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Ehiems Compact Pump & Control Module set up Guide

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:37 pm    Post subject: Ehiems Compact Pump & Control Module set up Guide Reply with quote

Aquacomputer Aqualis

1/4" Thread Compact Pump
Control Module 600 Ultra with
Fill Level Sensor

For the purpose of this Review/Guide, I have the Aqualis Ehiems 600 Ultra & Control Module fitted to an Aqualis 450Ml Res with pump adapter base as pictured above…

You’ll need this type set-up IE:Using an Aqualis Reservoir that has the "PUMP ADAPTER BASE" with or without fountain effect, If you plan on using the Fill Level Sensor that is integrated in the unit..

Because I will be using & writing a set up guide for the Fill Level Sensor, The first thing I needed to do was Remove the standard fill cap that comes fitted to the res & use the Aquacomputer 1/4" Thread Pressure Equalization Membrane that comes supplied with the Aqualis Ehiems 600 Ultra Pump & Control Module & has the Fill Level Sensor

As shown below...

So…. Because the Pump unit is powered Via a 12v Molex Connection It’s going to be running at Maximum speed as soon as you turn the PC on, So you can take your time as regards to setting things up once you’ve filled your loop & made sure you have removed all the air that maybe in the system.
We need to have all the air out the system so that the fluid level in the Res is stable for the purpose of setting up the Fill Level Sensor later on..

Lets get things started now by taking a look at what you should have on your screen when you run the Aquasuite 2012 Software depending on which method you use to connect/control the Unit.

The first bit of the setting up you must do before you do anything else, Is…. Check the units Firmware Version & Update to the latest Version if required.
This step should always be the first thing to do with any of the Aqua Computer, Aqualis & MPS Sensors even the Main Aquaero 5 (if that also is being installed for the first time) along with the Any Power Adjust as well..

So that’s where we will start…..

Checking Firmware Version & Updating.....

You need to have the Pump Unit connected to the PC Via it’s USB only!! To begin with & should mean you will see the Pump Show up on the Main Start up Page of the Aquasuite 2012 Software (I’m assuming you have already Installed) on the right hand side listed as an “aquastream xt” As below…

I’ve added my own Title/Name to the “aquastream xt” just so it makes it easier for me when I’m flitting between various attached gear for the reviews e.t.c..

When you select the Ehiems Tab “aquastrem xt” for the first time, You may only get the “SYSTEM” Tab at the bottom of the above expanded Ehiems Set Up Menu. Either way, You need to select the “System” Tab second & the Aquasuite 2012 software should inform you if you need to update the Firmware or there will be a Highlighted “Option to Update”.

I stronly advise you to Update if your given the Option & Just follow the On screen instructions..

If you've had to update the firmware & Once you have restarted the Aquasuite after the firmware update & repeating steps 1. & 2. as above again, You should now see the full Menu options from the Ehiems Pump Tab as Below..

3. You should now see the latest Firmware listed in the top left hand corner of display screen.

4. While were on this screen, It’s here where you Set the Pump Aquabus ID Address number (10 & 11), If you only have this one pump then you would set this ID as #10 (any aditional pump would have the ID address of #11).

You can also Set here how your going to be controlling/monitoring the pump. Either Via “USB”(if your going to be running the unit as a Standalone unit) or through the “Aquabus” (if your going to have the unit connected to a Main Aquaero5 Unit)…
You can of course leave it connected to both the USB & Aquabus at the same time if you prefer, so you can easilly switch between the two options if that’s your thing …

Also you’ll notice just below where you selected the ID & Control Mode some selections for various Sensor Data relayed Via the Aquabus..

OK!!.. So now you have the unit all updated & with it’s ID & control method choosen we’ll take a look at the “PUMP” Menu next…

When you first select the “PUMP” Menu Tab you’ll be presented with the above screen & the Pump set in “Automatic Maximum pump speed”. You can also select the little check box in the “Power Settings” Screen Window to set your own overriding settings if you desire. Or you can Select the “Manual speed settings” next to the “Automatic Maximum” setting & get…..

Again here is where you can set the pumps power & minimum settings e.t.c…
It’s all pretty simple & pretty self-explanatory really so I won’t go on boring you any more on this for now .. Just have a play around & see what effects it has is the best way to learn what does what..

Personally I have it set on Automatic & run through the Aquabus to my Aquaero 5 Pro which means that the Ehiems Pump appears in the Aquaero 5’s Menu as below…

As you can see above, You get a Frequency (power) Slider, A choice of “Automatic Frequency”, “Manual Frequency” & a “Deaeration Mode” of control for the unit. Again it’s all pretty self-explanatory.

The “Deaeration Mode” has the Pump going up & down in speed so when it’s running slow the air has more time to settle out & then when it speeds up it pushes some air into the res & will then slow down again to allow the air to disperse before slowly speeding up again. It re-peats this for as long as you have this option set from what found.

It does seem to work to a certain degree, But I still needed to give the PC the odd shaking & tilting to still help to get all the air out after filling for the first time…

There is also another Menu that you can find settings for the Pump & that is in the “OUTPUTS” Tab listed directly above the “PUMPS” Tab… As shown in the Pic below…

1. Again after you click on the Aquaero 5 Tab &
2. Selected the “OUTPUTS” Menu Tab
You get the main “OUTPUTS” settings screen as above. The bit we’re interested in is right down the bottom of the screen at….
1. The “MPS” screen.
All Aqualis or Aquabus connected pumps will show up here as MPS D5’s (I’ve added my own names as well in the screen shot above.. although Aquasuite doesn’t seem to save my name change & I think maybe a little glitch in the software that will probably be rectified in upcoming updates).

As my Ehiems 600 Pump has the Aquabus Address ID of #10 it shows up as the first pump on the “MPS D5” list of pumps… It’s from these settings, That if you set up your pump to work say from a “Curve Control” (so your pump speeds up the flow as fluid temp rises & slows down the flow as fluid temps drop again) that you would choose as an “Output” from the “Curve Control” output setting..
Personally I kept the pump at a fixed level which was Maximum, as even at it’s maximum this pump is very very quiet …

Next, we’ll take a quick deco at the “ALARM” settings Tab from the Ehiems Pumps Main Tab (if connected Via USB)…

First select the Ehiems Pump Tab (aquastream xt tab) then select the “Alarm Configuration” Menu & check the boxes of the Alarm to set & the type of Alarm…
You could also run a RPM single cable from the RPM header on the pump to your Mother board CPU fan header & set the RPM level there that would shut the PC down from the settings from the Mother board Bios settings….

But… By far, My Preferred method of controlling the alarm settings is from within the Main Aquaero 5 Unit when connected Via the Aquabus As shown below….

From the above pic you can see I’ve Selected the “Alarm Configuration” Menu from the Main Aquaero 5 Tab, You then select from the list on the screen which Devices you wish to activate for Alarm setting.

As you can see, I have selected three (only for the purpose of this guide) them being, “Flow Alarm”, “Pump Alarm” & “Fill Level Alarm”, It’s pretty much the same routine for all the Alarm settings to be honest & is pretty easy setting Alarms up through the Main Aquaero 5 Menu.. .. A lot of it is pretty much self-explanatory as you go along..

You Need to first CLICK ON the small white CROSS that you will see when you select a devices Window, That then brings up the Devices settings screens & you choose the “Data Source” IE: “Flow Sensor”, “Pump” &/or “Fill Level Sensor” as I’ve Selected in the Above Pic..
Choose the type of Warning you want from the Drop Down Menu’s to the right of each Device screen…….

That’s pretty much it on this Menu….

You now need to Select the “ALARMS ACTIONS” Menu from the Main Aquaero 5 Tab as shown Below….

After selecting the “Alarm Actions” Menu it brings up the Alarm Actions setting screen. To choose an Action “Click” on the small White Cross (2.) in the top right hand corner of the particular Warning your setting up (there are many to choose from) & then Select from the drop down Window that pops up the Action you want the Alarm to take (3.) as above…

That’s pretty much it for a quick look at the Alarm Setting Up Business..
Have a play around & when you find a setting that works for your particular needs.. Remember to Export a Settings Log.. Then if, while your experimenting & things go badly wrong… You can quickly get things back to Normal by Importing a Good Saved Settings Log …

FINALLY!!!!.. I’m going show you a quick Look & Set Up run down of Calibrating the Integrated “Fill Level Sensor” that is in this Ehiems 600 Ultra Pump Control Module & Fill Sensor device…

First up A quick Pic to remind you which part of the Device is the “MPS” Fill Level Sensor..

Again this is all done through the Aquasuite 2012 Software & I have it connected through both the Aquabus & Via USB…

Your going to need a ruler/tape measure of some kind for measuring the fluid level & size of your Reservoir for the purpose of Calibrating the Fill Level Sensor…

Now to Calibrate the Fill Level Sensor you will Need the Device Connected to the Mother board internal USB..

DO NOT Think that because the Ehiems Pump & Control Module is Connected Via the USB that the “MPS” Fill Level Sensor is also Connected already… It isn’t!!!!..

You need to have the MPS Sensor connected through it’s own USB connection OK…

So!!... Now we got that straight lets crack on with Calibrating the Fill Level Sensor..

Select the “MPS” Main Menu Tab that shows up on the Aquasuite 2012 Main Page (I labelled mine with “GPU Fill Level” as shown in above pic..
From the screen that pops up you may need to Select the Particular Device you want this MPS Sensor to represent from the Drop down menu at top of screen as above.. (the MPS Sensors can be used as a Pressure Sensor or as a Fill Level Sensor) You need to select the “Level Sensor 40” from the list (This particular Pump & Control Modules Integrated MPS Sensor is the 40 type)..
Once you’ve selected which Sensors this is we now need to get that Tape I mentioned earlier to be able to Calibrate the Sensor..

You need to Measure from the bottom of the Fluid in the Reservoir to what is/would be it’s fullest Level…. Also Take note off the Present Fluid Level…. As below…

I Put my readings as “Full Level” being 135mm & the present “Fluid Level” being 130mm.. These two measurements need to be inserted into the Sensor..

After you put your measurements into their corresponding boxes from the “Sensor Calibration” Window, As above…..

You Simply Click on the “Calibrate” button to the right of the measurement boxes & very quickly the Sensor measures the Head Pressure in the reservoir & gives you a percentage reading as a present Level Mark.. & that’s it Job done…

I already briefly showed the setting of an Alarm through the Aquabus for a “Fill Level Sensor” along with the Pump & Flow meter a wee bit back along.. It’s a simple case of putting into the Alarm setting the values that you want the Alarm to go off for you IE: “A Warning say at 75%” & A “full Alarm goes off when the Level reaches 50%” or so… Again this is my preferred method to set the Alarms Via the Aquabus…

You also should note!!!... You can only use the “MPS Fill Level Sensor” on this Module if you use a Aqualis Res with Pump Adapter Base Like These Aquacomputers have now bought out a fountain effect Res Adapter base that has an additional "Side facing center inlet port" which is required for the fountain effect..

I’m sorry this has rambled on abit & Hope it’s not too confusing….. But I wanted to try & make it as straight forward and easy to follow without going overboard on every little detail…

One more thing to remember before I go… When your connecting up the Aquaero’s or the other AC Aqualis Gear… Make sure the units are turned off & not powered when your connecting or disconnecting various bits and pieces…

The Units DO NOT LIKE IT….. and you stand a good chance of damaging not only what your trying to connect but the also damage the Main Aquaero… Be careful…

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