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Setting up an Aquaero 5 LT as a Slave Device!!

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:00 pm    Post subject: Setting up an Aquaero 5 LT as a Slave Device!! Reply with quote


With Aqua Computers forever bringing out new Additional Functions & Improvements to their Aquaero 5 Range of Controllers, It came as a very little surprise to me when they announced a good few months ago now, that they were working on an update to be able to use an Aquaero 5 LT as a Slave device to an XT, Pro or indeed an LT Main unit…

So for those just wanting to run more fans & maybe want some more Temperature sensors, Then this was always going to be a good Idea & just gives users another option to reach your Monitoring/Controlling needs…Passions Wink

There’s a couple of important things you need to know before you head down this route.
1. Once the Aquaero 5 LT unit has been flashed to be used as a Slave Device, It Only gives you an Extra 4 x Fan headers (#4 fan header will not now operate as a PWM header as in an UN-Flashed Aquaero 5 LT
2. You also only get another Extra 4 x Temperature Sensors… None of the other headers will work… so no “Flow Header” or RGB or PWM e.t.c e.t.c…
This is also the case with the Aquabus headers on the now newly flashed slave device, These will no longer work now…With the exception of the one “HIGH SPEED” Aquabus Header!!!This One Aquabus Header remains functional to allow you too connect the Slave LT to the Main XT or Pro Aquaero (or what is now really a Parent Unit so to speak)..


OK!!.. That’s enough of the couple of points I wanted to lay out straight away, Now we’ll get on with having a Brief look at an Aquaero5 LT unit (much the same as an XT or Pro, Just doesn’t have the screen & remote functions pretty much).

So to begin with lets have a look what you get out the box for your hard earned beer tokens Wink

Exactly the same box as with the XT & Pro Versions

The very bare LT unit itself (notice it doesn’t come with any heatsink at all

The USB cable, the 3 pin Aquabus cable, 2 x Temperature sensors & 4 x mounting screws

& the obligatory AC Installation manual I have to say I was pretty surprised when I received my Aquaero 5 LT & discovered that the LT version doesn’t come with any Heatsink at all for the Fan VRM’s e.t.c

So!!... One of the first things I would highly recommend doing is…… To get at least, the 20mm Heatsink or your going to find yourself restricted to one or two fans per header (depending on fan power draw) before the VRM's get to their cut off point which is around 95°c & will then ramp the fans up to full power (100%) until the VRM's cool down & your fans return to what you set their controler too, This is because, when you regulate the fan speed (Volts) your putting more heat into the VRM's & more fans being regulated means more heat for the VRM's.
With 20mm heatsink fitted you know your going to have enough cooling for the LT VRM’s for at least two fans per header & upto three fans per header (Maybe more if you set a cooling fan blowing onto the VRM area). If you go for the Water Block then you’ll be able to get three to four fans per header easily.

Personally, I’d be getting the 20mm heatsink as a matter of course or as a bare minimum from the start, But that’s just My opinion & own preference with making sure I have enough head room for any fan layout changes I may make in the future J…..

So!!.. Going along those lines.. Here’s a very quick & brief look at fitting the 20mm Heatsink…You know it makes Sense

In the Heatsink Package you get everything you need to fit the Heatsink. Pictured Instructions, Thermal Pads (2 thickness sizes), 3 x Mounting Screws & the 20mm Heatsink

Trim the correct thickness pads for each of the locations pictured on the Installation Instructions

Carefully place the heatsink (taking note to attach it correct way around & carefully but firmly tighten the three mounting screws provided.. DON’T GO MAD!!!

Insure you align the heatsink cut outs with the PC board pots as above

Tighten down the heatsink carefully but firmly & you’ll see it pressing into the Thermal pads & Heatsink feels fairly firmly seated onto the Unit..

That’s it!!! Your now ready to get the LT installed into your PC set-up with just a couple of more things to do before you attach any Fans or Temperature sensors.. Because at the moment this Aquaero 5 LT is still a fully functioning Aquaero & as such…..


Before you can connect the LT to the Parent Unit Via the Aquabus you need to make sure the unit has the Latest Firmware Installed & then Flash the LT Unit to a Slave Device & only then must you connect it to the Main Unit Via the High Speed Aquabus..

Because your reading this “Setting up an Aquaero 5LT as a Slave Device” I’m assuming you already have an Aquaero 5 XT or Pro installed & already have the Aquasuite 2012 Software Installed … If not.. then just install the Aquasuite 2012 software onto your PC & connect the LT unit Via the USB ONLY… Nothing else connected to the LT at all… Just the USB OK. OK!!..

Now you have your LT unit placed inside your PC or where ever you decided to place it (make sure it’s accessible for connecting USB, Fans & Aquabus e.t.c) You need to have it connected Via it’s USB to a USB connection on your Motherboard, (You don’t need the 12v Molex power connection for this bit) to your PC. Turn on your PC & Start the Aquasuite 2012 Software that you already have installed.
You should now see something like this below, as the start up main Aquasuite page (depends what other Aqua or Aqualis gear you have attached)..

In the above picture you are see’ing the Aquaero 5 LT Unit listed as "Aquaero 5 LT Slave Unit” (I’ve already re-named it so you all can see where it is listed when I attached it Via the USB..

All the Tabs that have the “Small Disc” & the little “Cog Wheel” symbols are the Items that are connected Via the USB to the Motherboard in my system at the moment.
The two Power Adjust that have the red cross through a USB symbol are showing as such because I have disconnected them from the Motherboard USB Headers as I have already updated their firmware & set their Aquabus Addresses to 54 & 55. Because once the LT unit has been flashed as a “Slave Device” it will then take up the first Four of the Eight Slots in total that are Available for the Power Adjusts (more on this later)..

You need to now make sure the LT unit is running the latest Firmware. We’ve already done the checking & updating of an Aquaero 5 Firmware in the first post, But I’ll briefly run through it again here now just as a recap..

So.. Select the LT Slave Unit Tab & then click on it’s “SYSTEM TAB” at the bottom of the list of tabs that pop up

If you don’t have the latest firmware installed on the newly connected LT Unit (or any added Device) the Aquasuite will give you an Option to carry out a Firmware Update (providing you are using & have installed the very latest Aquasuite 2013/Firmware from AC download page).

This is how you would go about checking & updating all the Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 & Aqualis gear you plan to attach to your Aquaero 5 & it’s connected Via the USB..
Click it’s tab…. Select the “System” Tab (usually shows up at the bottom of the menu list for each USB connected device)..
The above Pic shows the aquastream xt “Systems” Tab selected which is in fact an AC Ehiems 600 Ultra Pump, But it’s pretty much the same for each device you connect Via the USB..OK..
Simply select the Option to update the Firmware, Let it do it's thing & click the "OK" in the small pop up window that appears after it's done the update. This will shut down the Aquasuite Software that needs to be re-started now before the Firmware Update is complete.

Now you have updated the LT with the latest Firmware you now need to “Flash” the LT Unit to a “Slave Device”, Again this is quite straight forward & should give you no issues to complete succesfully..

1st. Select the Aquaero 5 Tab that is going to be your Slave Device as you did before to check the Firmware above..

2nd. Then again Select the “System” Tab3rd. Select the “Change to slave device Firmware” & Read the Warning/Instructions e.t.c & if your sure you want to proceed…. Then4th. Click the “Update firmware now” button

5th. Again, Be sure to Read the pop up warning of what your about to do!!.. If your happy & understand then Finally Click the “YES” Button & the update will begin immediately…
Once the update has done it’s thing your presented with a little pop up box telling you Aquasuite needs to shut down & be restarted for the update to be finalised.. Click… OK.. & then shut the PC down..

After the PC has shut down, you need to now disconnect the USB connection of your now “LT Slave Device” & connect it up Via the Aquabus High Speed connection to the High Speed header on the Main (Now Parent) Aquaero Unit...

Pictorial guide to Cable connections with a Slave LT HERE

Also, Now would be a good time to connect up any Fans & Temp Sensors that you had planned to connect, As only those particular Fan Headers & Temp Sensors that you connect Fans or Temp Headers to will show up in the New Aquaero 5 Tab that will be on the main Aquasuite 2012 Start up Page, As is shown Below….

As you can see from the above picture I have now deleted the items (2 x power adjusts & the now disconnected USB Aquaero5 LT) that were connected Via USB (remember.. with the little red crosses on the USB/Disc symbol from before).

It tidies up the Menu abit & should make things a little less confusing (I have left the other MPS devices & pump connected Via the USB for future up-coming review/guides & these can still be seen in the Main Start Up Menu of the Aquasuite), As I now take you through as too where the the Extra Fan Headers & Temp Sensors have been put since you Flashed the LT unit…

It’ll come as no surprise to you to learn that the Extra Fans & Temp Sensors (Although the temp sensors will show up as “Power Adjusts” 1 to 4) are now included with in the “Aquaero 5 Pro Main Unit” Tab

Now when you click on the Aquaero 5 Tab & Select the “Sensors” Tab & then Select the “Temperature Sensor” drop down menu as above.You should notice the extra “Power Adjusts” that have been added from 1 to 4..

NOW!!! Although it lists the LT Slave device Temperature Sensors as “Power Adjust” You need to remember that these “Slave” Power Adjusts are really just LOWER POWERED Power Adjust, as these can only take a Max of 15w per Slave PA. Unlike the real Power Adjust that have a max of 25w each PA…So…. Although there listed as Power Adjusts, Remember that these are in effect restricted to the power draw of a XT, PRO or LT Aquaero 5 & are therefore limited to 60w in total over the four LT Slave Power Adjusts, around 15w per Slave Power Adjust….GOT IT!!!!!....

If you now Select the “FANS” Tab you should see the Extra Fans you attach listed here on the Fan Settings Page above…

The first 4 fans are the Main XT or Pro unit & the Fans from 5 to 8 are the “Slave LT” Fans (Depending on how many of the extra fan headers you use).. In the above screen shot you’ll see I also have fans numbered from 9 to 10, these relate to the REAL Power Adjusts that I have fitted (2 Real PA’s with one fan per PA)….

Your now ready to use these fans & sensors as you normally would, as in when it comes to setting up “Curve Controls”, “Monitoring” or “Setting Alarms” E.t.c e.t.c…… That’s It…

Fairly simple to do & gives you extra fans & temp sensors that are set from within the same settings Menu’s as the Main Aquaero 5 Unit…
In fact any of the Aqua Computer/Aqualis range of products that have an Aquabus connection can be set up & controlled through this one Main Aquaero Device as well as being operated through their own separate USB connection if the device has it & used as a stand alone Device providing you use the Aquasuite 2012 Software (which is why wouldn't you …

You need to bear in mind though, That any additional device you add will need cables attached one way or the other. That means cable management can become abit of a nightmare (depending on your case size e.t.c), Although because the LT Aquaero 5 has no screen this means it can be installed & fitted anywhere you got the space for it, So that should make the cable management a wee bit easier if you can locate the device somewhere out the way which enables you too route cables behind or under case shelves or panels e.t.c

Here’s a look at my 2 x Power Adjusts & LT “Slave” Aquaero 5 Unit purely to show some of the cabling issues you can come up against as you add more Devices e.t.c.
Although I should stress here, that if this PC was for my own personal use as my main PC (It’s used for just for doing my reviews in so will not be staying as it is at present as & when I do different reviews e.t.c it all changes fairly regulary) then I would have put these under the bottom bay floor panel that their at present sat ontop of, Which would have mean’t the cabling could have been hidden for the most part

This is just a Pic showing the 4 Temperature Sensors & “High Speed” Aquabus Connections..(Notice the cables are labelled…It can get very confusing when first determining where your going to connect Fans, Aquabus & Temp wires…. Just saying )

The two Power Adjust above do not get connected through the “Slave” LT unit (remember the Slave unit only has the one Aquabus header in use & it needs that to connect itself to the main Unit).

They are instead daisy chained together from the Left!!..

First PA is connected from it’s High Speed Aquabus to the Low Speed Aquabus on the PA to the right, You then connect the right hand PA from it’s High Speed Aquabus connection to the High Speed Aquabus of the Main Aquaero 5 Unit.
Depending on what other AC device you maybe installing, Your more than likely going to need to purchase some Aquabus Splitter Cables & daisy chain them together which will give you multiple High Speed Connections to the Main Aquaero 5 Unit..
You could also purchase the Aqua Computer Real Time Clock, As that then gives you Two High Speed Aquabus connections on the back of the Main Aquaero 5 Unit (as opposed just the one high speed connection that is standard).
This also gives you more options for how you may need to route all the cables e.t.c..

When your connecting up the Aquaero’s or the other AC Aqualis Gear… Make sure the units are turned off & not powered when your connecting or disconnecting various bits and pieces…

The Units DO NOT LIKE IT….. and you stand a good chance of damaging not only what your trying to connect but the also damage the Main Aquaero… Be carefull…

IF!!.... Something goes wrong & you need to reset the Aquaero LT or you just wish to have it back as a Stand alone Aquaero 5, You will need to do what I call a “HARD UNIT RESET” & this will restore the unit to it’s Factory state as it was before you updated it’s firmware at the beginning of this guide.

To do a complete RESET you must follow these following instructions carefully… Don’t panic!!.. It’s not that difficult.. But just abit of a pita..

TO RESET an AQUAERO 5 Back to it’s regular (& factory set) Firmware & to be able to use the LT with the USB again:

1. Turn off the PC and remove all connected devices, fans, temp sensors e.t.c leaving only the MOLEX 12 v Connected
2. Place four jumpers on the Temperature sensor connectors 5 to 8
3. Power on the system and wait for two or three seconds (you should hear a loud long BEEP)
4. Turn the system off and remove the jumpers from the temp sensor connectors 5 to 8
5. Connect the USB to your PC and re-start the PC, Then using the Latest Aquasuite 2012 Software Re-Flash the updated firmware to the Aquaero 5
6. Turn the PC off, Connect all your sensors again and re-start the PC
You should once again now have a fully-fledged Aquaero 5 LT ready to use a Standalone Controller..

That Just about covers setting up an Aquaero 5 LT to use as a Slave Device for those that decide to go down this path (as opposed to going the power adjust route)… All the best Peoples & Good Luck..

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