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Aquacomputer Aqualis D5 Pump Adapter With Fill Level Sensor

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:38 am    Post subject: Aquacomputer Aqualis D5 Pump Adapter With Fill Level Sensor Reply with quote


Aqualis D5 Pump Adapter
Fill Level Sensor

Looking at the Aquacomputer Aqualis D5 Pump Adapter with Fill Level Sensor now & Once again I was struck with just how well made these Aqualis Pump tops are from Aquacomputer. Not just in how the thing looks but also in the feel of the thing…….. IT JUST LOOKS FEELS & OOOZES QUALITY….

First up again, to have a deco at some pics are the obligatory packaging e.t.c…….

Again we see the now familiar Aquacomputer (component) Box, this view of the end of the box with the German label.... Was mean't to be the English Label but I cocked up... I'll fix it later

No surprises from the front of the box view, Just nice uncluttered neat Packaging as per Normal...

Both the German & English Instruction manuals are on top as you open the box, as with what now seems to be, All the Aqualis & MPS Items ship with these same Instructions manuals. As each manual not only gives the instructions for the Item that is in the box, But each manual has ALL the instructions for ALL the MPS Sensors IE: be it “Fill Level Sensor” “MPS Flow Meters including the “High Flow USB Sensor”” along with the instructions for the Aqua Computer “D5 Pump Motor”

Under the Instruction manual we find the well wrapped (Bubble wrap) that surrounds the D5 Top along with the usual 3 pin Aquabus cable & underneath these are the USB cable along with the stainless steel mounting bracket with the Nicely made Anodized Aluminium Clamp Ring and a suitable O-ring gasket as the D5 Pump Retaining bracket & retaining bracket O-ring..

You will see from the above pic, That included inside the fittings plastic bag is all the necessary screws for the mounting bracket (which again is a fairly substantial bit of steel as with the Aqualis DDC pump top), You also get the necessary Pressure Equalisation Membrane you need if using the Pump Top connected to an Aqualis Res.
We’ll have a closer look at the Top now before I add an Aquacomputer D5 pump..

Here we have the Inlet/Outlet ports both of which you need to use whether the top is being used as a standalone pump top or when connected directly to a Compatible Aqualis Series Reservoir Aqualis Res that has the flat pump Adapter base (Thin black flat res base)..

On the opposite edge to the inlet/outlet ports are the Mounting holes for the substantial mounting bracket. The holes are quite large & this is so they can fit the (Optional) Decoupling set for pump installations. Although you can still mount the bracket & pump without these Decoupling anti vibration pieces.

To the right hand side of the Aqualis D5 Top (as you look at the ports edge) is where you find the Connection Panel & Fill Level Sensor.
REMEMBER!!.. You can only use these internally fitted Fill Sensors if you have the D5 Top attached to an appropriate compatible Aqualis Series Reservoir Aqualis Res. You cannot use the fill level sensor if using the Top as a standalone unit!!!

The bottom end of the D5 Top is where the D5 Pump will be seated & looks really well machined..

The top end of the D5 Top is where you would attach the Aqualis Res with the Pump Adapter base to it. There are three ports to this top side of the D5 Top. Two of these ports are the G¾” size & the small port one is the pressure port for the Fill Level Sensor.
If your using the Top attached to a Aqualis Res with Pump adapter base then you would need to Blank off the port nearest the edge of the top leaving the middle port open.

The above pic shows the Aqualis D5 Top Attached to an Aqualis Res with Standard Pump Adapter Base..

As I said above earlier, You can use this Aqualis D5 Pump Top as a Standalone Unit & use tubing to connect it to your Reservoir (BUT!!! Remember… If you go this route then you will NOT be able to use the MPS Fill Level Sensor that is integrated into this Aqualis D5 Top)

In the above Picture I have just mocked up pic to show one way to use the D5 Aqualis Top as a standalone unit.
You will see that I have blanked off the two G¼” ports located on the top of the Aqualis D5 Top & blanked off one of the ports on the Aqualis Pro Res.
Meaning that I would now use the two Ports on the front of the Aqualis D5 Top (Inlet & Outlet) to connect to my loop tubing & the two ports on the Aqualis Pro Res as the Inlet/ Outlet to the Res..

Fitting the Pump is simplicity in itself, Place the D5 Pump top O-ring into its machined recess in the Top & Place the D5 Pump onto it with it’s bracket then simply screw down the four corner screws little by little alternating each couple of turns or so between each corner so the pump is pressed down evenly to form a decent non twisted seating..

It pays to take your time & do it right straight from the beginning to avoid any of those annoying little mishaps or leaks we all so dread!!!...

So!!.. With the Aqua Computer D5 Pump now attached to the Aqualis D5 Pump Top with Fill Level Sensor all done & one G¾” blank plug inserted into the G¾” port located in the D5 Pump Top (nearest the edge is the one I blanked off) it’s a simple case of attaching it the Aqualis Res (It will only fit one way to the base of the Aqualis Res with pump Adapter Base because of that small Pressure Port for the Fill Level Sensor..

When the three units are all fitted together it suddenly becomes quite a tall bit of Kit….. Infact from top to toe it’s now 247mm (9¾”) tall…

So…. You need to be aware of how much room you have in your particular set-up as to which option you use this Aqualis D5 Pump Top with Fill Sensor, If you don’t have the height room you could always run the Res & Pump/Top separated by tubing e.t.c but loose the use of the integral fill sensor.. As laid out in my quick mock up below..

Also... Your going need a fair amount of space for the Mounting Bracket somewhere in your case.. It measures 90mm (H) x 95mm (W) (3½" x 3¾") Not vast I know... But non the less I think it's something you need to bare in mind especially if your running short of space in your case e.t.c..

I’ve not attached any tubing e.t.c as I just want too show which ports to blank off depending obviously on which particular way you route your loop.
In the above pic I have blanked off the two G¼” ports on the top of the Aqualis D5 Top, so as too use the side inlet/outlet ports, You could of course close off the side ports and use the two top ports if desired & then depending on which variant of Aqualis or other Res you might have, You can choose which ever ports fit in best with your plans for your particular build layout..
When using the D5 Top like this you have no need to worry about the small pressure hole that is for the fill sensor…

NO Water will leak from here.. This small pressure port is only used when the D5 Top is being used when directly connected to an compatible Aqualis res..

In the above pic you see the two Blanking plugs I used in this mock set up, Remember that if your using this Aqualis D5 Pump Top with an Aqualis Res with the standard Adapter Base you will need to just have the port that is to one side (left side in above pic) blanked off, you must leave the centre port & small pressure port for the Fill Level Sensor free….

The fill level sensor forms part of the integrated microcontroller which has a USB and Aquabus Interface, along with a Programmable Alarm Output and an External Temperature Input Sensor. You then use the Aquasuite 2013 Software for the Monitoring and Configuration, the aquasuite software can be downloaded free of charge.
As well as the USB interface, the 4-pin Aquabus Interface is used to directly connect the Fill Level Sensor to an Aquaero 5 Main unit. The alarm output can also be configured & set up as an RPM Signal that you would be connecting to a fan header connector on your motherboard, say the CPU header e.t.c. Fill level and external temperature sensor data can be configured to raise an alarm or warning.

Setting up & Configuring Guide for the MPS Fill Level Sensor... HERE...

Lets move on now to give you the Manufactures Spec’s……..

Aquacomputer Aqualis Pump Adapter & Fill Level Measurement for Laing D5 Pumps : 41095

The Aqua Computer pump adapter for D5 pumps is manufactured from durable Delrin. The adapter can either be used as a stand-alone pump adapter or in combination with a compatible Aqualis series reservoir.

A mounting bracket made from stainless steel is included in delivery, an optional decoupling set can also be used (not included in delivery). For mounting a D5 series pump, an anodized aluminium clamp ring and a suitable o-ring gasket are provided.

When used with an aqualis series reservoir, pump adapter and reservoir form a virtually seamless unit. The sockets at the base of the reservoir slide into form-fitting receptables of the pump adapter and the gaskets on the sockets establish a watertight seal.
When used with a reservoir, the threads on the side of the pump adapter must be used to connect the water loop. Additionally, a fill level sensor of the mps series is integrated into the pump adapter. The fill level sensor features an integrated microcontroller with USB and aquabus interface, a programmable alarm output and an external temperature sensor input. For monitoring and configuration, the aquasuite software can be downloaded free of charge.

In addition to the USB interface, the 4-pin aquabus interface can be used to directly connect the flow sensor to an aquaero 5 controller (not included in delivery). The alarm output can be configured to be used as a rpm signal to be connected to a fan connector with fault detection (for example motherboard fan headers) or to be used as a switched output for example to connect a LED.

Fill level and external temperature sensor input can be configured to raise an alarm. The external temperature sensor input is compatible with all Aqua Computer temperature sensors. A pressure equalisation membrane is included in delivery of the pump adapter and is to be installed into the top port of the reservoir.

When used without an aqualis series reservoir, the fill level sensor is not operational! G1/4 threads for fittings can be used on the top and side of the pump adapter. Unused threads can be sealed with two G1/4 sealing screws supplied with the pump adapter.


Manufacturer Aquacomputer
Model Number 41095


Compatibility Aqualis Reservoir with Pump Adapter Base

Aqualis Reservoir with Pump Adapter Base & Nano Coating

Laing DDC Pumps *

Compatibility for Aquabus Interface

Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 LT
Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 PRO
Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 XT

Ports 4 x 1/4" Thread
Materials Acetal

Package Contents

1 x Pump Adapter
1 x Stainless Steel Bracket
Mounting Material
2 x 1/4" Blanking Plugs

* If top is used without Aqualis Reservoir the Fill Level Sensor is NOT operational.

Weight: 0.60 kgs
Mnfctr Code 41095

Manufacturer Aquacomputer

Price: £49.99, inc VAT 20%

Again…. Aquacomputer have come up with another beautifully made Aqualis Module, Much like pretty much all the AC gear…..It screams QUALITY… & this Aqualis D5 Pump Top with Fill Level Sensor is no exception to that..

Now although this is again is a fairly sophisticated bit of kit It’s a doddle to not only connect up but also to set up. Once you have downloaded & installed the latest FREE Aquasuite 2013 Software……..

Just remember to connect the D5 Top to you’re a PC USB connection in the first instance & that being the rule & the first thing you should always do with pretty much any of the Aquaero/Aqualis & MPS Sensors. Update the Sensor if it requires it (it will let you know if it needs updating)…

Once the Aqualis D5 Pump Top has it’s latest firmware, Turn the PC off……

When your connecting up the Aquaero’s or the other AC Aqualis Gear… Make sure the units are turned off & not powered when your connecting or disconnecting various bits and pieces…

The Units DO NOT LIKE IT….. and you stand a good chance of damaging not only what your trying to connect but the also damage the Main Aquaero… Be carefull…

Turn off your PSU & then unplug the PSU from the mains outlet (I recommend that you do this turning off the PC & the full disconnect from the mains thing.. It really can help when your adding or changing things around with the Aquaero 5 & all it’s counter parts e.t.c & It can save you a lot of heartache as at times the Aquaero doesn’t take to things being disconnected or moved around from header to header or adding other Aquaero/Aqualis or MPS gear while it is still connected or has the slightest power going to it… Trust me on this )….

So, Now it’s disconnected from the mains you should now connect up the necessary connections you wish to use.

It’s better that the Aqualis D5 Top is powered at all times whilst using the Fill Level sensor, This can be achieved by either keeping it connected via the USB or/& via it’s 4 PIN Aquabus connections.. (it just needs the 5v that the USB & the 4th Pin that the Aquabus provides… I’ll explain why when we come to the setting up of the Fill Level Sensor a wee bit later on..
If you have a spare motherboard USB header you can leave the D5 Top connected like this & it will have it’s own Main Settings Tab in the Aquasuite 2013 software you can then also connect up either the 3 Pin or 4 Pin Aquabus & it will also show up in the Main Aquaero 5 Menu Tab under the Information Pages (which can then be shown on the screen) & Overview Pages only… You get more info & control in truth Via the USB connection with just the 3 Pin Aquabus connected also & that is my preferred method of using the unit..

I cover the setting up of an Integrated MPS Fill Level Sensor in the “Basic Guide for the Aquaero 5” HERE & even though it’s in the Ehiems Aquastream XT Pump it’s the same process for setting up e.t.c.. So I sha’nt repeat the photo’s or screen shots e.t.c here.. Just click the link above & it’ll take you straight there & scroll through till you find the bit you want (usually near the end as it happens )…

Alarms can be set up either from within the Aqualis D5 Top’s own Main Menu Tab (If connected via USB the better option I feel) & also alarms can be set from within the Main Aquaero 5 Menu Tabs under Alarms settings. Alarm setting is also covered in the above Guide Link….... Now the reason you want the Fill Level sensor always getting a 5v supply is so that if you have an alarm set for a low Fluid level you should get at least a warning to let you know before you turn the PC on even.. If there is no power going to the Sensor then it can't report any problems..... You get my drift!!...

So… to sum up……. The Aquacomputer 12v > 24v D5 Pumps are truly great pumps & I mean either of them, the Switched variant or the USB variant & in so being they deserve a great Pump Top….& That’s exactly what your getting with these Aqualis Pump Tops, whether you go for the Standard DDC & D5 Tops (they just don’t have the Fill Level & other electronic connections) or the more advanced DDC & D5 Tops that have all the integrated electronics for that extra monitoring & control that they give you. You won’t do better than these Aquacomputer Aqualis Pump Tops..

The beauty of the Aqualis range is that they fit together seamlessly , Look & Feel Total Quality & can if you so choose to, go that route give you complete piece of mind knowing that all your very expensive cooling kit is doing the best job it can & if things do tits up……. You have the means to hand to control exactly what you want to happen when/If certain events should happen, Be it pump going down, Fans playing up, Water/Air temps getting abit toasty or Fill Level falling to a certain level (you set up) to name just few….
YOU.. decide what happens when & If, I don’t believe there is another system out there that has the capabilities & options that this Aquaero, Aqualis & MPS range can give you….
I May be wrong… But I’ve not seen anything yet to touch this Aquacomputer Range……. YET!!!!

Thanks for looking & staying till the end ….
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Thanks.. Canon
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