the PC is turned off but the main Aquaero 5 is connected by it's USB or Power connect standby power connection..

Anyway enough of the waffle..... Most of the above is covered in previous guides I have done & I'll link at the end to these particular guides that relate to this...

The following Picture is showing the connections for connecting a Slave LT unit to a Main Aquaero Pro/XT Via the "High Speed" Aquabus connections.. I've also included a mock up with 4 pin Aquabus Splitters & Extension leads along with 3 pin Aquabus connections.. I've tried to keep it as easy to understand as I can without the pic becoming to crowded & confusing.

One last thing I feel is worth repeating again (although I've said it a couple of times in my guides already) Is..... Before you attempt to change any cable configuration, ie: swap over an Aquabus cable or add a new cable or change the USb set up... any cable movement... It really can help if you first.. Turn OFF the PC.... Second... Turn off the PSU switch & Third.... Disconnect the PSU Mains Lead from the PSU!!!!.....

YES!!!...... I Know what your thinking...... Why, What difference can it make not turning off the PSU & taking the mains lead out??...

But trust me on this one... It can help a whole bunch because the Aquaero doesn't like cables being swapped & messed around with when the rig is still either on standby power or just turned off.. you may get away with it the first time (you may not) but if you continue to not disconnect the whole PC from the mains it will at some point mess things up!!.... You'll find various MPS sensors are no longer seen, things will be missing from the Aquasuite software settings, you may loose control of fans e.t.c e.t.c..
When this happens, sometimes the only way to get things back as they should be, Is to reset the Aquaero, Then make your connections & then turn the PC on again & things should be back to normal but you'll need to set everything up again... SO!!!... even if you only plan on adding an extra mps flowmeter or move a cable from one header to another, Shut the PC down, turn off the PSU switch & disconnect from the mains before you do anything to that cable or connection!!.... It can save you alot of grief in the long run OK......

LINK to "Setting up an Aquaero 5 LT as a Slave Device"

Anyway Hope this is useful to some..

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