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PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:40 pm    Post subject: AQUAINLET XT 100ml RESERVOIR with FILL LEVEL & LED Reply with quote


Here I'm having a look at the New Range of Reservoirs from AQUACOMPUTER that are designed to compliment their Aquastream XT & Ehiems 1046 Pumps already on the Market (One of which, "the Aquastream XT Ultra Pump" I had a look at HERE....)....
These Aquainlet Reservoirs are again Designed & Manufactured to a very high standard as we have become accustomed to with regards to Aquacomputer products. These Aquainlet reservoirs are made using the same Type Borosilicate glass tube that the Aqualis Reservoir Range is made of with top & bottom of res being made of Delrin and connected by a stainless steel rod that runs up the centre of the tube just like in the Aqualis Range.

The Particular AQUAINLET Reservoir I'm looking at today is the "AQUAINLET XT 100ml Reservoir with Fill Level Sensor & LED Holder", There are also 150ml versions available, But more on the Version types that are available later on.....(there are a few)... Smile..

Right now though, lets crack on & have the compulsory quick pic run through of the Aquainlet Packaging...

This is the front of the Box with a lift Out & Up opening flap....

The Box that my Aquainlet XT came in was actually printed up on the outside with "aqualis" in rather large white letters across the front & rear of the Box?.. Maybe their working on a AQUINLET Res Box, I don't know Wink..... Did make me wonder though whether I had received the correct type res before opening the box....

Anyway I Digress.... Lets carry on with the Box pics...

Rear of box with German specs label.....

On the one end of the Box is the English specs & stock code label..

& Clear the other end.. Smile..

On Opening the Box we see the contents are very well protected with various layers of Foam & the Usual Instruction Manuals...

The instruction Manuals are the usual Type that Aquacomputer ship with all their Aqualis, MPS e.t.c Items. One in German & One in English with a Leaflet giving you instructions on how to connect the Res to the Aquastream XT & Ehiems 1046 Pumps again the leaflet is in both English one side & German the other side..

OK!!.. So, Taking out the Instruction Manuals & lifting the top layer of foam packing off we get our first glimpse of the Aquainlet XT Reservoir....... & Ain't it CUTE!!!!! Wink... Tucked down the side of the Res we see the Included USB Cable in it's plastic bag...

Now we've had a quick deco of the Box & the Accessories therein, It's about time we had closer look at the Aquainlet Res itself.. Smile..

First up we look at the Electronic side of the Reservoir & we see the USB/Aquabus, Alarm & Temp Sensor PCB headers incorporated into the Res Delrin Side...

On the Opposite Side to the USB/Aquabus PCB headers we have one of the Res's "INLET" Ports, The second Inlet port is around the front....

Front view showing the Second "Inlet" Port with G¼" Plug (supplied)...

This then being the rear of the Res which in turn fits onto either an Aquastream XT & Ehiems 1046 Type Pumps....

The Base of the Reservoir is fairly plain with just a couple of cut grooves that allow the Mounting plate from an Aquastream XT Pump to slide in (these cut slots are also on the sides of the Res Delrin housing)... There is also a wee bit of an Extra cut out in the Left hand mounting groove you see here & this is for the 5mm LED cable to run through..

The Top Delrin Cap has two G¼" ports and came fitted with one G¼" Plug & One Pressure Equalisation Membrane that comes as standard when you have a Variant Res that has the Electronic "Fill Level Sensor" as this XT version does...

Lets now get this Aquainlet XT reservoir connected to that Aquastream XT Ultra Pump & see how it looks when It's ready to go.. Smile..

First up we need to take off the front of the Aquastream XT Ultra Pump (no tools required)...

It's then a very simple case of bringing the Aquastream Pump up to the rear of the Aquainlet Res... But just a word of advice here & that is to wet the O-ring that is inside the Aquainlet Reservoir as shown below....

Wetting this O-ring a little will make it easier to onto the Pump "Inlet" Spout that is pushed into this recess without damaging the O-ring...

Carefully push the Res onto the Pump Inlet Spout making sure you have things level & straight. Push the two together, It will be tight but don't force it, very gently rock the res slightly to just engage it onto the pump inlet spout & you will find it will push on until you hear a slight click as it seats itself into the Pump housing....

Check all the way around to make sure the two units are now fully connected & as one unit.....

If your using an LED to light the Res then also make sure that this doesn't get caught up or pinched as you Locate the Aquastream Pump & Aquainlet Reservoir tightly together....

You can use a little drop of clear glue if you need to in which to hold the LED inplace as you route the LED cables...

Once your happy you have the LED held in place & the cable set out of harms way & not forgetting to wet the Res O-ring your ready to push the two units together as before above...

Just a case of selecting your fittings & getting the Now Aquastream XT Ultra Pump & Aquainlet XT Res Combo installed, filled & Pumping... Smile..

& Finally a Pic whilst it's running with LED lit up.. Smile

As you can see from the Above pictures with the Aquainlet XT connected up to an Aquastream XT they really do look quite good... &... Yes the Pump has grown on me especially when it's put with One of these Beautifully made 100ml Res's & see no reason why the 150ml Aquainlet Reservoirs will be any different but really look the part....
All these Aquainlet reservoirs come with an option to have the NANO Coating or not & they come in the Aquainlet XT (version I have here) & the Aquainlet Pro Variant, All the XT models have the Electronic PCB board with the USB, Aquabus, Alarm & External Temperature Headers & the LED Holder and so can be Monitored &/or Controlled Via the USB or Aquabus through using the Extremely versatile
FREE AQUASUITE 2013 SOFTWARE The glass tubes on these Aquainlet reservoirs have an outer diameter of 50 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm & as I said above are made from the very same Borosilicate Glass that the much larger Aqualis Range of Reservoirs are made from, So, Fantastic Quality right there. Along with a very clean & nicely machined finish to the black Delrin Base & Top you can instantly tell these are just bursting with Quality alround Smile...

Setting/Configuring the Electronic MPS Fill Level sensor is very simple to do (Once you have checked that the Sensor has the latest FIRMWARE Installed, Done Via the USB connection only & done through the FREE
Aquasuite 2013 Software. I have done a guide on here "Setting up an MPS Fill Level Sensor".... But it's a simple case of Measuring the total "mm" from bottom of res to where you would have your Max fill level, inserting that figure (say 80mm) in the Aquasuite Res Set up screen & then Measuring the Actual amount of fluid that is in there (say 72mm) then click the CALIBRATE Button, This would then give you a reading of 90% full... (THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE Smile).... But it really is that simple... You can then simply set up an alarm warning in the Alarm settings screen to alert you if the fluid level goes below the level you set IE: say 70% or whatever you choose...

Now lets give you the Manufacturers Full Specs.....

The reservoirs aquainlet PRO and aquainlet XT are designed to be directly mounted onto an aquastream XT or Eheim 1046 pump. The design is perfectly matched to the pump, after installation pump and reservoir form a virtually seamless unit. In particular, the mounting rails of the pump are extended into the reservoir, which for the first time allows for the mounting plate to be installed beneath the center of gravity. This is especially helpful when using rubber decouplers or a shoggy sandwich. When installed onto the suction port of the pump, an o-ring seals the connection between pump and reservoir and two latches secure the reservoir to the pump housing, preventing accidental release of the bayonet coupling between pump cover and pump housing. Two connection threads for the return line located at the front and the side of the unit allow for flexible installation options and are paticularly useful if the reservoir is to be installed with limited space.

The reservoirs aquainlet PRO and aquainlet XT are closely related to the aqualis series and are also equipped with a borosilicate glass tube. In contrast to acrylic glass, which is often used for tube reservoirs, borosilicate glass is extremele hard and scratch-resistant, features superb thermal and chemical resistance and a very low thermal expansion. The glass tube has an outer diameter of 50 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm. Base and top of the aquainlet reservoirs are made from Delrin and connected by a stainless steel rod.

The aquainlet XT variants feature an acrylic window in the base part and one LED (5 mm size) can be installed into the base part. Additionally, the XT variants feature an electronic fill level sensor with USB and aquabus interface, a programmable alarm output and an external temperature sensor input. For monitoring and configuration, the aquasuite software can be downloaded free of charge. In addition to the USB interface, the 4-pin aquabus interface can be used to directly connect the fill level sensor to an aquaero 5 controller (not included in delivery). The alarm output can be configured to be used as a rpm signal to be connected to a fan connector with fault detection (for example motherboard fan headers) or to be used as a switched output for example to connect a LED. Fill level and external temperature sensor input can be configured to raise an alarm. The external temperature sensor input is compatible with all Aqua Computer temperature sensors.

All variants are also available with a nano coating that will cause water to roll off the inner surface of the borosilicate glass tube.

Technical details:
Dimensions without pump: approx. 58 x 67 x 153 mm
Filling volume: approx. 100 ml
Connection threads: G1/4

Compatible to the following pumps:
- aquastream XT
- Eheim 1046 and pumps identical in construction

Scope of delivery:
One Reservoir
Two sealing screws G1/4 (preinstalled)
One pressure equalisation membrane (preinstalled)
One internal USB connection cable

Weight: 1.10 kgs
Mnfctr Code 34066
Manufacturer Aquacomputer
Price: £ 62.99 , inc VAT 20%

So!!... There you have it Smile.... Another Great looking & Very Functional Addition to the Aquacomputer Aqua Range of products that just keep on coming...
Even though this Aquainlet XT Reservoir is fairly small (see dimensions above) Once it's connected to the Aquastream XT the Total Length then becomes 140mm (approx 5½"), Which in the grand schemes of things isn't at all bad to be honest (but something you should bear in mind;)) & doesn't in fact look that big when it's installed in my rather large review case Smile....

The XT Variant Reservoir itself is really pretty stacked with what your able to Monitor & Set up Alarms e.t.c when paired with the Free Aquasuite 2013 Software & I can't think of any other company at present that makes another Reservoir that gives you the capabilities of these Aquainlet & the Aqualis range of Aquacomputer Res's do... Period.. Smile...

It's just another option for all the different systems that people build or run & that is given to you by a Company that is stretching the Norm of PC Water Cooling as regards to Design, Build Quality & Most of all the Capabilities that these Aqua Ranges Provide.... We are Indeed Spoilt for choices!!!... Very Happy...

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canon lbp2900 driver is the aqualis reservoirs
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