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Aquaero 5

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:03 pm    Post subject: Aquaero 5 Reply with quote

My Aquaero 5 Review & Guide

Welcome to my BASIC GUIDE for the Aquaero 5, I hope it gives you some Idea of what this Wonderful Controller can do but most importantly, Helps those that maybe find the Aquaero a wee bit daunting at first glance & are unsure about setting up or have never used a Fan,Pump/PC Monitoring Controller before!!!!
Well it’s been nearly 18 month’s since I first wrote this Review come Guide thing. Things have moved on quite considerably with Aqua Computers & the Aquaero 5 especially in more recent months & so I thought it time I did a bit of an Update to this whole thread.
There have been many Software & Firmware updates over the last 18 months & none more important than the most recent update which we have seen the Firmware being released as a fully operational piece of Firmware & not in Beta mode any more..With these now fully functioning Aquasuite Software 2012 & Firmware 1027 V.5, Pretty much all settings can now be done much easier through the Aquasuite Software running on your Computer & because of this it means that some of the original Review/Guide I did have has now become obsolete.

So I’ve decided to trim things down & cut out the parts of the guide that are really no longer relevant..Now!!...Aqua Computers haven’t just been working very hard on the Software/Firmware of the Aquaero but have also been very busy Designing & Producing many new products to compliment the Aquaero. But!!...That's not all........

The beauty of some of these new Items… Is… That not only can they be connected to the Aquaero 5 Via the Aquabus, But many can also be run as Standalone pieces of kit. These New Pieces of kit come mostly labelled under the Name of “AQUALIS RANGE”, These include…
New Flow Meters, Fill/Pressure Sensors “MPS Sensors”, New Aqualis Range of Reservoirs, New D5 USB/Aquabus Pumps & more….
All not only look Gorgeous but are Beautifully made & just “OOZE” Quality. The Quality we have come to expect from Aqua Computers ?….

Let me begin by saying I am (Still) not an Aquaero GURU & this Review/Guide is (still) just my own opinion & experience I've had/have whilst using the Aquaero 5 & will by no means cover every aspect of setting up or everything this Controller has to offer. (I'm learning also as I go along Smile)It will however, hopefully give some of you some Idea what this unit is like, what it can do & what options it gives you in respect to controlling & monitoring your inner workings of your Puter....

Item Description Aquaero 5..Fan controller & Monitoring System

Manufacturer Aqua Computer GmbH & Co

Cost per Version...
This unit comes in three flavours and they are..


Aquaero 5 XT £141.98 inc 20%


Aquaero 5 PRO £104.99 inc 20%

& The

Aquaero 5 LT £57.29 inc 20%

I would also advise getting an:

Aquaero power connect - 24 pin ATX standby power/ATX break
£7.95 inc 20%

You'll need this to allow the AQ5 to shut puter down & for standby power for the unit...

The connector below may also be handy for connecting the above ATX standby power/ATX break (I have made my own in the past, But these are so much easier javascript:emoticon('Smile') )

£ 2.29 , inc VAT 20%

Another Item I highly recommend getting is this Aquaero 5 Water Block. It makes a tremendous difference to the amount of fans you'll be able run on a single fan Header...

£ 15.49 , inc VAT 20%

(All Pricing's correct at time of writting)


Brief description of the Aquaero 5

The PRO & XT version's both have the LCD Screen & the XT has a Touch screen, allowing you to configure the unit from the device itself & therefore meaning the unit can operate fully autonomously & doesn't need a PC or software running in the background. (although I found it to be easier to configure using the Aquasuite 2012 software, more on this later though).
Also the XT comes with the "Aqua remote" An infrared remote control, the remote is a optional extra with the Pro version, The LT version unit has no IR receiver & therefore has no use for remote control unit....

The LT version does not have a screen & therefore you will most definitely need the Aquasuite software (which you can download, link to follow later on)The LT version can now also be run as a “Slave Device” when connected to an Aquaero 5 Pro or XT Via the Aquabus connection. This gives users an Extra 4 Fan Headers & 4 Extra Temperature sensors. For now, All slave outputs are only voltage controlled. Which means the Fan header #4 on the slave device cannot be used as a PWM control as on the master unit!!...

As mentioned above the Aquaero 5 (AQ5) is an autonomous working microprocessor-controlled device. It has USB 2.0 interface, all speed parameters & sensor settings can be set & visualised in an fairly user friendly menu or even easier using the PC software (Aquasuite 2012). The graphic LC Display can display all your connected sensors & readings there from..

The key features of the Aquaero 5 consist of:

• Programmable four channel fan controller
• Graphic LC display with backlight (except LT)
• USB 2.0 and Aquabus interface
• Four fan outputs with current measurement
• Versatile control options
• Eight temperature sensor inputs
• Flow sensor input
• Universal IR receiver (except LT)
• Output for IR transmitter
• Three LED outputs
• Potential-free switch
• Two additional power outputs
• Extensive alarm options
• Acoustical alarm
• Speed signal output for status evaluation
• Expandable to a maximum of 12 fan channels (with 8 PA’s connected) OR 8 Fan Channels (with AQ LT as Slave Device).

There is also scope to add further Aqua computer products (as well as some other manufactured products) to expand the functionality of the main unit (controller).
These additional expansions are dynamically mapped into the menus & display of the main Aquaero unit, meaning those added extra's show up in the main unit rather than showing up in the individual devices, making it easy to control many sensors & settings from the one place..
The maximum number of devices you can attach to the Aquaero unit simultaneously are:(This is subject to change, to enable more devices as the software/firmware updates allow & the manufacturing of New Products grows)

• Two Aquastream XT pumps
• Eight Poweradjust 2 controllers
• One Tubemeter
• Two Multiswitches
• Aquaero 5 LT (slave device).

Many of the New “AQUALIS” Range of products can also now be connected to the Aquaero Main unit providing the “Aqualis” device has the “Aquabus” connection that enables you to connect it to the Aquaero “High Speed” Aquabus header..

The Aquasuite 2012 beta release versions have been running for over 1 year and 16 versions of beta updates.With this latest update of the Aquasuite 2012 it is now a fully pledged released Version, (This initially was V.1 but has since had 4 updates for minor bugs & glitches) & so we are now running V.5 (there may still be more minor updates to come). Once again, the new version offers an extremely large evolution from the last beta version.
The new version is now compatible and also adapted for Windows 8.
Panel series was recorded on the Aquaduct eco and per 2012 in the Aquasuite. Thus, Aquasuite 2012 has the ability to manage the following device types :

• Aquaero 5 XT, PRO and LT
• Aquastream XT
• Aquaduct XT series mark IV
• Aquaduct eco / pro series
• Poweradjust 2
• MPS series: Flow, Pressure and Level Sensors, High flow USB, Aqualis sensors and the D5-USB pump
• Tubemeter

New features incorporated the complete score for the log data of all devices. Whereby you can create all imaginable and freely configurable evaluations of specific data's.Please excuse some of the broken English (pigeon English) in this translation I did (Google) from AquaComputers write up of new features!!!.. I've tried to make it as easy & readable as I can Smile....

This device now lets you, across all collected data to be compared (E.g. temperatures of Aquastream with fan speeds from the Aquaero). The reports can be exported and saved. Also they can be accessed live in the Overview Pages with a special control on the evaluations and used as well from here. These data's are then always live updated, E.g. the last day or the last hour can be displayed.
One of the most important new features is the ability to display pages on the desktop. This is in the edit mode of the overview pages & when the enable the current desktop can be used as background of the features displayed. You can then rearrange the controls as usual and make semi-transparent E.g. for the desktop. Then through the edit mode insert the page on the desktop.
The level is located directly above the icons, this could however be used quite normal by visualizing through the Aquasuite. With this extension you can create them as an own gadget for your desktop in just a few minutes!

The processing of the overview pages have been expanded dramatically. There are now copy/paste functions, E.g. pointer tools simple size and position, and new controls to change. In addition, more properties are accessible. Also, the structure and the export of the controls has been extended. Also groups of elements can now export and import and edit their properties at the same time.
There were also significant improvements in the layer management and editing the properties. The current data structure of the elements has been improved so that they now should stay compatible for the future and is legible even in the text editor (XAML). The exchange of elements between users is also now very easily possible.
As an extremely powerful new feature has a built-in code editor now directly XAML code can be written and edited. To do this, we give access to the data sources and special converter. There are examples directly to Exchange E.g. images according to values of variables or but to display animations under certain conditions.

Example of new Gauges e.t.c from the overview page:

The above screen shot gives you an idea of the New Overview pages that are now available & pretty much all are able to be animated giving you an instant readout easy to understand with your own settings on how they are displayed..

The choices are staggering in how YOU want things to be displayed!!Example of Analysed Log Data Screen:

This Analysed Data Screen above was one I did very quickly just to show you some of the other Data/Logs that can be displayed & saved, Again these are also able to be set-up to your own style & needs.. The above quicky is just a set I did for the screen shot from my 800D PC I use for writing my Reviews (so it doesn't have the extra Aquaero LT or power adjust fitted, Those are in the PC I use for just reviewing) this is showing the CPU water temp at it's hottest (leaving the CPU Block) & at it's coolest (leaving the Rad)..

More on how to set these up in up coming set-up guides....Always trying to keep abreast of the times about new updates and information, Aqua Computers have also incorporated a RSS reader for a dedicated channel to the Aquasuite & on this page will send new updates, enhancements, and information about devices.Overall the Aquasuite 2012 now has many more features revised and is a great improvement to the beta versions.
Many small bugs were fixed.(The Aquasuite 2013 AC plan to implement some more major functional areas and provide a first beta available early 2013). The new firmware means there is big news for the Aquaero with additions to many minor improvements:

One pretty big addition is, you can now have an Aquaero LT now as a slave Aquaero via a firmware update re-flash. This then can serve as an extension for the Aquaero and be bound by Aquabus. This extension then allows the master Aquaero control a total of 8 fan channels and another 4 additional temperature sensors available.
For the Aquaero 5 and the mark IV Aquaduct this means they can be read immediately via the internal log data. These are synchronized with a smart function with the database of the Aquasuite. So the Aquasuite and the capture of the log data to not be constantly in operation. Also you can now read the event logs status messages (alerts) the devices, and shown in the Aquasuite!.

Aquaero and Aquaduct:

The functionality in the area of the overview pages was greatly expanded. With the new Aquasuite, load your own pages in the Aquaero and define special pages for idle and standby. Also, the lighting is now activated in case of an alarm.Below is a detailed list of all important changes and new features:-

Module of log data for all devices unlocked:
• Live export of any data as XML or as a shared memory file
• Comprehensive log data configuration of all device data in the overall system
• Evaluation of the data in the Aquasuite
• Evaluations are saved and set the mountable flag in the overview pages

Overview pages:

• All elements can be configured easily
• Revised all setting dialogs
• Edit mode is enabled now directly through the navigation (padlock icon)
• Selection of the controls can be done with the mouse, or the SHIFT key

Possible using Mouse:
Selection from left to right-> only items within the selection Mouse box: Selection from right to left-> intersection of elements with the selection Mouse box:
Shift/CTRL key, is the selection of existing controls possible

• Items that are selected, have a border.
• Elements as a group can be moved.
• Items with the mouse in the size can be changed.
• Context menu outside of elements to the import, export and copy elements
• Elements can be copied between the overview pages.
• Group functions to delete, move, copy, paste and basic properties of the elements.
• Multiple properties marked elements at the same time can be changed.Modified properties are applied to all selected items
• The overview pages are now stored in an easily readable XMl format.
• User-defined item revised
• Several templates for possible elements with simple examples
• Data connection to device data possible
• New code editor to direct edit and check the XAML controls
• In edit mode, the following buttons can be used:
CTRL + c/v: copy/paste
ENF: Delete
+: New item
Cursor: In the grid, move
• Double clicking on an item will now directly open the settings dialogue
• Bar graph: Now horizontal and vertical positioning possible.
• New control: gauge: The gauge can be designed very freely. In addition to the colours and fonts, scale values (main and secondary scale) can appear as also the size and form, as well as the angle of the display. Also, the previous display area (statistics) can be displayed. A better scale to represent colour marked areas.


• Overview pages on the desktop are displayed
• Edit direct on a copy of the desktop background allows precise placement of Special modifications for specific devices:

Aquaero 5 & Aquaduct mk4 Current alert is now available for the overview pages, Stored system messages are now viewable from the Aquasuite, Log data from the device can be configured and used, Log data can be synchronized with the internal database of the Aquasuite.
AC Fixed an error in the setting of Curves Slave firmware for Aquaero LT, thus it is possible to operate the Aquaero 5 LT as a slave device by using the Aquabus from a Master Aquaero 5 XT or PRO..

The Slave-Aquaero 5 LT uses the Temperature channels 1-4 & are registered as Power Adjusts (providing you attach Temp sensors to them), These will have the ID Addresses of 50,51,52 & 53 These temperature sensors can be transferred in addition to the 8 sensors from the "Master Unit"..
If you attach any "Power Adjusts" separately you will need to give these the ID Addresses of 54,55,56 & 57 as the first four power adjust ID's are taken from the slave Aquaero.

Changes profiles: (only about Aquaduct, Aquaero 5 PRO and XT can be used) It is loaded after the start now getting the first profile About the events or the device profile can be changed directly ...

For this review I was initially using the Aquaero 5 XT & 1 x Aquaero Power Adjust 2 Ultra. But now for this re-write of the review I’m using an Aquaero 5Pro, 2 x Aquaero Power Adjust 2 Ultra's & an Aquaero 5 LT as a slave device.

I will be adding & connecting other Items (Aqualis Range, D5 Pump e.t.c) as we go & as I receive and connect these New items I will update not only this Thread but also put links in that will take you to each New Device added, & that in turn, will take you to a Review & Set-up Guide for each of those new Devices added!!!..

The packaging & accessories

All in all the contents are nicely packed in a not to large a box as in some cases & at first glance you may say...."Is that it"!!!!!.......But this little bit of kit will do an awful lot for it's size.....

So lets have a closer look at what you get in the box

First up is the paperwork Smile......

You get a Pink slip of paper with an Important Notice, one side is in English the other side German.It just tells you that to avoid further delays in shipping the unit, they have decided ship before the Windows software "Aquasuite 2012" was ready.But don't let that worry you, as they have now released for download the firmware & software for the unit, the latest Software Aquasuite 2013/Firmware 1030 V.2 are now fully functional & not in Beta any longer.
So Far the New Firmware has worked pretty flawlessly for me. I’m certain there will still be more updates to come in the not distant future as & when new functionality are added or altered.
This piece of pink paper also gives some information on the Power Adjust 2's firmware e.t.c... The USER & INSTALLATION MANUAL is also written in the first half of the booklet in English & the second half is in German..
Don't think this Manual will give you to many instructions on setting the Aquaero 5 up!!... It doesn't I'm afraid, It's very very sparse on settings E.t.c. It just pretty much shows the connections & the pin layout as to what gets connected where...

The Aquaero Remote Control Unit (which imho is a great touch & really is a welcome piece of kit). While you are able to set-up the AQ5 using it's touch screen/panel without too much trouble & abit of patience.
Because of the Now fully functioning Aquasuite 2012 Software & latest Firmware updates 1030 V.2 It is now much easier to set the unit up through the Aquasuite 2013 Software on your Computer screen…

So.....What's left in the box?.......... Well you get:
• 4 x Temperature sensors 70cm
• 1 x Internal USB connection cable 100cm
• 1 x Aquabus/Speed signal cable
• 4 x Drive bay screws


I’ve kept this following Face plate changing Guide included in this updated Review as it’s still relevant for those that want to change the face plate..

Now as most of you probably already know, Aqua Computer in their wisdom have decided that the Aquaero5 ship with a silver face plate & that if you wanted a black facia you have to order one as an optional extra!!! Now to me this is just a wheeze to get more of your hard earned drinking vouchers, as I'm sure I'm not the only one that has noticed...... Most cases I've ever seen are Black, so you'd think the standard face plate would be black & not silver...

I know Not all puters are black, but I'm pretty sure that most are & maybe Aqua Computers should consider giving you the choice from the ordering pages to have one shipped with the desired face plate of your choice, either a Black one or a Silver one... Just my two penneth's worth there Wink...

OK!! So you decide to go & Order the OPTIONAL Extra of a Black face plate, This means that you then have to change the face plate yourself, So What!!!...I hear you cry...Nothing to difficult there is there?... Well no there isn't really, It's very easy infact.... It's also very easy for the thing to quite literally to fall apart when you do!!! So just a word of warning here about changing the Face Plate..... Be careful..... When you unscrew the four Hex Screws located one on each corner as your looking at the screen of the AQ5

Better to do this on a firm surface rather than just holding the unit in your hands on your lap, because once you get the screws out, the two Metal drive bay side holders fall off completely & as you take the screws completely out be very careful you don't loose the four little white spacers that sit under the screen between it & the PC board behind (which is only held in place by a small set of strip pin connectors on one side, once the screws are out this is all that’s holding the screen to the PC board behind).....

You have been warned :p...

& that's it... when all four screws are out you simply just swap the Face & reassemble the unit in reverse to how you took it apart Smile

Lets have a closer look now at the Main Unit & how I have connected it for my particular set-up

Ok lets take a look at whats around the backside of the AQ5.....

As you can see Aqua Computers have very kindly put a label on the back giving you a rough Idea of where each connection is located, There is also a drawing of the layout in the little manual that comes with the unit.

At the time & when I first wrote this I just had the stock fin cooler attached to the Fan Header VRM's. I now have the Aqua computer Aquaero Water block fitted (strongly recommend you get this water block if you plan on running more than 2 fans per unit Fan headers)
This is not quite so critical for the Pa’s as they have a large stock cooler already & I’ve not had any issues so far with PA’s getting overly hot.

Now lets get some kit attached to this Aquaero....

I would strongly advise also that you label your leads that are being connected to the unit, It can get very confusing otherwise (depending on how much your attaching of course)

With the "Power Adjust" add ons, you can purchase drive bay facia mounts for these & each drive bay facia will hold 3 Power Adjust's or you can if you don't have the spare drive bays, attach the PA2's to anywhere inside the case you have room & all the leads reach...

As you can see below, I have my PA2 attached inside my hot swap drive bay Smile....

The PA2 also gives you the option of adding more fans, flow meter/pump & heat sensor, as each PA offers you 25W per PA & as stated earlier you can in fact attach a maximum of 8 extra PA's to the main unit giving you 12 fan headers in Total....Now!!!!....

With just the Stock fin cooler on the AQ5 I wouldn't recommend connecting more than 2>3 fans per header (dependant on power draw you may not be able to get more than 1 on each header) the reason behind this, is that there are only four fan VRM chips that control the fan headers, so a pair of fans to each VRM.. Got it?? Now these VRM's can get abit warm to say the least & once the VRM temps get to 95°c it racks the fan speed to maximum (no matter what you have set the fan parameters at) until the temp comes down again..
It seems the fans draw more power when they are running at lower speeds than there maximum (I don't understand why or how that happens, it just does). So unless your going to watercool the VRM's I'm afraid your going to be limited to how many fans you can attach to each header.So!!!..

If you want to add the Water Block straight away here's my little look at how the fitting of it worked out for me:..


Earlier I mentioned the Water Block for the Aquaero 5 & Below is a short Guide on how to fit one should you need help..

Aquacomputer Waterblock for the Aquaero 5 Controller

Overall impressions of the Block are that it's quite a hefty lump of copper & seems to be machined nicely, Nothing fancy or complicated but non the less, Quite a Nice block.. ALTHOUGH!!!!! The G¼" Hole spacing could do with being One or Two Millimeters further apart... (more on this later)...
Anyway lets take a quick look at it :

Here we have the Block itself plus Thermal Pad & NYLON Screws that come in the package (no instructions get shipped, Well they didn't when I fitted this block. This might have changed now I don't know sorry, I've not purchased one since this one more than 24 months ago now at least)..
But it's not too difficult to be honest, Just a bit of care is needed and you'll be fine Smile..
First I'll keep the Review part of the cooler for the Guide as it can help showing the different milled areas that need to be placed on the Fan VRM's of the Aquaero PC Board...

Here we have the underside view (the part that sits on the AQ5's VRM's) The bottom of the Block

& The Top edge of the Block

Here's an inside view (certainly not much flow restriction here Smile)

Now!!!..As mentioned earlier above, The G¼" hole spacing on this are pretty close together, So much so, that I had to purchase a 45° x ¼" Bitspower Rotary compression fitting to go beside a Standard ¼" Straight compression fitting...

Here's a couple of pics to explain abit clearer.... With 2 x Straight Standard Compressions I was unable to screw the locking shroud down completely Sad

It was at this point that I ordered the 2 Bitspower compression's thinking these would fit better as their overall diameter is slightly smaller than the Standard fittings, I ordered 1 x 45° Rotary & 1 x Straight..... Unfortunately....... The Straight Bitspower fitting needs to sit flush with what ever it's being screwed into, But the Aqua Block has these two Hex screws on the top holding a plate that the fittings screw down onto (the copper is being protected by this plate from what ever your screwing into it)...

If I had had a decent file I may well have just filed the AQ block Hex screws to make these fit (hindsight is a wonderful thing;)...Anyway I decided to try a Standard straight compression fitting (as it stands alittle proud of the plate unlike the Bitspower fitting which sits flush to the plate) along side the 45° angled Bitspower fitting

As you can see here, with the Standard straight fitting the screw down shroud should go far enough down to seal the tubing nicely Smile..It seems Aquacomputer's made this Block for BARB fittings by the look of it IMO Smile....

IMPORTANT!!!!!...... I would advise putting the Compression fittings on before you attach the Block to the PC Board....

OK!!... So now we come to the fitting of this block to the AQ5.. It's pretty straight forward to be honest, just the usual Being CAREFUL handling the PC board, not bending pins or flexing the board to much...You get my drift Smile...

First of, you need to flip the AQ5 over onto it's Screen, then take out the 4 small corner Hex screws. Here I've taken out the top corner screw & below you see the last screw that needs to come out..

CAREFULLY!!!! disconnect the PC Board from the back of the screen (its held with a strip pin connector to one side).

Once you have the PC Board disconnected flip it over & underneath you will see the 3 x Screws that are holding the Stock Heatsink in place

Unscrew these....&....

Off comes the jolly old Stock Cooler Smile & sitting underneath are those pesky little VRM's..Give em a wipe down to clear any residue Thermal pad left behind..

Cut & Place new Thermal Pads

Then place your Nice New Shiny Waterblock down onto the Board...INSURING the block cut-outs fit the board layout (it will only go one way for a snug fit)..

USE the NYLON SCREWS Supplied (not the steel screws that held the original stock cooler on...there too long!!!) DO NOT try too over tighten these Nylon screws (you'll strip the threads), just nip them up firmly...

*Note*... The type of Water block mounting screw may well have changed now as I did this nigh on Two years ago & Aquacomputer may have replaced these with metal mounting screws?....

Now just put the whole thing back together using the provided fixing screws remember!!!, So!... with your new Block in place you should end up with something like this....Very Happy

Put the Unit back together carefully, Remember..It's a good bit heavier now with the solid copper block & compression fittings all fitted!!!

So...There you have it, One Aquaero 5 with Water block fitted all ready for placement into your PC..... Just needs you too connect up your Fans, Pumps, Flow Meters, Temperature Sensors E.t.c E.t.c e.t.c Smile


You've now got it all connected up & your itching to get it turned on & start playing!!!...

Just a quick bit of advice before you get too excited :p....

I highly recommend you get the latest driver, @ the time of writing this the Software Aquasuite 2013/firmware version is 1030 V.2 pick your required driver from here :

You will also need the Microsoft.NET Framework 4 Installed before you install the Aquasuite 2013

Once you have downloaded & installed the Latest Driver/Firmware...

Click the desktop shortcut and launch Aquasuite 2013, you should now be looking at something like this:

Now!!.. Because this is the first start of Aquasuite we really need to update the firmware, go back to the first menu screen & click on the "AQUAERO 5" Tab Then the "SYSTEM" Tab Then click on the "Firmware Update/Factory Defaults" Tab you should now see something like this:

Next you need to Click on the "UPDATE FIRMWARE NOW" Tab & the update should start as below shows:

Once the update has done it's thing and got to it's 100%...You'll hear a Single loud BEEP & the "Aquasuite needs to shut down for the update to be completed" Box pops up... Click OK!!... As Below:

Aquasuite will now shut down and all fans e.t.c connected to the Aquaero will go to 100% (before you re-set them or load a saved profile)....That's the Aquaero & Aquasuite Firmware/Software updated respectively. Now..Re Start the Aquasuite from the Desktop Short cut & you should have something like is Pictured Below...

Yeh I know there's not alot there is there?..Although you will have in the bottom left hand corner an RSS feed which will tell you what updates have been implemented with this update.......

Click on the Aquaero 5 Tab You should now have something like this :

From here is where you can monitor & make some changes to your attached Fans, Flow Sensors, change date & time e.t.c e.t.c...Try it!!......Click the Fans Tab.... You should now see something similar to this (depending on what fans e.t.c you have attached:

By Clicking on the ADVANCED SETTINGS Tab (as Below) Allows you to set up your fans according to their specifications IE: Max RPM, Start boost, RPM or Power controlled e.t.c..

If you see something similar then things are looking good so far Smile....

Next up you'll be wanting to set your Fans up so their doing their job EXACTLY as you want them, So they ramp up the RPM & therefore the cooling capabilities AUTOMATICALLY as your CPU & or your GPU temperatures increase & decrease depending on what your doing with said PC Smile....


For this setting up of the Fans to the Temps I'll show you how to set up a Curve Control!!!....

First of all, Launch the Aquasuite 2013 Software (if you had it closed) Click on the "AQUAERO 5" Tab from the Start Menu (on the right of the screen) & Then click on the "CONTROLLER" Tab from the drop down menu that appeared when you clicked the Aquaero 5 Tab.

You should then get the following screen

You should be looking at the Aquaero preset "Preset Value" (top) & LED Control (bottom).. If you don't have LED's connected through the Aquaero then you can Delete this pre-set control by clicking the RED X If you do happen to have LED's connected then you can leave this for as is...

To set up your first CURVE CONTROL you will need to Click the white + inside the circle at the top right hand of the screen, This being the "ADD OUTPUTS" Menu button.

From the "Controller" Box that pops up after you click the "ADD OUTPUTS" button

Select the "CURVE CONTROL" Setting & then Click OK...

If you scroll down past the "preset Value" & "LED Settings" You should have Your First "Curve Controller" Set up page in view as below

In the above Picture I have Highlighted & Numbered which Data Sets you need to select in order for the curve control to operate..

First select the "Data Source" for purpose of this review this is the HOT water temp leaving the CPU Block (this could also be from the CPU Die itself if preferred, more on how we do that later).

Second you need to Select the "Output Data Source" again for this review these will be the Fans attached to the Radiator, Select the "Output Data Source" + for each Fan/Fans you have attached to your Rads..

Below is a quick example of how it could look...
Notice there are now readings in each of the "Data Sources" Box's & that your Fans should now have slowed down to near to what is set in the "Curve Controller" preset window...

You can now start to Play around/Tweak the preset settings to get your desired settings for your particular needs. This can be achieved by selecting either setting of Each "Point" on the screen or using the "Number settings" in the bottom right of the window OR by simply Using the "Linear > Progressive" Slider at the bottom of the screen.. as seen below:

And that is basically it for Setting up your First Curve Control to cool your CPU..

Once you have things running as you like it for your CPU set-up, It's a good idea to save things by clicking on the little Picture of a Data Disc in the "Aquaero 5" Tab on the Main Menu next to a little "COG" picture.
Each time you click the little "DATA DISC" on the Aquaero 5 Tab it saves the current Aquasuite settings completely (all settings)...

The Setting up of a "Curve Control" for your GPU Temps is done in exactly the same way by repeating the procedure of pressing the "ADD OUTPUTS" Icon ( right hand, white + in circle) and then adding the Data from the "Source" first GPU (Hot) & then select the "Output" Source as the GPU cooling Fans...
You can have upto 4 Curve controls set at the same time.....

Well that's it for Now for what is going to be a Fairly Large List of How to Guides!!!....
I want to make this as easy to follow as I can & because there are going to be several different "How to Guides"... Like saving your settings you've spent ages over setting up everything IE. Alarms, Curve Controls, Flow Meters, Pumps E.t.c E.t.c, You'll want to save all those settings into one easy file (not the soft save you get when you save Via the little Data Disc (the one in the "Aquaero 5" Tab)...
You want a file that the Aquasuite can Import should you need to uninstall or reset Aquasuite..

So before I finish for tonight I'll Quickly tell you how to SAVE a "Profile Settings" File, that you can IMPORT back into the Aquasuite should you either update the firmware or need to re-set the Aquasuite/Aquaero 5.
To do this you need to First Select "SYSTEM" from the "Aquaro 5 Tab" & then Select "SETTINGS" from the List of Menu's in the following page

You then Just simply Click on the EXPORT SETTINGS Tab. Either stick with the Default save or select a different spot of your choice (Be sure to remember where you place this saved file if you go this route mind!!).. Personally, I always leave it on the Default setting, As then Aquasuite knows Exactly where it is without you needing to locate it first.....Just saying...Wink..

To IMPORT a Saved "Profile Settings" File, you Click on the "IMPORT SETTINGS" Tab, You can then Import the Saved Settings File you wish..

There you Have it Again...... Smile......

Easy ain't it... & nothing to be afraid of Very Happy...

As I said I want to try & keep this as easy to follow as possible (& considering I've not done anything like this before, It doesn't come easy on how to set it up for the best).. I've Opted to go for a Guide Listing or Menu type listing for each type of Set up That I've used in the Aquasuite for the particular Setting or New Cooling Item Added This would also be for any Added piece of Aqua Computers Aqualis Range or added Extra component that would also have a Review as well as Guide to setting the Item up.
These Added Items I can only Review as & when I can get them... So you may need a bit of Patience for some of the Reviews & Guides...

In the end I hope to have A fairly comprehensive but simple list of Guides E.t.c that will Link to each Item or Component with it's own Review/Guide along with an easy to follow set of screen shots showing each stage of setting up a particular Component, It's different settings (depending on how it's connected, to either the Aquaero or as a Stand alone piece), Setting up Alarms to setting up some rather nice "Overview Pages" like shown at the start of this thread!!..
Hopefully there will be alot to come in the not too distant future with more How to Guides to setting up the Aquasuite but also some of the AquaComputer Aqualis Range....I hope you didn't find this too long winded, But I felt I needed to get the First Two or Three things that are important to getting people Started with what is a very comprehensive bit of Monitoring & Controlling Equipment..

I can't think of any other piece of PC kit that will do what these Aqua Computer Aquaero 5's (even more with the Optional Added Components) can Monitor or Control & give you such comprehensive read outs on what's going on in your Expensively filled PC.. For total piece of mind on that score I don't believe this unit can be beat!!... IMO Wink...

When your connecting up the Aquaero’s or the other AC Aqualis Gear… Make sure the units are turned off & not powered when your connecting or disconnecting various bits and pieces…

The Units DO NOT LIKE IT….. and you stand a good chance of damaging not only what your trying to connect but the also damage the Main Aquaero… Be carefull…

What if you run your PC with just Air Cooling, I hear you ask?.....


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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:22 pm    Post subject: Software Sensors Set up for Controling an Air Cooled set-up Reply with quote

Next we'll move onto Setting up the Aquaero for those of you that aren't water cooling but using AIR Cooling..... (Although it is exactly the same process if your water cooling also)

This is where the Aquaero/Aquasuite SOFTWARE SENSORS come in very handy.....

Here's my Guide to get you up & running with setting up some SOFTWARE SENSORS ......

The Aquaero/Aquasuite Software Sensors are basically Temperature Readings that the Aquasuite gets from your Mother Board Temp Sensors, Which in turn means your able to Monitor the CPU (individual cores), GPU, RAM, Motherboard e.t.c e.t.c Chips Directly through a Third party Software Program that then relays the readings to the Aquaero/Aquasuite.

This then means that your able to use the Monitoring & Controlling capabilities of the Aquaero to have full control over your Fan Air Coolers & also the Case fans e.t.c. I even used the Aquaero for Monitoring & Controlling the CoolerMaster Seidon 120M all in one Kit I did a review for a few weeks back & it worked fantastically at keeping the Seidon Cooler running at it's best with minimal fan speed & still able to cool a well OC'd i7 860...

First of all your going to need that Third party Software Program I mentioned above...

For this the Aquasuite needs either OPEN HARDWARE MONITOR V. 0.5.1 beta or AIDA64 EXTREME EDITION . The "Open Hardware Monitor" (OHM) software is FREE (or you can donate if you wish) & the "Aida64 Extreme Edition" (Aida64) is a PAID for License (look for special deals)..

To begin with you need to Download & Install which ever of the above two you choose to go with (I personally use both, but mostly I use the Aida64 as it has many more functions to it than the OHM).. Either one will display most Temperature Readings that we use for the Aquaero, Namely the CPU's, GPU's, Motherboard & Ram as well as the other, So take your pick.. Smile...

Once you've Installed either Aida64 or OHM open it so it's running on your desktop & follow the guide below (It's easy) & everything should be tickity booo....


First we need to set which bits of hardware you want to Monitor.

From the FILE Menu Select "HARDWARE" & a Tick in the box of each bit of Hardware you wish to monitor as Below:

Next we Need to make sure that OHM is Loaded at Windows Start up (it needs to load before Aquasuite)
So, Select OPTIONS Menu & make sure you put a Tick in the "Run on Windows Startup", The other three selections above this are optional as below, I personally have all four ticked as I find that works for me Smile..

Thats pretty much it for setting up "Open Hardware Monitor" ready for you to set the Aquasuite up to use it.... That follows this following Aida64 set up guide...


We first need to set up Aida64's Temp sensors you want to Monitor..

First: Open Aida64 on your desktop & Under FILE Select PREFERENCES...

Second: Under Preferences find & Expand the "Hardware Monitoring" Menu then Select "External Applications".
Third: Make sure you Tick the box next too "Enable Writing Sensor Values to WMI".
Fourth: Scroll Down the pop up Window until you find the "Temperatures" Menu & Tick each box for each Sensor (ie: CPU, GPU, Ram e.t.c) you want the Aquasuite to recieve, As below.....

With the Sensors all sorted we now need to insure that Aida64 starts up with Windows as with OHM..

Go back & Select the "GENERAL" Tab, Make sure you put a Tick in the "Load AIDA64 at Windows Start Up" (the other choices are up to you & your preferences) & Click OK...

You now have AIDA64 all set for the Aquaero Aquasuite 2012... Smile...

Setting up Aquasuite 2012 Software Sensors!!

Start Aquasuite 2012 & Open the Aquaero 5 Menu... You need to then Select the "SENSORS" Tab to bring up the Sensor Settings Menu.
Next click on the "Software Temperature Sensors" Menu, As below...

This should bring up the "Software Temperature SensorS" Setting up screen, As below...

If you now click on the First "Software Sensor #1" from the list of eight from the left hand window, This will then expand the window to the right enabling you to activate that Sensor. Click the "MODE" Tab & be sure to select "Sensor Enabled", As below...

Once the Sensor has been Enabled you need to next Tick the "Use Sensor with Aqua Computer Service" box.
Next you need to Click on the "SELECT DATASOURCE" button to bring up a the List of the Temperature Readings you chose to transfer from either Aida or OHM when you set these up at the beginning..

So, Select which Sensor from the pop up window to the left, As below & thats it!!...

Save your settings Via the small "Disc" Icon on the Aquaero 5 Menu Tab

Just do the same again for each Sensor you want to Monitor, Be it a CPU Air Cooler or all in one Water cooled unit (like the Coolermaster Seidon 120M), Inside Case Temps to adjust the flow of air through the case e.t.c... If you have PWM fans on your CPU cooler be sure to attach these to the #4 Fan Header on the Aquaero 5 (use a spilter cable if more than one fan no problem)...

It's the same process for either OHM or AIDA64...

Once you have done all the setting up, I find it's a good idea to re-start the Computer just to make sure everything has loaded IE: Aida64 &/or OHM, You could also have the Aquaero start up with windows if you want to, but it's not neccesary & down to personal choice..

After setting up these "Software Sensor" Settings you can now atribute them to a say a "Curve Control" to control the Cooler fans or with some carefully placed Blade Temp sensors set up how your PC shifts the air through your case e.t.c e.t.c..
When you've gotten things pretty much as you like it & saved a "Setting Profile" (from first post), You can have a play around to finally tune your settings without to much fear of screwing things up Totally..... Because if you do make a right hash of things while doing some fine tweaking, It's a simple to task to then re-load that saved "Settings File" & be back on safe ground so to speak.... Giving the oportunity to give it another bash!!.. Smile

Thanks for having a deco & hope it helps...


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

NEW AQUASUITE FIRMWARE & SOFTWARE RELEASED...... Aquasuite 2013 V.3...... Firmware 1033


If you Save your settings "PROFILE" to a New folder (you can place it anywhere, Like on the desktop or your documents folder e.t.c) & not too to the Aquasuite Default folder, You won't loose all your settings e.t.c as in some cases the Aquasuite has overwritten the previously saved Profiles in the default save folder!!..

So.... Just make a new folder (temporally if you wish just for the update or keep it what ever the choice is yours Smile).. Save your Profile to this new folder & then simply Import this folder after the Firmware update & all your settings should be carried over to the new Aquasuite V.3.. Although you will need to just rename any Menu Tabs that you may have added Personal Names to previously, But from what I've seen in my set-ups that's the only thing I've had to re-do after the Update...

You May/Will also need to Update any MPS devices connected to the Aquaero e.t.c.. These should be updated to Firmware Version 1007 This includes the USB D5 pumps which are also listed as MPS Sensors...

I've not come across any issues myself yet with this new update & everything has gone smoothly for me, Hopefully you'll all have a smooth run also... Good Luck & Enjoy

Below I've posted the changes & enhancements that Aqua Computers have incorporated into this Update as taken from Shoggy's Post

Shoggy's post....

This version is already prepared for the aquaero 6. The shipping of these devices will start tomorrow. Version 3 contains some new features while some others have been improved. Also the aquaero 5 profits from these changes since software-wise it uses pretty much the same base.

Here is a list of the changes:

New features

•The aquaero 6 has been integrated
•The curve controller settings have been completely over-worked. The handling has become more intuitional and offers more options, also inverted curves are possible now.
•For Windows 8.1 a feature has been added which disables the "selective suspend" mode for USB (only for the specific device). This will solve the problem that the aquastream XT restarts several times without a reason.

Changes and bug fixes in the aquasuite

•Some information sites and texts have been changed and harmonized
•Scaling and displaying problems with the gauge element have been fixed
•The gauge element can also show a scaling below 1 now
•The option to change the data source only shows valid data sources now
•Some users had problems that all not all menu entries on the left were available. This has been fixed.
•It is no longer possible to create faulty configurations when more than one device is attached to the PC
•Graphic bug in Windows 8 has been fixed
•Aqua Computer D5 USB pumps (aquabus) are available in the pump menu now
•D5 pump data are available in the overview pages now
•The rotation speed of the aquastream XT is available now (when connected via aquabus)

Firmware changes

•MPS (flow and pressure sensors)
- There have been small aberrations for the temperature sensor at about 30°C. This has been fixed.
•aquaero 5/6 and aquaduct mk IV/V
- Improvements for the stability of the USB communication
- Accelerated USB communication, especially when used with larger data blocks like log data or upcoming firmware updates
- Visual glitches on some display pages have been fixed
- Constant value controller: only the first eight controllers have been taken into account. This problem is solved now.
- MPS temperatures internal/external were swapped. Has been fixed.
- When displaying the power consumption it had the wrong title bar. Has been fixed.
- Timer: the internal handling has been changed so it will not happen anymore that the aquaero might skip an event under specific circumstances.
- Curve controller settings on the device: it was possible to generate invalid curves. Has been fixed.
- It was possible that the device tries to use a larger display area than the real available area. This has been fixed.
- A downgrade of the firmware is not possible anymore. It is also not possible when the recovery mode is used.
•Remote control
- Buttons for mouse, volume and mute are available in all modes now
- Mode selection between PC and aquaero has been changed
- The icon for the selected mode will be only visible in the PC mode now

All the Best & Enjoy Peeps

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