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Pictorial Guide to connecting PA's up to an Aquaero 5!!!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:09 pm    Post subject: Pictorial Guide to connecting PA's up to an Aquaero 5!!! Reply with quote

Power Adjust 2's (PA2) Connections

I've decided to try & put together A simple to follow guide on how various Cable Connections are made to the Aquaero 5..

I Decided to do this "How to" Connection thingy after just recently (the past few weeks) being asked by several peoples via forum & PM, "Hey Nam!!.... How do I connect this to that"? or "Hey Nam!!!.....I've just recently connected things up as I think it should be, but can't see anything in the Aquasuite!!... I've connected this to that Via the whatsit connection, but can't seem to get things working properly!!".... What have I done wrong?..... e.t.c e.t.c ...

Now!!... (& don't laugh)... I spent ages trying to work out a way to do this without there being to much writing involved!!.. for two reasons really!!....

1. When you (& I mean me) try to explain in just words how to connect to the thing (Aquaero5) that has a multitude of connections, many, side by side & some connections having more than one function or having more than just one single type of cable connected to it!!....... It can soon get very confusing & messy.....

2. Writing coherently is not a strong point for me I'm afraid ..

With that in mind, The only thing I could come up with.......was...... Do It using Pictures & good old Paint!!!....

I'm not all that brilliant with Paint mind, not used drawing type programs much at all in the past... So Please forgive what could well be a pretty Hit & Miss Affair!!!.... Thanks...... .

By Far... The thing that I'm being asked about mostly, Is to do with the "Power Adjust 2's" & how to connect them up to the Aquaero 5 Main unit Via the Aquabus, because there is two different Aquabus Headers on both the Aquaero 5 & PA2's.

One Aquabus header is a "High Speed" Aquabus & the second is a "Slow Speed" Aquabus & Any added Units that require a Fast connection Speed need to be attached the "High Speed" Aquabus (like... PA's, Aqualis MPS Sensors, Aquabus enabled Pumps e.t.c e.t.c), The "Slow Speed" Aquabus is used for things like the Aquacomputer "Multi Switches" e.t.c..

I've also had a few... "How do I connect my Pump to a Power Adjust"?...."What are these leads for & where do I connect them"?.. e.t.c..

Anyway.... You get my drift I hope .....

So to Start the Ball rolling I've just spent frigging HOURS putting this little picture together (I did say I'm not used to using a paint type program..... or.... as it turns out.... sorting a layout that doesn't look too confusing!!) & after many changes of resizing, moving pics around, erasing & working out the cable layouts...... this was what I came up with!!!......... (Remember.......... I Asked you not to Laugh!!!........ OK!!....... Well don't Laugh to hard then....... )..

The above Pic is showing the connections between a DDC 12v 18w pump which has a 12v Molex & separate RPM connection.. It's the same for Any type IE: DDC, D5 e.t.c pump that is 12v & has a Molex plug using the AC Molex to 3 pin Fan connection that comes included with the Power Adjusts..

Remember.... When you connect a Pump Via the PowerAdjust it will show up in the Aquasuite software as a "FAN" under the Fans Settings screen OK...

I'll add more "How to Connect" Connection Guide type things as & when I can........ In the meantime..... If you want me have a look at something or try and explain things with using pics as above Let me know here.....

I CAN'T Promise I can do every thing or cover every scenario that some peoples come up with... But I'll do what I can to help if I can & with the gear that I have..... Just remember I don't have all the Aquaero/Aqualis gear (I have a fair amount but not all... by far ) & you may need a little patience as I'll do what I can as & when I can as soon as I can ..

All the Best Peeps.....

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