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PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:40 pm    Post subject: THE FESER COMPANY (TFC) 360 ADMIRAL RADIATOR Reply with quote


I’m having a look at 360 Radiator today…… Not just any Radiator…. This is a Feser TFC ADMIRAL 360 RADIATOR….. The likes of which I have never seen before..
Everything about this Radiator Just SCREAMS Quality through & Through, Right down to the Packaging…. Which as it happens is where I’m going to Start Wink
So….. First up lets take alook at what your getting for your hard earned Beer Tokens by having a quick deco at the TFC Box..

It’s a busy looking box, This is handy if your waiting on parts before you can start your build….. You got something to read Very Happy….
Now although It looks busy It’s not an unpleasant looking busy!!... It’s laid out Nicely & despite being so busy is very eye catching..

The rear of the box listing the various countries features .e.t.c….

On the one side of the box is a little cut out with a plastic window to view the colour choice of Rad, the other side of the box is full & just printed up as above..

On the one end of the box you get the label & the other end is just printed up with the ADMIRAL & TFC Logo…

Lets get it opened up & see the Goodness that promises to be inside …Bounce

On opening the box your first glimpse is of the 3 Silicone Pads for 120 Fans… (They look red in the above pic because of the how the light is reflected on the Pads plastic bags for some reason) They are in fact Black as you’ll see later….

Under the bagged Silicone Pads At either end of the plastic wrapped Radiator are two blocks of polystyrene type material cushioning the Rad & eliminating any Radiator movement inside the box..

When you take out the Polystyrene padding you notice they have recesses & in one of these recesses you’ll find the three bags of three different length screws..

Here we got the three Silicone Pads & the three bags of screws that consist of “12 x 10mm mounting screws for case”….. “12 x 33mm mounting screws for 25mm fans” & a bag of “12 x 46mm mounting screws for 38mm fans”….. Very nice touch to not only having the two sizes of fan mounting screws but also the screws to mount the rad to the case Thumbup….

So now we get our first chance to handle the Radiator… &… Trust me….. It’s quite a handful!!!.... That is still just hidden from site from the thickish plastic bag covering….

NOW WE GET OUR FIRST TRUE LOOK AT THE RADIATOR!!!!........ & What a Radiator…….Very Happy ….

The Paint finish on the aluminium sides is some of the best I’ve ever seen….. & ………. The Laser Etching is also the best I’ve seen… Not in your face… But beautifully done & so clean looking along the sides of the Radiator..

The Aluminium End Caps haven’t been scrimped on either when it comes to the paint job & etching….

The beauty of all of these side & end panels are that their very easy to change should you decide to go a different coloured scheme in your build….

So!!... With that in mind, we’ll take a little closer look at the side & end panels as I unscrew and change the colours a wee bit …Smile

On each of the side panels there are four small grub screws (one at each corner) that you carefully unscrew…

Once the four grub screws have been taken out….

Carefully lift the Alu Side Panel off….

This also gives us a chance to have a look at this Ribbed Tubing that runs back & forth along the length of the Rad several times (6meters of ribbed tubing I believe is used in the construction of each Radiator)..

Now with the side panel off you can see how the tubing is laid out & the gorgeous finish to all of it… Not just the bits you can see… But coated all the way round on every tube….

It’s a simple case of now just putting the New Side Panel on in its place…

Very simple and straight forward to do Thumbup…..

Before I go on, thought I’d just show you the Fan Mounting Inserts that are pressed into the side panels….

Again… Very nicely done & great attention to detail …Thumbup

OK!!!... So let’s move on to taking an End panel of..

Unscrew the four small screws holding the end plate in place..

Once the end plate has been removed you see that even underneath the plate……

That acetate has been etched with in/out ports & flow e.t.c… Attention to detail yet again….

Here we have the sample side & end panels I was sent with the Radiator…. The finish is as good on these as it was for the main Radiator panels… These aren’t light weight optional panels It’s all made to the very high standards I’ve observed so far all along with this Radiator..

With a Nice new Red end Panel fitted it almost looks like another Rad altogether….

Let’s have a quick look at the Specs for this Gorgeous TFC Admiral Radiator….

Feser TFC Admiral 360 Triple Radiator Black : 10243

The Admiral radiator was designed, developed and built from the ground up by TFC after 2 years of hard work, research and testing of multiple prototype versions.

The Admiral radiator addresses some of the shortcomings of more traditional dual pass radiators in a few ways;
Firstly for a high cooling capacity there is a continual water path of up to 6 meters offering superior cooling. Then, due to the method of construction, the radiator tubes are strong and durable, making accidental damage to the tubes very difficult.

Another key feature is the common problem of flux and debris being left inside radiators after manufacture. Due to the unique way we manufacture our radiators, this issue is now a thing of the past, ensuring a clean, debris free installation of Admiral radiators every time.
The final unique feature to the Admiral radiators is the customisable options. We’ve designed the side plates and end caps to be removable and have produced replacement kits in other colours to help the modder customise their radiator to match their build.

We have brought the manufacturing of our Admiral radiators back to Germany. All used materials are ROHS-compliant.
Once the cores are manufactured and the side panels and end caps Laser etched the parts are assembled by hand before being flushed and pressure tested all in house at TFC. This allows us to 100% control over the quality.


Manufacturer Feser
Model Number Admiral 360


Thread Size 1/4"
Number of Ports 2
Fan Compatibility 120 mm
Fan Spacing 15mm
Fan Mounting Points Double Sided - Fans can be mounted either side
Fan Screw Thread Size M4
Fins Per Inch 11
Colour Black
Materials Stainless Steel Tubes, Aluminium Fins
Bleed Valve Screw No
Dimensions 375 x 135 x 75mm
Weight 2300g

Special Features

End & Side Plates Can Be Removed & Replaced With Admiral Mod Kit
Double Sided Fan Mounts for up to 6 Fans
Laser Etched Side and End Caps
Pre Threaded Fan Mount Points

Package Contents

1 x TFC Admiral Radiator
3 x 120mm Fan Noise Absorbers
12 x 45mm M4 Black Screws
12 x 32mm M4 Black Screws
12 x 10mm M4 Black Screws
2 x G/14" Thread Blanking Plugs

Weight: 2.60 kgs
Mnfctr Code 10243
Manufacturer Feser

Price: £ 124.99 , inc VAT 20%

There you have it….. I can Honestly say… This is the Finest, Highest Quality Radiator I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding in my hand…
Totally redesigned from the ground up by TFC and is like no other Radiator I’ve tried before. Designed & made in Germany (not china) & put together By hand & each and every Radiator is pressure tested before being passed for sale.. The Paint Finish Is the finest I’ve seen along with perfect Laser Etching & to top it all… Optional colour choices with equally well made optional Panels.

I know some will say “HOW MUCH!!!”…… & yes it is the most expensive Radiator I’ve ever seen or used, But MY GOD….. You’re getting a real thing of not just Excellent Design & Build Quality but also a Radiator that is absolutely Gorgeous to look at.. Ontop of that you’re getting an Item that is Hand Built & Tested in House for every Radiator so you can be sure that the Radiator, should you buy it is going to reach you & be pretty much perfect straight out the box…
Attention to detail & Quality of this standard does cost……….. For this reason I believe this TFC 360 Admiral Radiator is worth the money… No Question…… So much so I shall be having two of these TFC Rads in my 900D build I’m gathering parts for as we speak Smile

Is there anything I don’t like about the TFC Admiral Radiator or anything I would like to see added??....... Well!!!!... Despite my fawning & praise above, you may be surprised to learn, that……. Yeh…. Actually there is something I would have liked to have seen that I feel is maybe missing from the TFC Rad……

I would really like to see another two inlet/outlet ports placed on the Top (or Bottom) edge of the Black Acetate Blocks at the end, where we already have the inlet/outlet ports on the face of the End Block.. But that’s it, That’s all I could come up with & I know it’s knit picking & won’t make any difference if these added ports are included in future models or not as to whether I’d Buy one. I’d happily buy them with or without the extra ports.. Very Happy
I do also wonder whether & by how much the paint coating on the Tubes/Fins may or may not effect the heat transferral out of the Rad?.. Probably not alot but does make me wonder if this rad could perform even better with bare Tubes & Fins??...

I’ve had the Radiator in my review PC system for nearly a week now & I can assure you this Radiator performs “ADMIRALBLY” (See what I did there:lol:) against the HWL 360 Rad I’ve had in there for several months. There’s been no change in my temps between the two with all the same settings the only thing that did change a very little bit was the flow rate…….. & the flow rate is very slightly higher with this TFC Admiral 360 Radiator, but only by about 10l/h so no big shakes Thumbup….

I’m not sure if this 360 Admiral Radiator is the only Size that “The Feser Company” TFC produce or whether they plan on producing other sizes?.... But I would really Like to see at least a “240” Variant to Compliment This Admiral 360 Rad!!.. Maybe it could be called the “TFC 240 Vice Admiral” or perhaps “TFC 240 Commodore”??.... (you heard it here first hehe)….
For those of you that do purchase this TFC 360 Admiral Radiator I can promise you…… You Won’t be Disappointed!!......... I wasn’t….. It’s Bloody Gorgeous Very Happy….

Thanks for your time & Take Care out there Wink
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cant see the picture anymore
_________________ ij setup
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