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Aquacomputer D5 Pump With USB & Aquabus

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:53 am    Post subject: Aquacomputer D5 Pump With USB & Aquabus Reply with quote


D5 Pump Motor with USB
Aquabus Interface

Again this is another first for me!!....

This is my first time using a D5 Pump & Lucky Lucky Me….. It Just so happens to be an Aquacomputer Variant… More specifically Their Latest D5 Motor with not just a USB Interface but also with a Aquabus Interface….
So..No worries if you don’t have the Aquaero 5 Main Controller, You can still reap the benefits of this Great Pump using the USB connection & Down Loading the FREE Aquasuite 2013 Software & control the pump with pin point accuracy to your specific settings….

The Aquacomputer D5 USB/Aquabus Pump comes in the very recognisable Box we’ve all pretty much seen before…

I was a little surprised to see the Pump just placed into the box without any protective bubble wrap or something around it at least!!!... Even if they had placed a piece of thinnish foam or a thin layer of small bubble wrap just laid on top of the pump to protect those Connection pins sticking up from the PC board Interface….

Once your over the shock of there being so little protection for the pump & lift the fairly weighty pump out you find underneath 1 x USB, 1 x 3 Pin Aquabus Cable & the Now compulsory, included small instruction Manual.Giving a Basic guide as to how each MPS Sensor & MPS/D5 Pumps connect up…

The little Instruction manual includes not just the installation instruction for this USB D5 Pump but also for all the MPS Sensor Range of products, Be that an MPS Flow Sensor or MPS Fill Level Sensor & also how to set up an Alarm Via it’s Alarm Interface e.t.c…

A Very handy little Manual That I Urge you too Read Before Connecting anything up….

So… Lets have a little closer look at the Aquacomputer D5 Pump with it’s USB & Aquabus Interface…

Being as this was first time looking at a D5 Pump.. I was very surprised, First by its weight, Second How plain & simple it looks…
Plain & Simple looking it maybe, But you do feel the quality when you handle it… I know this is not News to a lot of you out there & I’m several years late to the party.. But hey.. Better late than Never Huh!!!.....

The impellor is held in place by a fairly strong Magnet which holds it perfectly in it’s Nicely Made housing…

There’s not really a lot more to show you apart from maybe a close up of the Interface connections for the USB, Aquabus, Tacho (for setting an Alarm for instance,...... (I've now got a replacement D5 USB Pump because the one I had was faulty & this replacement Pump List the Tacho as an "ALARM" now, as you'll see from later Pics Smile)) & a 2 x Pin Temp sensor connection.

The Pump Itself is Powered by a 12v Molex Plug (or 24v if you have a 12v > 24v converter type thingy).

Below I’ve included a few Pics of the Pump Top I’ll be using for this Review….

With Eight…….. YES…… EIGHT Mounting screws for this “Alphacool OCOOL HF D5 Top” I will be Very surprised If this leaks any fluid when tightened down.. .. And… Yes I did the screws up Corner by opposite Corner each screw abit at a time allowing the top & pump to close together equally & Level Until Tight..

Just showing the cables you can expect to be dealing with when you First install this pump, Depending on which method of Connection your planning on using..
If your going to be using the Pump as a Stand Alone Pump, then you won’t be needing the Aquabus Cable connected as it is in the above pic…

This is pretty much how the AC D5 USB Pump & Ocool Top will be sitting in the case screwed down to the floor/mid plate…

The rear view with the Aquabus & USB cables Connected..

& The front view…..

The above pic shows the Flow from the Res down to the Pump > to the AC “High Flow” Meter > which then goes on into the AC Aquaero 5 Water Block > then onto the CPU Block as below…

So, from the Aquaero 5 Water Block > then into the Aquacomputer Kyros CPU Block (Lovely lovely looking block ) > then Finally into the Koolance 360 (slim) Rad in the roof > Then back to the Res.

So Nothing too taxing that’s for sure..
Fitting the AC D5 USB Pump to the Alphacool Ocool HF D5 Top was simplicity itself to be honest..
Setting up the pump to do it’s work is also a very simple matter whether your connecting Via the Aquabus or USB.....Or Indeed Via both control methods at the same time if thats what floats your boat …

Lets begin by having a look at the USB only connection first to show the simple way to control the Pump speed (Remember to Download the FREE Aquasuite 2013 Software first & install it onto your PC before connecting & using the pump)….

This is only a quick look at the settings screen you control the pump from in Aquasuite 2012….
A more in-depth Guide to setting the AC D5 USB Pump up will be posted in the Guide Section for the Aquacomputer/Aqualis Thread, Which I will link too HERE when It’s complete…

Controlling the USB D5 Via USB Connection

So!!.... Once you have installed the Aquasuite 2012 Software (then shut the PC down before connecting up the Pump).

You have connected the pump to the 12v Molex & finally connected up the USB to your Motherboard USB header…
Your ready to switch the PC back on now & Once you click on the Aquasuite 2012 Desktop shortcut you should get a screen come up something like below..

Now…Obviously, If you only have this AC D5 USB Pump connected up, Then you will Only see it’s Main Menu Tab on the right of the screen. You will not see all the Menu Tabs I have listed here…. It will show up just as an “mps” Menu Tab Listed underneath the Overview Pages & Data Log Tabs..

Just thought I’d show how you can add your own Name to this Pumps Menu Tab (Is helpful especially if you have more than two or three MPS Sensors connected)…

OK!!... So now lets move on to the Controlling the Pumps Speed e.t.c..

As I said earlier… It’s simplicity itself!!....
Click on the “mps” (D5 USB Pump) Tab first then secondly Select the “Configuration” Menu Tab & simply Slide the “Pump Power” Slider to your desired Power choice.. In the above screen shot you will see I have my D5 USB Pump set at 36% which is giving me around 90l/h through my Plenty good enough for sure ….

It’s from this Main Menu that you can also set up an “Alarm Configuration” setting either by using Aquasuite 2012 Pump RPM settings or if you connect using the 3 x pin Alarm Pump Interface & connect that to your Motherboard CPU Fan Header (an ordinary 3 pin fan cable will do this or use the supplied 3 pin Aquabus cable, As you won’t be using this if you only have the Pump connected Via the USB) and set up the MB Bios accordingly should the pump begin to fail and it’s RPM level drops below your set amount & you don’t have a flow meter installed….

The “Systems” Tab from the “mps” (D5 USB Pump) Menu is where you would select whether your controlling the device Via the USB or the Aquabus.
Because you have this connected Via the USB, It chooses this option as Default.

You also set the Aquabus ID Number from this “Systems” Tab, Again........, If this is the only Device connected it will pick the ID #12 by default…

You can Only connect 4 MPS Sensors at any one time Via the Aquabus, 12 > 15 & these Aquacomputer D5 USB Pumps are listed as an “MPS” Devices… This isn’t a problem if your going to use this Pump whilst connected Via the USB Only.The Aquabus Numbering only becomes an issue if your connecting MPS sensors Via the Aquabus..

Lastly… The Aquasuite 2012 Software should tell you if you need to update the Firmware of the MPS Sensor your connecting. It’s just a simple task of then flowing the on screen instructions to simply update the Device.. Remember though… An MPS Device can Only be Updated while it is connected Via a USB connection OK!!!!.....

Aquacomputer D5 USB Pump connected Via the Aquabus

Now lets have a quick look for when you have the “Aquacomputer D5 USB Pump” connected Via the High Speed Aquabus connection when your also running any Aquaero 5 Main Unit as your controller.

The Aquasuite 2012 Software Main Menu Screen will now List your “Aquaero 5” Menu Tab & your “mps” (D5 pump) Menu Tab just below it….

As I’ll state every time you connect up any "MPS" sensor or Aqualis Device & pretty much any Aquacomputer device that has a USB Interface on it, you will need to Connect the Pump (or which ever device your connecting) Via the USB first!!!, To set it up to run via the Aquabus connection. You do this through the “mps” (D5 USB Pump) Tab in the “System” Menu Tab..

You need to shut down the PC after setting the “Priority Control” to Aquabus Via the USB connection, You should also turn off the PSU & Disconnect the Power Lead from the mains socket!!!.. It tells you this in the small Instruction Manual that came supplied with the Pump…
Disregard this advice at your peril!!!... Especially when you are connecting up Aquabus Connections, I have the unit develope faults in the past with not unplugging the power supply before swapping aquabus & USB leads around & Really it helps to stop mis-configurations happening in the main unit If you follow this rule..
It’s always better to connect or disconnect devices to & from the Main Aquaero 5 unit while it is switched off & disconnect the PSU from the Mains Totally…. OK…..

So, Now you have the PC & Aquaero 5 disconnected from any power source, You can connect up the Aquabus Lead from the Aquabus Interface on the D5 Pump to the “High Speed” Aquabus on the Aquaero 5 Unit…As shown Below…

Once you have all your connections made, Be it just the Aquabus & or the USB or Alarm Cable or indeed a Temp sensor. You are now ready to Connect the PC back up to the Mains Power & switch on.

Again after clicking on the Aquasuite 2012 Software short cut from the Desk top you should get to something like below..

As I said above, we’ll be looking as If you had the Aquacomputer D5 USB Pump connected Via the Aquabus Only

Once you’ve selected the Aquabus “Priority Setting” Your good to go & set the Pump Speed e.t.c up through the Main Aquaero 5 Unit.

You can now disconnect the USB AFTER YOU SHUT THE PC DOWN & ISOLATED FROM THE MAINS ELECTRIC SUPPLY, As Mentioned above!!!!!......

After disconnecting the USB cable you now need to connect the Aquabus cable from the Aquabus Interface on the pump to the High Speed Aquabus on the Aquaero 5 Main Unit as shown 4 pics back.... Once all connections have been made you can now reconnect the power to the PC PSU & switch on...

I then was able to set up a “Preset Value” as shown above..

You can also set up a “Curve Control” if you feel the urge, so the pump speed increases or reduces as the fluid temp rises & falls (although I never saw much difference with fluid temps having the pump running at 64 L/h to it running at 253 L/h).
My own preference is having the pump running at a static speed of around 90 > 94 L/h..
At a setting of around 36% I get a flow rate of 91 L/h > 94 L/h & I find that’s fine for my set up & means this USB D5 runs pretty much as quiet as the Ehiems pump when it’s pushing the same sort of Flow rate & thats pretty silently…

It’s only When you start to rack the USB D5 up towards it’s 70% to Max output that It is only really then that you begin to notice it above the Ehiems Pump… I ought to point out here, That I’m only running the USB D5 @ 12v (I don’t have a 12v > 24v converter ).

So the following little run down of Flow rate to Power usage is for 12v Only…. (I’ll put up a 24v run if I can get hold of a 12v > 24v switch type thingy )…..


D5 @ 25% = 64.8L/h
D5 @ 50% = 124.1L/h
D5 @ 75% = 189.0L/h
D5 @ 100% = 253.3L/h

The Loop consisted of:

1 x Koolance 360 (slim) Rad
1 x Aquaero 5 Water Block
1 x Aquacomputer ¼”High Flow Meter
1 x Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos HF CPU Water Block
1 x Alphacool Ocool HF D5 Pump Top
& Numerous 45° and 90° fittings…

Here now is all the specs for the pump:

Aquacomputer D5 Pump Motor with USB and Aquabus Interface : 41093

The D5 pump mechanics are a very powerful pump motor, which only requires a suitable top to complete the pump. The electronically commutated ball motor boasts extremely smooth operation and a long lifespan. As the USB version with the Aqua Computer D5 pump mechanics, this pump motor features an integrated controller and monitoring electronics with USB and Aquabus interface, a configurable alarm channel as well as an external temperature sensor input. For monitoring and configuration the software aquasuite is available for download. A 4-pin Aquabus interface allows direct connection to an Aquaero 5 (not included). The alarm output can either be configured as an artificial rpm signal for connection to a fan channel with speed monitoring (e.g. Mainboard fan channels) or as a switching channel for e.g. activating a LED in case of an alarm. For alarm monitoring besides the measured flow rate and water temperature, an external temperature sensor input is available. The external temperature sensor input is compatible with all temperature sensors offered by Aqua Computer.
Manufacturer Aquacomputer
Model Number 41093
Maximum Flow Rate 1200 L/PH
Connection Size n/a
Power Connection 4 Pin Molex
Power Input 23W @ 12V
Delivery Head 3.7m @ 12V
Voltage 8v > 24v
Maximum Temperature 60° C
Overall Weight 440g
Compatibility (not included) Aquaero 5 LT Aquaero 5 PRO Aquaero LT Manufacturers Compatibility Listings

Special Features Integrated Controller for Aquaero / Aquabus Configurable Alarm Channel External Temperature Sensor Input
Package Contents 1 x Aquacomputer D5 Pump 1 x Internal USB Connection Cable 1 x 3 Pin Aquabus / RPM Signal Cable

Price £78.99 , inc VAT 20% (price correct at time of posting)

I absolutely Love this Aquacomputer USB D5 Pump & Yes I know, As I said earlier, I’m Late to the D5 Party ….
If you only have a very simple loop & have no plans to add extra blocks e.t.c to that loop, Then this Aquacomputer USB D5 Pump is going to be Over Kill by some margin.. Having said that, You could always run the pump at a very low setting knowing that it is probably going to see you through many loop tear downs & rebuilds without breaking out in a sweat!!... But so will many other pumps such as a 18w DDC for instance to name just one other..

On the other hand, If you have a fairly simple loop but plan to add a few more Blocks into the Mix at a later date or Just want this USB D5 for it's EXTRA's it provides, Then I can Whole Heartedly Recommend this Fantastic Pump. It’s got excellent Flow rates across the board & is very very quiet at lower speed settings & hardly loud even when turned up to the Max……..

Great Pump and can’t wait to get another one when I’ve saved some beer tokens .. Nice one Aquacomputer....... You've come up with another winner in my book....

Thats it folkes... Hope you enjoy...
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