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Aqualis Compact Pump & Control Module 600 Ultra!!

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:56 pm    Post subject: Aqualis Compact Pump & Control Module 600 Ultra!! Reply with quote


Aqualis 1/4" Thread Compact Pump & Control Module 600 Ultra
With a
Fill Level Sensor

I’m having look at the Aqua Computer Aqualis Ehiems 600 Ultra Pump & Control Module today. This is a first for me as regards to using an Ehiems Pump & have often wondered how they performed for what is, in essence a Pretty Small Pump!!!...

So… To start off we’ll have a deco first at the usual starting point of looking at the packaging & then have gander at what your getting for your hard earned Beer Tokens…

Yup!!!... The Pump & Control Module come wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap & that’s it… Although the packaging side of things is pretty Basic to say the least, The Pump & Control Module are very well protected in their several layers of bubble wrap… Basic..but does the Job well..

As you Unwrap the the pump from it’s nest of bubbles you expose the cables & Fittings & Bracket, These are separated from touching the Pump & Controler with a layer of bubble wrap, So again no fear of the bracket or screws scratching or marking the Control Module or Pump.

The User & Installation Manuals are helpful, but by no means that easy to follow in places. Most is easy enough to follow & the stuff that isn’t quite so clear just needs a little bit of thought before it becomes clear.. This mostly relates to setting up the Fill level Sensor or Pressure Sensor. As it’s the same MPS sensor that deals with the both, For most of us it’ll be set as a Fill Level Sensor, But more on that later..

Here we have all the Cables (although I only received one USB cable, It does state on the Aqua Computer & Specialtech Shops that it should come with TWO USB cables) Mounting Bracket & Fittings along with a Pressure Cap (which you need, to be able to use the Fill Sensor that is incorporated into the Control Module that come already attached to the Ehiems 600 Ultra Pump)
Now lets have a little closer look at the Ehiems 600 Ultra Pump & Control Module…

&… This is the Pump itself Attached to the side of it’s Pump Top come Reservoir Base Adapter. The pump itself only measures 63mm(L) x 45mm(W) x 30mm(H), But it is attached to a fairly substantial Top/Reservoir Base..

Here above are the Mounting points for the Bracket

And, Here is the Base/Mounting point for an Aqualis Reservoir..

Now!!.... Because this is not just a Pump… But also a Control Module, There’s a fair bit more to this unit than being just a Pump & Pump Top Combination.. For a start, Not only does it have a control unit for the Pump but also has an integrated MPS Sensor..

Above you can see the two inlet/outlet ports for the pump top with the Aquabus/USB connection panel (face up) & the MPS Sensor (L side).
On the Pump Connection Aquabus/USB panel side of things you can see that there are several connection headers for the 12v Molex Power, The Aquabus header can also be used to connect a flow meter to (NO!!!.. Not at the same time Wink) You would only attach a Flow Meter if the unit was connected Via your PC internal USB…
If you want to control the pump through an Aquaero 5 then you would need the header for the Aquabus cable.

You also get a Fan header along with an RPM signal header (for connecting to say your motherboard CPU Fan header, for alarm settings if Pump & Controller is used as a Stand Alone unit).

The MPS Fill Level Sensor above is pretty self-explanatory as regards connections really. Although I will point out that if your going to use this Via the Aquabus, You can use either a 3 or 4 pin Aquabus cable, Using a 4 pin cable gives the unit power from the standby power of the Main Aquaero Unit it’s connected to.

I’m not fan of the RECESSED Inlet/Outlet ports… It can be tricky tightening up some ¼” Compression Fittings.. Which I’ll point out later..

So Now… Lets get this Unit sized up with a Res……

For the review I’ll be using an Aqua Computer Aqualis 450ml Reservoir with Pump Adapter Base & Nano Coating..

Your going to be needing one of these Reservoirs if your going to be using the MPS Fill Level Sensor… & Why wouldn’t you… Wink….
It really is simplicity in itself to fit the Ehiems 600 Ultra & Control Module to the Res…

It’s only going to fit one way… So just lign it up…

Press them together firmly but carefully….

Insert the supplied screws, making sure to tighten evenly & from corner to corner so the Res & Pump Base close up evenly & together. This will insure that the O-rings on the Base of the Res Adapter insert into the pump housings level & thus not twisting the O-rings e.t.c..

Just a case now of attaching the Mounting bracket…. The unit will need to be held up as you need to get to the Aquabus & USB Panel e.t.c that is now facing down Smile...

Then finally fitting in the case….

& Fill it with the fluid of your choice Smile...

Remember a while back I mentioned about the Recessed inlet/outlet ports & the fitting of a compression fitting!!....

If you have a deco at the right hand side of the pic above, you should be able to just make out the tiny bit of the knurled compression that is just poking above the recess… Not a lot to get a grip of when trying to tighten the compression down….

In fact, Your definately going to need one of THESE or something similar if your going to be using a Straight Compression like THESE . All the 45° & 90° Fittings I have (for 7/16" x 5/8" tubing) like THESE (as shown in above pic) & THESE do fit OK, But I still had to fit the compressions before I installed the Pump & Res into the Case as I needed to use a pair of long nosed pliers to tighten them down..
So thats something to take into consideration when ordering your fittings for this Pump & Control Module..

So!!!... Now we got the Aqualis Ehiems 600 Ultra & Control Module fitted lets see how it performs in what is a Mid to Reasonably Restrictive Test Loop which comprises of :

I have a donkey PSU that I’m using to power the pump. The Review PC's Aquaero 5 Pro is connected to my Laptop via I’ts USB. This enables me to read the GPU Loop In-line temp sensors without running the review PC so no power is going to the GPU cards & PC is turned off.

Because I have the review PC's Aquaero connected Via the standby power from the Aqua Computer Power connect & having the Aquaero connected to my Laptop Via the USB, I can read the temperature increase in the fluid when just the Pump is running, This is a pretty fair way IMO to see what heat transference is given by the pump into the loop fluid with no other thermal interferences being introduced to the loop apart from the just the pump…

That’s the beauty of having an Aquaero 5 which enables me to monitor certain sensors without it’s host PC being turned on but still being able to read the sensor readouts Via the USB to another PC Smile….

At the time of doing this review the PC set up was as follows:

2 x Nvidia GTX460 GPU’s (with Aquacomputer FXGTX460 Blocks)
1 x XSPC EX240 Rad
1 x HWL-GTS-Lite 120 rad
1 x Aquacomputer In Line Flow Meter for Aquaero Controller
1 x Aqualis Ehiems 600 Ultra & Control Module (with fill sensor)
& Numerous 45° & 90° fittings….

I decided right from the start that I wanted to find out how much heat is transferred from Pump to Loop & did this by running the Pump Via a separate power supply to the PC being used for the review & connecting the Pump Via a USB to my Laptop Computer, I was also able to do this through using the review PC’s Aquaero 5 Pro again connected to my Lappy Via the Aquaero’s USB.

Which meant I was able to run the Pump without any outside heat transference from the review PC or the GPU’s that this pump would normally be connected too, as these were all turned off while I ran just the pump & kept an eye on the Aquaero 5’s Temp sensors for the three in-line temp sensors in the GPU Loop..

There is one in-line sensor as the fluid leaves the pump from the Reservoir, the second sensor is located on the GPU’s outlet (giving the Max temps under normal use) & a Third sensor located at the outlet from the last Rad (HWL-GTS-Lite 120) before it enters the return on the Reservoir (giving the coolest readings under normal usage..

With the Pump running full power 100% for nigh on 6hrs, The fluid actually levelled out at 25.44°c after two hours & then just stayed there for another 4 hrs, So I decided to stop the Pump Heat transference test as it was obvious that the temp was not going to get any higher unless the room temp went up..

At the start of this test the:

Room temp was 22.60°c
Fluid temp on 3 sensors at start of test was 22.17°c

After 6hrs of running the pump:

Room temp was 22.68°c
Fluid temp on 3 sensors at end of test was 25.44°c

So an increase of around 3.27°c over 6 hours (although the Max temp was infact reached after just 2hrs I left the pump running to see if the fluid temp increased anymore over time. It hadn’t moved after reaching the 25.44°c max).

Remember that no Fans were running although the fluid was still being passed through the 240 & 120 Rads which is probably the reason that the fluid found it’s max temp & was kept there because of the passive cooling that was going on as the fluid ran through the Rads (I’m guessing to be honest but I think that’s whats happening & why the temp doesn’t keep going up over time past a certain point)..

Setting the pump up is simplicity itself IMO Whether your using it as a Stand alone unit using the USB connection & controlling it through the free Aquasuite 2012 Software or if you connect it Via the Aquaero 5 Aquabus & use the Aquasuite software..

Below are just a couple of screen shots showing the setting up screens from the Aquasuite 2012 software (Guide to setting up the Pump & Fill Level Sensor)..

The above two pics show the Pump set up screen from the main Aquaero 5 Tab Menu when the pump is connected Via the Aquabus…
The top most screen shot is showing the pumps outputs Menu screen (MPS) & this is the outputs setting you would use when selecting an output for say a Curve control or two point control e.t.c..
The bottom pic is showing the speed control if using unit connected via the USB e.t.c

These next couple of pics are showing the set up screens when connected Via the USB..

This above being the set up screen when you have the Automatic Maximum Pump Speed selected..

& This one is when you have the Manual Speed Settings selected..

The above graphs in both sets of pics show it a wee bit up & down because I was setting up what the maximum pump speed is & then playing around a little with the Hz levels e.t.c… Just playing really … .

Also… In the above screen shots you’ll notice on the left hand side of the screen the Ehiems "Menu Tab" open, This is where you are able to control a Fan (if you have one fitted to the Fan header on the pump) & an Alarm Configuration tab where you can…..obviously set up an Alarm setting for say if the pump begins to malfunction or stop.. (Guide for setting up a pump alarm)…

More on the setting up of the Fill Level Sensor settings (as above screeny) in the same forth coming guide..

With the Pump & Fill Sensor all set up It was time to give the Pump a closer look & at how it performs under use…

The first thing you do notice about this Pump & Control Module is the Quality & Lovely Finnish alround (apart from the res adapter base that has some quite visible machining marks) although for the most part, whether it’s being used with a Res (it’s totally covered) or as a Stand alone unit (it can be well hidden depending where & how you mount it)..

That really, on an aesthetics side of things is about the only fault I could find with my particular Pump & Module I have…

As I’ve already pointed out earlier, The Recessed Inlet/Outlet Ports make things alittle more difficult then they need be when using compression fittings (I have feeling that these designs were made for Aqua Computer sized fittings & tubing Wink).. It’s not too much of an issue & pretty easily overcome, But just thought I’d point it out…

Another little thing I would have liked to have seen, Is…. Not just having the two USB leads included in the package (because there are two USB connections, 1 for the pump & 1 for the MPS Fill Level Sensor) but also if Aqua Computer could put the two types of Aquabus leads in the package, One of each type, the 3 pin & the 4 pin (the Pump needs a 3 pin (which is supplied) But the MPS Sensor can run with either a 3 pin or 4 pin lead (which is not supplied) & I feel that with what your paying for the Pump & Control Module for AC to put in one extra 4 pin Aquabus lead (which lets face it would cost them not many pennies to provide) & include it in the pack…

In the Aqua Computer Specs it states that the Pump is whisper quiet!!!... & I can’t fault them on that score…..
As I said earlier I first ran this pump on it’s own without the PC it’s fitted in turned on.. It was just the pump running… I really had to get my head very close to hear if the pump was even working it was that quiet…

OK OK!!.. I know it’s not the most powerfull pump in the world.. Far from it I know, But even so, with it running at it’s Maximum I really had to listen out carefully to hear it at all & was very pleasantly surprised by how quiet it is..

Now!!.. Onto the flow rate…. On the Loop set up as listed above earlier (which is a sort of what I’d call is a Mid to High Range sort of restrictive Loop.. A total guess on my part I’m afraid).. It managed 114.7L/h but did increase to around 120L/h when the cooling fluid got heated up through stress testing.. I know that doesn’t sound outstanding or anything & I agree.. But it is very much quite adequate & we all know that more or less flow has very little impact on temperatures, Unless you start going below something like 35L/h.. (another guess)

So IMO It’s flow rate (considering the Loop it’s in) is quite acceptable & I feel you’ll get a good bit more flow on a less restrictive Loop say for just a CPU block, Flow meter & maybe an Aquaero water block as well…. All in all what your getting for your hard earned cash is a very Nicely made (well it is German after all Wink) & Very functional bit of kit.. …

Here now below is the AC Specs for the Unit e.t.c.

Aquacomputer Aqualis 1/4" Thread Compact Pump & Control Module 600 Ultra with Fill Level Sensor : 41101

The Aqua Computer pump module compact 600 is equipped with a long-lasting ceramic bearing made by Aqua Computer and features whisper quiet operation as well as comprehensive controlling and monitoring options.
The pump module is equipped with a USB pump controller that corresponds to the controller in the well known Aquastream XT pump (Ultra version) with the following key features:

Automatic speed control
Manual speed control
aquabus interface
Deaeration mode
Rotation detection
Temperature controlled or manually controlled fan output
External temperature sensor input
Integrated water temperature sensor
Configurable speed signal output
Connector for flow sensor

The pump module can either be used as a stand-alone pump or in combination with a compatible aqualis series reservoir. A mounting bracket made from stainless steel is included in delivery, an optional decoupling set can also be used (not included in delivery).

When used with an aqualis series reservoir, pump module and reservoir form a virtually seamless unit. The sockets at the base of the reservoir slide into form-fitting receptables of the pump module and the gaskets on the sockets establish a watertight seal.
When used with a reservoir, the threads on the side of the pump module must be used to connect the water loop.

Additionally, a fill level sensor of the MPS series is integrated into the pump module.
The fill level sensor features an integrated microcontroller with USB and aquabus interface, a programmable alarm output and an external temperature sensor input.
For monitoring and configuration, the aquasuite software can be downloaded free of charge. In addition to the USB interface, the 4-pin aquabus interface can be used to directly connect the flow sensor to an aquaero 5 controller (not included in delivery).

The alarm output can be configured to be used as a rpm signal to be connected to a fan connector with fault detection (for example motherboard fan headers) or to be used as a switched output for example to connect a LED. Fill level and external temperature sensor input can be configured to raise an alarm.

The external temperature sensor input is compatible with all Aqua Computer temperature sensors. A pressure equalisation membrane is included in delivery of the pump module and is to be installed into the top port of the reservoir.

When used without an aqualis series reservoir, the fill level sensor is not operational! G1/4 inlet threads for fittings can be used on the top and side of the pump module, the pressure side is always connected to a G1/4 port on the side. The unused inlet thread can be sealed with a G1/4 sealing screw supplied with the pump module.
Manufacturer Aquacomputer
Model Number 41101
Thread Size 1/4"
Flow Rate Variable Due To Speed Control
Ports 3
Voltage 12V
Compatible Reservoir Aquacomputer Aqualis 450ml
Aquacomputer Aqualis 450ml with Nano Coating

Special Features Manual and Automatic Speed Control
Aquabus Interface
Package Contents Pump Module with Integrated Pump & Control Unit
Stainless Steel Bracket
Pressure Equalisation Membrane
Two Internal USB Cables
Aquabus Speed Signal Cable
Mounting Material
1/4" Thread Blanking Plug


Price: £ 97.70, inc VAT 20%

So there you have it, A Very Nicely Engineered & a Nice looking bit of kit that gives you a pump that comes in just below what perhaps a DDC pump provides power & flow wise but with some very nice added extra’s with having an MPS Fill Level Sensor, Fan or Flow Meter Header, RPM reporting header & an Alarm Setting/Action function.

The Unit also has the benefit that you don’t have to have an Aquaero 5 main unit to run it, You can through using the Free Aquasuite 2013 Software run it equally well as a Stand Alone Unit…

I only had a couple of Very Small gripes about this Aqualis Ehiems 600 Pump & Control Module Ultra with Fill Level Sensor those being the, Recessed Inlet/Outlet ports & the lack of a 4 pin Aquabus cable (which has to be purchased separately), But that’s it….

It’s a very functional & lovely put together piece of gear, as is a lot of the Aqua Computer Gear, we more or less expect it from them as a matter of course to be honest…..And this Pump & Control Module doesn’t disappoint… If you have a fairly simple loop that’s not too restrictive & going to require masses of power & flow then I can Highly Recommend this Lovely Whisper Quiet (and it is) with some very Nice added extra’s Pump Unit…

Thanks for your time ….

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